15 Top Beautiful Peacock Rangoli Design to make your Diwali Colorful


The rangoli is a type of art forms which is originated from the Indian sub-continent, in which various patterns are created on the floor using different materials like dry flour, coloured rice, flower petals or washed sand. The rangoli is usually made during festivals like Diwali, Onam, Pongal, and other Hindu festivals.

The rangoli designs can be of deity impressions, flower, petals shapes or simple geometric shape etc. Another attractive rangoli design is peacock muggulu design which looks very vibrant and beautiful compared to other rangoli designs, as the Peacock is the national bird of India and it looks vibrant due to different colours. The peacock muggulu design is given preference in most of the festivals in India because of its attractiveness and makes the occasion look grand.

The various peacock rangoli designs are :

1. Simple Peacock Rangoli Designs

The simple peacock rangoli design is an excellent design because it looks attractive due to the colour image of the Peacock which is made from blue and yellow colour. The combination of white background enhances the attractiveness of the muggulu , and good contrast is created.

2.Peacock Rangoli Kolam design

The peacock rangoli Kolam design is another rangoli design which mesmerizes the viewers at first sight because of its mixture of vibrant and bold colours. The colours include yellow, pink, green and blue, which enhances the vibrancy of the Peacock. The design compromises of minor detailing that needs extra work and patience to give the muggulu a mesmerizing look.





3.Peacock Rangoli Designs for Diwali

This rangolis pattern is bright and bold and perfect for any festive occasion. In this design, anyone can make freehand peacock muggulu for various festive occasions like Dussehra, Diwali etc. The colour compromises of orange and purple with a combination of white border designs, which makes it soberer.

4. The peacock rangoli design for beginners–

This is a simple and beautiful design for beginners. This design of Rangoli features colourful and amazing feathers that are vibrant and bold colour. The beginners can make this design as they are easy to make, and they are made with dotted one, and it requires little practice.

5.Peacock with drums Rangoli designs

It is a unique muggulu design of the Peacock. It consists of all the bold and vibrant colour of the Peacock to give it a natural look.The most depicted attribute of the muggulu is its ethnic drums which are made from yellow and red colour, and it provides a good contrast to each other. This type of rangoli designs has a lot of detailing and the borderline with black colour makes it more appealing. This is usually preferred for competitions.

6.Two peacocks are facing each other

This design of muggulu is more charismatic and attractive. In this design, two peacocks are made which are facing each other.The colours used are used very strategically and are very bold and bright, which provides an appealing effect.

7.Floral Peacock Rangoli design

The floral peacock rangoli designs which are made with flower petals along with colours. The natural colour of the flowers provides the rangoli with a realistic appearance. The colours used provides a background to the petals, and the fragrance of the flower petals provide a refreshing and soothing smell. This muggulu is often made using flower petals to provide an aesthetic aura to the rangoli. The flowers used in this rangoli are usually rose, marigold, jasmine etc.

8.Rangoli with multiple peacocks

The peacocks drawn in this type of muggulu designs are small in size and do not require any much colour. These peacock designs provide the rangoli with a vibrant and elegant look, also in this design the Peacock is used for bordering instead of using it in the central part of the muggulu . The number of peacocks used in the rangoli depends on the size of the rangoli. The peacocks play an important role in this type of muggulu design even though they are not in the interior design. The peacocks drawn in this rangoli design is of different size to convey the artist point of view.

9.Peacock Rangoli designs with feathers out

The peacock rangoli design with feathers out is a lovely design. How the feathers and tail of the Peacock are designed is mesmerizing, and the choice of different colours is also attractive.

10.Kundan Motif Peacock Rangoli

These type of rangoli designs are made on cardboard or piece of paper not directly on the floor. They are a special type of muggulu design which can be used many times. This type of designs are created by various Kundan stones, and the designs are straightforward to make and do not require to be cleaned up. By using this technique, different peacock designs can be created varying in colours, sizes and styles. They are very popular because of their reusability.

11.Black and White Peacock Rangoli

The black and white peacock muggulu designs are made on a black surface such as black cardboard, marble or slab. This type of rangoli designs uses only white colour for the design. The muggulu looks more appealing because of its black background. They are easy to make and require less quantity of white powder. To beautify the peacock design, they seldom use one or two different colour other than white. The rangolis consists of intricate designs which are embedded within the Peacock. Such type of rangolis is popular due to their simple and contrasting designs which enhance the look of the rangoli.

12.Mural Peacock Rangoli

These rangoli designs are made using liquid colours instead of the powder colour. It remains elegant and undistributed for a long time because of watercolour. These type of rangoli designs use a different contrasting tone of colours to be more attractive. They are usually preferred in the places which are windy like the Southern part of India. It does not require much time to make, and they are popular among the beginners and perfectionists.

13.Symmetrical Peacock Design

The symmetrical peacock muggulu designs are the most drawn peacock rangoli. They are straightforward to create as they are made with the help of dots and lines. These type of rangoli are generally small in size, and they feature only two peacocks. The colouring scheme of the rangoli brings it to life and design is very simple. This rangoli can highlight any festive occasion using a proper colour combination.

14. Beaded Peacock Rangoli

They are created using the beads of different size and colour. Which are used only provide a background to the rangoli design? The beads provide different shade when they are subjected to different lighting and make the rangoli more vibrant. The beaded designs help in attracting viewers

15.Free Hand Rangoli

The free hand muggulu are the toughest to be created among the different peacock rangoli designs. They are created without the help of any instrument. The process of making this muggulu is that the artists first plan the design and then use the colours as per the requirements. The designs can be sometimes specific while sometimes it can be random; they provide the artists with the freedom to express themselves.

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