12 Elegant Pendant Designs For You


Hello lovely ladies! Do you love to wear the gorgeous and beautiful pendants neckpieces? Well, it’s quite understood why they are popular and worn by almost every woman as they are minimal in design, extremely elegant and can be worn with any attire. You can wear it with almost every attire without any second thoughts.

If you love to keep your party wear or even the formal look minimal but classy and stylish, then you must choose to pull off the look with pendant style neckpiece in fashion accessories to amaze everyone.


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Here is the accumulated list of the 12 elegant and beautiful pendant designs that are just so right for you to try!

1. Pearl Pendants

Pearl pendant has its own elegance and beauty that you cannot deny, right? Just a simple and sleek chain in silver or gold plated along with the combination of pearl is definitely a beautiful combination, isn’t it? Pearl pendants neckpiece can be teamed up with any of the designer as well as a plain and simple outfit to enhance its beauty and grace.

2. Gold Pendants

Gold pendant is evergreen and gorgeous that it needs no explanation. You can wear it with distinct styles of outfits including the ethnic, western or even the formal ones. The plain and simple chain with a gold pendant is an excellent combination for the women to try out. Of course, you will get various designs and patterns in gold pendants to explore that will look perfect on you! Make sure to get a stunning and fashionable gold pendants to add into your jewellery collection this time and get rid of those boring and ordinary pendant designs.

3. Photo Pendant

Photo pendant is yet another amazing, beautiful and useful pendant in which the wearer can keep their picture or their loved one’s picture to make it a piece of memorable jewellery for a lifetime. You can try out the different patterns available in photo pendant designs to choose the perfect one for you and spruce up your attire instantly.

4. Glass Pendants

Have you ever tried the stunning and magnificent glass pendants? Or, do you have any glass pendants in your jewellery collection right now? If you don’t have one, then you need it right away to add elegance and class to your jewellery collection. Glass pendant has its own sheer elegance and beauty that you cannot resist. Just pick your favourite design in glass pendant and enhance the charm of your attire.

5. Temple Jewellery Design Pendants

Temple jewellery design pendant is quite common and popular these days. If you are a lover of traditional pendant designs, then you must have to choose this beautiful temple-style pendant to team it up well with your attires anytime and anywhere.

6. Goddess Pendants

Goddess style pendant is another traditional and religious pendant design, which can be worn with the ethnic as well as western-style outfits. The goddess style pendants in a beautiful and slender chain is a winning combination for sure! Nowadays, there are some amazing and voguish goddess pendant designs available in open market places and online stores to pick the one you love the most. Just make sure that the quality of the pendants is fine and can be paired well.

7. Simple Ring Pendant

Here we have another magnificent pendant design that you must check out before you finalize any pendants for your jewellery collection. The simple ring pendant design is the one that’s actually minimal and sober in design but it can definitely turn the heads on your way whenever you are attending any special event or party. You just need to pick and choose an elegant ring design pedant that matched perfectly well with your personality. So, get ready to dazzle everyone with this simple and elegant ring pendants neckpiece!

8. Flower Pendant

Flower pendant design is absolutely elegant and gorgeous. The floral pattern pendant design is unique in neckpiece and thus you can’t miss the exceptional neckpiece design to make a perfect addition into your jewellery collection! This extraordinary and tantalizing flower locket is all you need to glam up your look and outfit for a perfect evening or any other occasion!

9. Kundan Stone Pendant

Kundan stone pendant design is another exceptional and beautiful pendant design that can be worn with different styles of chains be it sleek or thick one. If you love to carry Kundan neckpiece, then you will definitely fall in love with this mesmerizing Kundan stone pendant design, which is absolutely made for you! So, when are you planning to buy this super elegant Kundan stone pendants?

10. Stone Pendants

Stone style locket can be a beautiful addition into your jewellery collection that you cannot resist. Pick your favourite style of the stone pendant and make everyone go crazy over your looks and outfit! Just make sure that it’s trendy and quite fashionable in design and patterns!

11. American Diamond Pendants

American diamond locket neckpiece is also unique, exceptional and beautiful in its own way. Every woman loves to wear diamonds and if you are the one too, then you should not miss this charming and classic American diamond pendants to make it yours now! Therefore, handpick your favourite pattern in American diamond pendant and make everyone go drool over your looks!

12. Gemstone Pendants

Gemstone pendant is truly a gorgeous and sophisticated one in this list of pendant designs. You cannot deny to gemstones in neckpiece, especially the intricately designed yet minimal gemstone locket. Therefore, ditch those ordinary ones and add this right away into your accessories collection to pair it with any chain and with any outfit!

To sum it all up, these are the 12 elegant and charming pendant designs that are perfect for you to explore and buy the one that’s suitable for you!

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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