8 Types Of Temple Jewellery that Each South Indian Brides Should Try


Temple jewellery has its own beauty and charm that not even a single woman can resist to wear it along with their outfits, especially traditional outfits.

Temple jewellery looks absolutely grandeur and majestic and when they are paired beautiful with the attires, then of course, you will look super gorgeous and elegant.

From polki to kundan jewellery designs, there are some amazing temple jewellery designs that you can explore to add into your jewellery collection! Now, South Indian brides have their own collection of stunning and sophisticated jewellery. And, temple jewellery is something that South Indian women love to wear, especially on their wedding day! Thus, here is the collection of 8 temple jewellery designs that you must take a look to look beautiful on your special wedding day.

#1. Kasulaperu

Kasulaperu is traditional South Indian style chain that’s made with the goddess Lakshmi coins. This is a traditional style neckpiece, which is made with the finished kemp stones, precious gemstones and most importantly, uncut diamonds. This Kasulaperu neckpiece is classy, elegant and royal in itself that brides should prefer to keep their bridal look different and mesmerizing! Therefore, go with this amazing kasulaperu neckpiece in a double or single layered style and rock the traditional South Indian style and beauty!

#2. Manga Malai

Manga Malai or Mango Mala is traditional temple jewellery that’s common in South Indian brides. One of the highlighting and distinctive parts about this temple jewellery, particularly necklace is its intricate mango shape to add a touch of uniqueness and charm to this traditional beauty! For weddings and special occasions, you can choose to go with this stunning Manga Malai beauty, which is absolutely simple and elegant in its design and style to team it up with your wedding outfit! Hence, handpick this ethereal Manga Malai necklace for your special wedding day and dazzle everyone with your looks and attire!

#3. Vadiyanam

Vadiyanam or Vaddanam is just another name given to Kamarbandh in traditional South Indian jewellery! The long and sophisticated chain style jewellery that’s worn around the waist, especially when a saree is worn. This is one of the must-have temple jewellery that every woman should own and the best part is that it’s available in distinct styles and designs these days made with Ruby, Emeralds and other gemstones! Those who keep their bridal look traditional, then they can choose to go with this Vadiyanam temple jewellery to adorn the waistline and of course, the bridal attire!

#4. Vanki

Vanki is commonly known as Bajubandh, which is yet another essential and stunning jewellery piece in Indian culture, especially on marriages! For South Indian brides, this Vanki s an essential temple jewellery, which is paired with the silk sarees in small sleeves to flaunt it beautifully! Even if you love to go with the puff sleeves, then you should choose to go with this super amazing Vanki jewellery with your bridal outfit to leave a long-lasting impression on people on your special wedding day.

#5. Bangles

Here is another beautiful and elegant temple jewellery that South Indian brides should prefer to adorn their outfit. There are different names for bangles in every South Indian state, but yes, bangles are an essential temple jewellery that looks awesome along with the traditional outfits! If you are planning to wear the traditional Kanjeevaram or silk saree, then you should definitely opt for the bangles to adorn the beauty of your bridal outfit. Adding on to it, if you are planning to one bangle in both of your hands, even then it’s absolutely fine to keep it simple and sophisticated.

#6. Jhumkas

Jhumka or chaandi Bali shaped earrings are extremely popular and trending these days. For special wedding occasions, South Indian brides can pick a stunning jhumka to match with their bridal outfit. To look stunning and beautiful on you special wedding day, adding a pair of magnificent jhumka to your accessories collection is a must. Nowadays, jhumaks are also coming up in designs of gods and goddesses, which are of course heavy and intricate in designing. Thus, pick and choose amazing jhumka that’s available in distinct variety, styles, designs and sizes; just ensure that it matches perfectly with your attire!

#7. Nethi Chutti

Nethi Chutti is basically Maangtikka, hich is yet another important bridal jewellery that’s worn on the forehead. Any jewellery or accessory is incomplete without maangtikka or Nethi Chutti, which is one of the traditional jewelleries every woman refers to wear it on their wedding day. If you plan to go with the Nethi Chutti along with your bridal robe, then you can handpick a simple, traditional yet gorgeous accessory in single strand is something that you must adorn! Ditch those normal and boring styles of maangtikka and get yourself a stunning and charming one to dazzle everyone with your looks!

#8. Jada Billa

Jada Billa is basically an intricate flower jewellery that can be used to adorn your hairdo. For South Indian brides, Jada Billa in temple designing is something beautiful in accessories that you can use to adorn the beauty of your long thick braid. If you love to go with the long thick braid, then Jada Billa in jewellery is a perfect ddition that you must opt this time! Jada Billa is a jewellery that’s made with the flowers, stones and pearls to embellish your long thick braid!

To sum it all up, these are the 8 temple jewellery designs that every South Indian bride should try!  

Apeksha Salunkhe
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