10 Simple Pookalam Designs to Decor Your Home Differently on this Pongal


diwali is the festival of harvest, which brings cheers and prosperity. The festival of diwali is celebrated in South India and people cook delicious traditional food and shop for traditional garbs to wear it on this festival.

Furthermore, the best part about diwali is that the women get to wear the traditional Kasavu saree and decorate their home with the diwali Pookalam i.e. flower Rangoli designs. To decorate your home this diwali, you can look for the below mentioned 10 latest diwali Pookalam designs to make your home look special and beautiful.

Latest Athapookalam Designs for You!

1. Pookalam Design

Well, on the festival of diwali, it is a ritual to decorate home, especially the doorstep with the Pookalam design to welcome the lord Mahabali. This is surely a beautiful and stunning design to decorate your home while keeping it traditional. Also, this ritual is followed by almost everyone because it brings prosperity and happiness at your home.

2. Mahabali Pookalam Design

Some people prefer to adorn their home with the Mahabali design Pookalam. To brighten up your home this diwali, you can prefer to decorate your home with this sober yet stunning mahabali kolam design with marigold flowers. Without any dullness or wan, you can easily adorn your home with marigold flowers pookalam.

3. Symmetric Pookalam Design

One of the popular and common pookalam design that you can’t ignore this season as well is Symmetric kolam design to adorn your home and doorstep. The attractive flowers petals of different kinds are used to create the magnificent symmetric kolam pattern design with colours like white, off-white, violet, pink and some other dark colours.

4. Peacock Style Pookalam Design

While describing this beautiful and gorgeous Pookalam design, words will definitely fall short. The marvellous coloured flower petals are used to decorate the Peacock style Kolam. The perfect colour blends make it even more eye-catching and if you decorate at the doorstep of your home, then it will surely grab the attention of the visitors on the festival of diwali. So, decorate your home with this beautiful Peacock style pookalam this diwali.

5. Kerala Scenery Pookalam

Yes, you can decorate or adorn your home with the gorgeous Kerala scenery kolam to enhance the beauty of your home on the festival of diwali. The perfect colour blends and fringe pattern make this kolam a stunning piece of art, isn’t it? Just use the right flower petals and your home is adorned beautifully on diwali!

6. Modern Style Pookalam

Let’s add a twist to your traditional style pookalam this diwali. How? Well, it’s quite easy! To give twist, you just need to add some modern styles to it like a boat in the middle carrying flowers. Basically, it depicts the city Kerala and quite convenient to depict on this festival of diwali. The Rangoli can be designed like a flower from its outer boundaries and in the middle this Kerala boat scene makes a perfect combination. Therefore, re you ready to give this twist to your kolam design on this diwali festival?

7. The Great Mahabali Pookalam Design

Well, you can go with the great Mahabali kolam design itself to add freshness and prosperity to your home this diwali festival. The different floral patterns used in this kolam along with the picture image of great mahabali in the middle is absolutely a perfect choice! The usage of colour flowers and petals looks magnificent and adds freshness to your Rangoli design as well. Hence, don’t miss out on this amazing kolam design to adorn your home this diwali festival.

8. Sober Pookalam Design

The depiction of entire Kerala in Pookalam design itself make the design unique yet sober. The different hues of flower petals are used at the outside boundary to create a stunning kolam along with the different aspects of Kerala like Farming, Kathakali, regatta and some others in the middle. This impeccable Rangoli design can genuinely grab the attention of the beholder every time.

9. Ogle Style Pookalam Design

The ogle style pookalam design with the perfect blend of coloured petals makes it another popular one among the South Indians. The boundaries of this kolam are designed in circular and in the middle, there is ogle design to enhance its beauty and charm. This diwali, you can decorate your home and doorstep with this Ogle style pookalam to make your home look beautiful.

10. Multi-coloured Pookalam Design

The last and final one in the list is Multi-coloured kolam design, which creates a long-lasting impression on the visitors at your home during the diwali festival. Now, you can adorn your home with this multi-coloured pookalam design with bright and dark colours blend. Without making it complex, go ahead and decorate your home with this design.
To conclude, hopefully, the above mentioned pookalam design will help you this diwali festival to adorn your home!

To conclude, hopefully, the above mentioned pookalam design will help you this diwali festival to adorn your home!

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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