30 Beautiful Mangalsutra Designs for Stylish Married Lady


Mangalsutra plays an important role in Hindu Bride’s life. It is a symbol of marriage and the groom ties this auspicious thread around the bride’s neck on the wedding day. And after that, the bride has to take care of this marriage essential for life long.

Mangalsutra is made up of two words ‘Mangal’ and ‘Sutra’- which together means an auspicious thread. It is traditionally made up of golden and black beads, which are known as the essentials of this beautiful piece. In today’s time, the Mangalsutra has become more designer and women use it as a jewellery piece. They wear it as a necklace and flaunt its look. That’s why we have come with 30 beautiful and latest mangalsutra designs that will add the brim to your life:

1.The Mangalsutra with Pristine Pearls:

The mangalsutra designs look amazing with pearls as it balances out its boldness. Also, pearls are known for its gush-worthy look and it will add the same to your necklace. You can define the shape of the pearl and enjoy its trendy and modern look.

2.Circular embellished mangalsutra design with diamonds:

The mangalsutra design looks amazing with golden threads and featured black beads. And when these are combined with a circular statement piece with diamonds, it starts looking even better. It is perfect for someone who love to wear something modish and traditional.

3.The Mangalsutra with a straight line:

If you are a fan of edgy pieces, then choose something strong and elegant. And it can be easily found in a straight dainty diamond stoned broad diamond line with gold and black beads. Its uncommon design will make everything perfect and contemporary.

4.Personalized Mangalsutra Design:

You can even add some personalized touch to your necklace by adding your name and your partner’s name to it. It will be great to wear something like that. You can choose it in infinity-shaped gold sign. To make it better, you can choose it with studded diamonds.

5.Feminine floral Mangalsutra:

You can make your necklace look even better by getting it with floral pattern. You can choose it with layers or keep it minimalistic. And if you are willing to add more detailing to it, get it with matching earrings. This design will always remain evergreen.

6.Mangalsutra with Heart Design:

To show more lovable touch to your mangalsutra design, get it with heart design. Choose it in the boat pattern and let this design express your heartbeat design. The gold will be the appropriate metal to design this beautiful piece. At last, the small string with layers will be a primary choice with this marriage essential.

7.Alluring Mangalsutra with pink stones:

Normal diamonds are common! If so, then choose the pink studs or stones with it. It will be one of the presentable and unusual styles to make your necklace different and better. The two chain style will make it perfect. You can define the style of the pendant and enjoy its uniqueness.

8.The Mangalsutra with symmetrical Pattern:

Curvy Symmetrical pattern on the necklace looks amazing. It is the latest style that will look amazing and impressive. You can use the design that will look the same when folded and overlap each other. The gold and diamond detailing will make it voguish.

9.Mangalsutra with Leafy Trail:

If you don’t want something as feminine as flowers, simply go for the necklace with a leafy pattern. It will look extremely elegant and the double array of leaf-shaped sharp diamonds will make it edgy. In the middle, you can choose the dropping pearl and make it an unmissable piece.
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10.Mangalsutra with designer pattern:

Jewellery looks amazing in all the designs, but if you want to look creative, simply get it in the modern shallow pattern. It will show your underneath skin and maintain its elegance. You will enjoy the way it will make your life better.

11.Modern Bracelet Mangalsutra:

Nowadays, women love to wear something different and trendy. And that’s why the sacred necklace as a bracelet will look amazing. It will grab a lot of attention and you can choose it with any element you want to. The black and gold beads will make it prefect. To complement this design, you can wear a matching ring in your finger.

12.The Mangalsutra with Chandbali pendant:

You can also get your necklace designed as a proper necklace by getting it in the chandbali design. The multiple chains will make it better. To complement it, try to get matching earring and mang tikka with it. This will look astonishing.

13.The mangalsutra design with love:

You can choose your necklace design with a double bonanza with two strings and two love pendants. Choose the chain in half gold and half black beads designs and keep the lower part made up of gold. To make it better, you can also choose it with handing diamond on its end.

14.The Gold tasselled mangalsutra design :

If you love to wear tasselled earrings, then you will admire wearing this type of mangalsutra. It will give the modern vibes and hanging gold tassels will create a vogue. You can justify its look by keeping its whole look simple and adding a few black beads to it.

