8 Modish Gemstone Bracelet Designs to Look Classy


The sheer elegance and sophisticated gemstone jewelry like bracelets have been in demand since ages. In gemstones, there is some diverse variety of stunning colours, which makes them much more demanding item, especially in jewellery.

You must have heard about some of the prominent gemstones such as emerald, amethyst, ruby, sapphire aquamarine and so forth, which are worn by men and women as per their birthday month. Nowadays, in jewellery especially bracelets and rings are coming up with the gemstone jewelry and studded design that are absolutely gorgeous and stunning in design and look and most importantly, it is preferred by almost everyone to team it up with their outfit.


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Today, in this blog, we will going to share the 8 modish gemstone jewelry studded bracelet designs, which you definitely need to check out to stock your jewellery closet with exquisite and stunning jewellery this season. Take a peek at the below mentioned list girls!

1. Amethyst Gemstone Bracelet

Amethyst gemstone jewelry is basically purple or violet in colour, which is definitely exceptional in colour. The amethyst gemstone jewelry is absolutely beneficial for those who are born in the month of February and have Pisces as their zodiac sign. Not just the February born people, but if love violet colour, then you should definitely buy the stunning amethyst gemstone bracelet to team it up with your fashionable or party wear outfits to look elegant.

2. Citrine Gemstone Bracelet

The tawny colour of the citrine gemstone is what makes it unique and distinguishing from other gemstones jewelry. The beautiful and charming citrine gemstone is quite affordable from other gemstones jewelry and most importantly, it is used by the jewellery designers and craftsman to craft incredible and graceful jewellery. To expand the variety of your jewellery collection, you can choose to buy the citrine gemstone bracelet to wear it along with your evening dresses.

3. Agate Gemstone Bracelet

The evergreen and classic black colour agate gemstone jewelry looks lovely and beautiful. If you love wearing the agate gemstone jewelry, then you can try the stunning bracelet studded with agate and citrine gemstones to keep your entire look elegant and simple. The best part is that you can pair it with any of your casual apparel or party wear designer dress to leave everyone stun.

4. Silver Gemstone Bracelet

The beauty and charm of the silver gemstone bracelet is definitely irresistible. The unmatched grace and beauty of the silver gemstone bracelet is what makes it much more alluring to woman nowadays and if it has a blend of multi-colour gems in it, then it’s truly an instant buy. You can choose to go with the silver gemstone studded bracelet, which is simple and sophisticated in design and style.

5. Red Gemstone Bracelet

In red gemstone jewelry, you will get mainly two gemstones jewelry – Ruby and Garnet. Usually, women prefer to pick the astounding and sterling ruby gemstone bracelet and afterwards red garnet gemstone jewelry. The bright and glittery red gemstone jewelry can be worn with any glamorous red maxi dress and red high heel pumps.

6. Blue Gemstone Bracelet

The appealing and alluring aquamarine gemstone jewelry has different variety of shades ranging from blue to green. Aquamarine gemstone is absolutely perfect for those who are born in the month of March. The impressive aquamarine gemstone studded bracelet crafted with the bland of gold or silver is definitely mesmerizing and eye-catching for everyone. To add value and beauty to your look, you can purchase this stunning and beautiful blue gemstone studded bracelet for your jewellery collection.

7. Multi Colour Gemstone Bracelet

The brilliant and gorgeous, multi colour gemstone jewelry can be a perfect companion to go along with any of your casual or party wear dress. The dazzling and sterling multi colour gemstone bracelet can add vitality and zest to your entire appearance. Therefore, you cannot miss this beautiful and designer multi colour gemstone jewelry for your jewellery collection this year.

8. Zircon Gemstone bracelet

The zircon gemstone bracelet has medium to dark translucent blue tint, which looks absolutely gorgeous when it’s teamed up with stunning dresses or attires. You can choose to buy zircon gemstone jewelry, specifically in round shape design to enhance the grace and beauty of the bracelet. While styling your evening attires, you can team it up with the graceful and astounding zircon gemstone jewelry.

To sum it all up, these were some of the classy and elegant gemstone jewelry designs that you really can’t afford to miss if you are an absolute fashionista. Just buy any of the prominent gemstone (you can also prefer to buy according to your birthday month) and in latest and trendy design and pair it well with any of your outfit to spruce up your look and personality.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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