Zing Up Your Diva with These 20 Striking Bhagalpuri Sarees.


Tussar silk, commonly known as Bhagalpuri sarees are the best opulent saree to allure your looks for any occasion. Originated within the area of Bhagalpuri, this ideally is over 200 year’s old traditional outfit. With new age designs incorporated to the age-old model, have a look at the best Bhagalpuri sarees that is an ultimate stunner to your saree collections.

  1. Bhagalpuri cotton saree
    If you are a cotton saree lover and want something off the routine, then Bhagalpuri cotton sarees are the ones you need to turn to. They came in brightest and subtle colors that easily match with your office going schedule. Cotton sarees are arguably the best daily wears.

  2. Bhagalpuri pattu saree
    Bhagalpuri pattu silk is an exquisite art saree among the broad Bhagalpuri class. This saree gives a royal look to the woman. Stunner with the right paired jewelry and jhumkas preferably golden jewelry.

  3. Bhagalpuri multi-colored saree
    The multi-colored saree usually checked, is another beautiful option of why you should opt for Bhagalpuri sarees. It comes bright and attractive at the same time. Patterned with checks, lines or polka dots, it could essentially zing up your day.

  4. Plain Bhagalpuri saree
    A completely plain saree with utter neutral looks can even make you adorable looking. The borders for the saree is also plain and contrasting to the body color. A stylised simple blouse would go well with antique silver accessories.

  5. 2-in-1 model
    The two in one model is a Bhagalpuri saree with the bilocation of upper end with the pallu and lower end with the fleet’s area. Pallu end is designed as simple printings and the body matched with different color and stronger printing.

  6. Thick Bhagalpuri silk
    These are the type of sarees that flaunt with three layers of borders. The lighter neutral designs fall the lowest in pallu end. A bigger ethnically spaced designs on the middle and the moderate plain contrast layer. This gives a mixed look ideal for daily usage.

  7. Printed Bhagalpuri saree
    This set of sarees comes with printings. The types of printings vary from traditional hymns to modern, trendy words. These are a hit among a certain class of people. Although not much popular as the other types.

  8. Golden zari decked saree
    Planning to rock among your office wears. This patterned saree leaves you stunning with the strong golden zari works wearable for any occasion and age groups. The material maybe see-through thin but it’s truly a beauty.

  9. Patterned Bhagalpuri saree
    In love with regular line patterns? Yes, classic Bhagalpuri sarees with interesting line patterns are all up for the trend. Very classy for office wear, the material and design go well with customized oxidized jewelry.

  10. Rich emboss Bhagalpuri
    If you like some complex printing and embossing on your sarees, then this saree type will definitely suit your taste. It is simple with the finest work and a great attraction. Subtle cream, peach, and dull brown colors are must have possession among this category.

  11. Basic Bhagalpuri saree
    This will be a bright and bold saree among your collections. It’s plain with contrasting pieces of color running across the entire length. It’s easy to carry around with light accessories. The colors are bright and vivid.

  12. Stark bordered Bhagalpuri saree
    Eye-grabbing collection of sarees are in this range of collections. The traditional colors are many types, with bold border designs pilfering away all the looks. The strong border designs and plain body design go well together.

  13. Artistic Bhagalpuri sarees
    The ancient wall in the saree borders is the most popular form of saree around India. The border designs are enough to speak for the saree. The warli art design surely has a particular class of its own.

  14. Spotted Bhagalpuri saree
    Polka is famous in this too with a saree full of designs and patterns. The pallu is embedded with a grand design that grabs all the attention your saree can offer. It’s traditional and stylish at the same time.

  15. Plaid Bhagalpuri saree
    An attractive design and texture, rich material quality is the highlight of this saree type. The saree comes with two borders, and the pallu is decked with moderate designs. Its devoid of patterns, but flowers majorly rule the design type.

  16. Temple bordered Bhagalpuri saree
    The bordered is the ruling factor in any Bhagalpuri saree next to the material. This set of saree has a rich temple border adoring the vivant colors of the saree. Indigenous and traditional in its looks and designs it ideal for ethnic occasions.

  17. Stone worked Bhagalpuri saree
    If you like rich collections of your saree, stone works are the best option. A scintillating border design adorned with stone works can be nothing more than a divine look. Ideal for any occasional wear, spice up your best looks with this range.

  18. Artistic cream colored saree
    It’s another best out of the Bhagalpuri collection and much famous too. The entire saree bordered with dark multi-colors. The pallu is grand printed with freestyle designs. It’s the most attractive design from the whole set.

  19. Synthetic Bhagalpuri sarees
    In for a change? Bhagalpuri is well acclaimed for its thick material quality. A touch of synthetic prints, leave it beautifully suitable for daily usage. It suits most to the person who is tall enough, leaving a stunning look.

  20. Multi-colored border Bhagalpuri sarees
    The simple Bhagalpuri saree running with multicolor layered borders is ultimately the stunning option for occasion wear. This saree goes well for all and anybody types. This makes you stand apart from the crowd be it any occasion.

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