A Rustic Concoction of The 20 Dashing Must Have Anklets Collection


Be it silent or chiming, anklets have a complete symbology that attracts women of any day and age. It’s an iconic jewellery that is nascent to adorn the feet of Indian women. With centuries-old popularity, anklets have never been forgotten and even today is the best part of any occasion. It adds a touch of feminity to the women in you. Check out this awesome collection of anklets right to your pallets.

  1. Feather anklets
    This is a modern piece with an insouciant touch. The anklets are simply threaded with metal dazzling trinkets. The anklet comes with charm danglers which are beaded. The beads are multi-coloured or aqua coloured design and colours. This type of anklet suits any type of casual outfit but doesn’t suit traditional wears which will make it look gloomy.

  2. Classy anklet
    The brass embossed bright design is the best part of these anklets. The anklets are simply designed with miniature patterns repetitive. It is decked with small crystal stones which are green, red or pink symbolising ruby and emerald. These anklets are suitable for any occasion and any ensemble.

  3. Bridal anklets in silver
    These anklets are generally patterned with heavy work and big design entirely. Usually made of German silver, the designs are faceted with big carved meenakari work. Sometimes, the anklets are also bejewelled with small bells that make noise while moving. This adds poise to the entire bridal collection from top to bottom.

  4. Gold old-fashioned anklets
    This is one of the oldest styles in anklet but still has a market among the women of India. It’s crafted out of gold, but with simple and grand composure. This goes exquisite with saree. Occasionally bells are also an option to the simply studded anklets.

  5. Beaded Anklets
    The newest age trends in anklet design are the beaded anklet style. The pattern is fitted with interesting gold beads with outlined coloured beads. It’s a single layer anklet, with its bright elegance suitable for any occasion. Popular among the teenage women, its further fashioned with adornments flaccid down.

  6. Dual layered pearl anklets
    Pearl studded anklets are a stunning accessory popular among Rajwadas and Rajput women. The anklet can be single layered or double layered. The arched second layer is adorned with pearls forming a regular pattern. Crafted especially keeping in mind the royal look.

  7. Ajmeri payals
    These anklets are heavy tiny belled intricately crafted pieces. They come with numerous small bells that keep clinking loud wherever there is movement. These types of anklets particularly go well with very traditional age-old attires and for people who love the chiming sound often.

  8. Kholkal anklets
    These are vintage pieces of antique jewellery traditionally worn among the clans of Gujarat. But increasingly popular among the women population due to its bold and unique look with clean rustic looks. With folksy quality, its hefty but a perfect daily wear article.

  9. Knitted anklets
    Suitable for a married woman, these anklets crafted from yarns come along paired with toe rings. The yarns of woollen thread are thick and intricately knitted. The knitted patterns are usually circular mandalas, giving a classy touch for a laid-back look.

  10. Shell studded anklets
    Usual anklets are replaced with shell studded anklets for the perfect beach mien. The anklet is usually metallic with shells adorned beautifully around with an exquisite pattern. In some cases, the studs are extended till the toes to get the right look, a sheer ensemble of style and fashion assorted.

  11. Indo-western anklets
    Opting for a random fashion in anklets. The indo-western anklets incorporate the think braided style chain along with some funky jangles. The hangers do not have bells but come with matte finished patterns of star, heart or any other peculiarly small designs.

  12. Handmade wired anklets
    Wired anklets are the most sought out design in the new era of anklets. The threads are coloured, perfectly to match the outfit that you are wearing. It doesn’t chime, so good for no-sound anklet lovers. It goes well with chudidhars and salwars.

  13. Zipper designed anklets
    Want something to match your denim? Traditional anklets are boring for western outfits, but this one doesn’t. You can match this up with any modern attire and with stylised footwear paired, you are ready to an attractive yet jazzy look.

  14. Double layered anklets
    Traditional anklets are always gorgeousness polished with beauty. There are two layers, one regular with tiny patterns all around the piece. The second is a curvature pattern that runs along connecting at some distances. Additionally, bells adorn the anklets. Generally, 2-3 bell is conjoined, lighter in sound but perfect in sarees.

  15. Silver cross cut anklets
    Silver is the most reached out material for anklets. With crosscut being an age-old design, modernity within it keeps getting updated. Crystal stones are an adornment that is preferred with the chains running in crooked directions. The jewellery looks its best when paired up with saree.

  16. Polka anklets
    The crystals red, green and pearl are the most suitable gems of the polka worked anklets. The tiny bells are replaced with conjoined coloured crystal patterns, making it very attractive. Usually a bridal preferable anklet, it is also suitable for traditionally clothed women.

  17. Layered anklets
    It is a type of anklet that is gaining popularity among the fashionistas. The anklets don’t need to be the same on both the legs. It can be of varied material pair on the same leg. For instance, it can be a combination of wired and metal anklets fringed separately on the same leg.

  18. Simple anklets
    If you love being simple then these anklets best suit you. It consists of a thin flimsy string with a single attached dangler of an obdurate design. it goes well with most casual dresses.

  19. Letter anklets
    Want to show off the world of you most prioritised entity. Go for these anklet designs. It comes with a simple strand of gold with the name or words of your choice. It’s totally eye seizing and stylish.

  20. Wavy anklets
    Fell in love with the designs of your bracelet? Look out for the same design in your anklets too. The wavy anklets are crafted to the bracelet styles, lets you have some funky bravura. Very attractive and stunning piece of jewellery.

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