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Just like the way India celebrates its freedom from British rule as The Independence Day, Republic Day is also celebrated because the constitution of India came into force. The main celebration is done in the capital of India, which is New Delhi at the Rajpath before the President of India every year. It is celebrated to show the unity in diversity and the rich cultural heritage that India has for a very long time. It is a tribute to India that our country had gained a republic on 26th January 1945 and thus several ceremonious parades take place at Rajpath.

This last for three days and is a major attraction of India`s Republic Day celebration. The Commander-in-chief of the Indian Armed Forces, who is the president of India takes the salute. This is how they showcase India`s defence cultural, capability and social heritage. To denote the end of Republic Day festivities the last ceremony is held known as the Beating Retreat. It is performed by the three wings of the military which is the Indian navy, Indian Army and the Indian Air Force. These occasions are very important in our life to show our love, respect and care for the people and the country. So, there are few wishes and quotes that you can use to send greetings to your family, friends and relatives who stays far away from you so that it makes their day a special one:

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  • Here`s wishing with the colours of Gujarat, with the beauty of Kashmir, the auspicious culture of Kerela and the sweetness of Bengal, a very Happy Republic Day.
  • May the purity and peace lie within each citizen of our country and that we continue with the wheel of progress every day. May the majestic colours of our Indian Flag wave high with prosperity and patriotism. Happiest Republic Day!
  • I praise thee mother! With the glory of moonlight dreams, over thy branches and lordly streams. Loveliest of all earthly lands, Showering wealth from well stored hands. Wishing all a very Happy Republic day!
  • With the upcoming Republic day, I would like to celebrate with you the pure and true spirit of patriotism and wishing you a good year ahead, Happy republic day!
  • The celebration of the 71st Republic day is in our minds, may the strength in our body the pureness in our blood flow and lets us all stand and give respect to our country India on Republic day. A very Happy Republic Day!
  • May the great and brave leaders of India guide us to peace and prosperity so that with raise our head high and be proud of our country and the work they did for this country. We salute them on this day, Happy Republic day!
  • There shall be freedom of expression, freedom in our heart and soul. Let’s remember the beauty and diversity of our nation on this day. Happy Republic Day!
  • Let’s remember the greatness and the rich heritage of our country and unite to preserve it forever. Let’s instill the patriotism and peace within us so that we are able to spread it around the world. Wishing you a very Happy 71st Republic Day!
  • We should all pray that every elder spread peace to their young, let every teacher impart knowledge and prosperity, let the parents instill kindness and gratitude among the children and everyone around them. We pray together on this day for a better future ahead, Happy Republic Day!
  •  Let the constitution give us peace, faith and freedom. So let us come together to celebrate our glorious republic nation and feel proud to be an Indian. Wishing you all a very glorified Republic Day!

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