8 Dot Rangoli Designs for Festivals & Occasion


Rangoli is the most colourful artwork that makes our home beautiful. It is mostly seen at the time of festivals. It plays an important part in our Indian culture and can be drawn in any shape. The Market is full of colours so that you can pick your favourite colour and give a unique touch to your home.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some beautiful and simple monochrome dot Rangoli designs. Some of the designs are easy while some are slightly difficult, you can choose according to your choice and play with the flow. These Dot Rangoli designs will add a monochrome look to your home.

1. Butterflies’ Pattern Rangoli Kolam Design:

This beautiful design of dot Rangoli designs has some amazing butterflies’ pattern. Not only this, but it also has a floral pattern in the middle which is surrounded by the butterflies’. It gives a look of a garden. It has no small details so it can easily be done by beginners. You will love the freshness of this Rangoli.





2.  Unique and complex Rangoli Kolam Design

If you are looking for something unique and complex, then you can draw these swans featured Rangoli along with some peacocks. You will see that this dot Rangoli designs has multiple geometrical designs which are surrounding the swans. You will love its quietness. These types of Rangoli has some difficult and small details.

3.   Flowery patterns Kolam Design Rangoli

Many people love to go for simplicity, so you can try this bigger and whole style of design. It contains some flowery patterns which will look similar to the other. You will love its beautiful look. The best part is that anyone can draw it. Just find a suitable occasion and give it a try.

4. Swan patterned Kolam Design Rangoli:

Swan patterned Rangoli is very trendy. This particular dot Rangoli designs contains a pair of swan, watery pattern and flowers. It gives an effect that both the swans are totally in love. It looks bright and eye-catchy. This is unique though simple. If you are practised then it will take no time.

5. Special  Kolam Design Rangoli:

Do you need a stencilled type of dot Rangoli designs without a frame? If yes then go for this style. It will be a perfect frame for anything like candles. These are perfect for some special occasions like Diwali and Eid. It will add brightness to your place. This effect looks brilliant and it’s very easy to do.

6. Geometric shapes Kolam Design:

One of the easiest and simple way to play with dots is this style. It is a great combination of geometric shapes lying in a circular frame. You will love its simplicity. The triangular and big flowery pattern will add glam to it.

7. Hexagon styled Kolam Design Rangoli :

One of the simple and hexagon styled dot Rangoli designs is this one. It gives a unique touch because it is not round. You will find a star shape in the centre which will modify everything. The geometrically patterned work is loved by everyone so you can go for it and amaze your guests.

8. New  geometrical patterns Kolam Design :

Are you a fan of geometrical patterns? If yes then this dot Rangoli designs are a great combination of geometric shapes. It looks quite different from others. You will love its style of straight lines and dots. It is easy to do and will look perfect on any occasion. It has a modern effect.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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