15.Mangalsutra with all hearts:

If you want something lovable, then choose your necklace with 5 hearts of different sizes. The gold hearts will combine well with black and gold beads. This will be perfect for the women who want to show their love to their spouse.

16.Not so Usual Gold Mangalsutra:

Add some uniqueness by getting the gold dominating mangalsutra design. Choose the three-fourth part of this sacred necklace with gold and remaining part with black and gold beads. You can highlight it with a traditional hanging design that has pearls and pink studs.

17.Half and Half Neo-Traditional Mangalsutra:

You can make your necklace look even better by getting it in half and half design. Let the one part of the chain have black beads, while another part of the chain designed with the gold. To make symmetry, get it with the diamond and black bead round pendent in the end.

18.The Gold Mangalsutra with Coined Pendent:

If you are a fan of indo-western design, then get your necklace with more gold and fewer beads look. Let the chain be minimalistic and at the end, have the coined pendant. It will look perfect in your neck.

19.Graceful Mangalsutra:

If you don’t want too much detailing but want a graceful design, then, first of all, getting a light-weighted piece. A single light-weight chain will look amazing and graceful. In the end, choose the minimal and delicate pendant and let your mangalsutra look perfect.

20.Rani Haar Mangalsutra:

Do you want a heavy necklace that you can wear as a Haar too? Choose it with three-chained attached design with a heavy and detailed pendant. The chunky gold pendant will make it more effective and you can let with rainfall design. The detailing of this mangalsutra design makes it perfect.

21.Temple Jewellery Mangalsutra:

Make your mangalsutra design looks perfect by getting it in the temple jewellery design. You can get it in the God and Goddess design and win everyone’s heart. It’s three or four chain design will make everything appealing. This will attract positivity. To make everything better, you can get matching earring with it.

22.Long Mangalsutra with Tassel Highlight:

The long necklace has its aura. You can get the same design with a two-chain look, modish pattern in the chain itself at a defined place and a matching pendant. The long tassels at the end will make everything perfect.

23.Peacock Motifs in your mangalsutra design :

Peacocks have its beauty and that’s why it looks perfect in the sacred necklace. This one is a very popular design and women choose it with gold and diamond work. The single-chain look will make it better and living.

24.Sparkling Square Mangalsutra:

Another contemporary mangalsutra design comes with the square pendant. It is adorable and beautiful style. You can choose it in white gold and diamonds. The single-chain light-weight chain will add an edge to it. To make this mangalsutra design better, get it with dropping pearl.

25.Ever-stylish 7 square Mangalsutra:

Choose your sacred necklace with 7 small squares designing a beautiful design. You can choose 4 diamond and 3 plain gold square. It will look extremely minimalistic and elegant. To make it better, get it in double-chained look. It will give lust-worthy vibes.

26.The Basic Mangalsutra design:

If you don’t want too much in your sacred necklace, then choose it in the basic design. The traditional single chain and the light-weight look is what this sacred necklace will serve you with. And to make it better, get it with the minimal and stylish hanging stud.

27.Quirky Pastel Mangalsutra:

Are you a picky person who love to have contemporary designs? Choose your sacred necklace with pastel colour pendant. It will look unique and can be used as a statement piece. The small and single chained look of this sacred necklace will make everything better.

28.Mangalsutra with hubby’s name:

Get your sacred necklace with no normal pendant but with your hubby’s name. It is a great way to show your eternal love. This type of personalized mangalsutra design is a great way to move with the trend.

29.The Mangalsutra with Dainty Diamonds:

The Dainty diamond sacred necklace comes in a short design and breath-taking overall diamonds. The black beads and diamonds look perfect with each other. It don’t have a normal pendant, but the overall diamond look. It is perfect for the women who is more into minimalism.

30.Celebrity Mangalsutra:

And if you are too tired to choose the right sacred necklace for yourself, simply get the copy of your favourite actress’s mangalsutra design . You can get it in the same style or get it personalized accordingly. This will give you the Bollywood star-like feeling.

These were 30 beautiful mangalsutra designs. So choose your favourite one and enjoy its auspicious vibes.

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