20 Latest Indian Bridal Blouse designs to Add a Spark in your Wedding


Does Blouse really play such an important role? Yes! You can never complete your wedding look without a blouse. And when you are a bride, you cannot wear your lehenga or saree without a wedding blouse designs . However, a well-fitted and designer wedding blouse designs is very important to look the best.

A great blouse is defined by its finishing and potential to take your look to another level. So if you are looking for something beautiful, contemporary and outstanding blouse designs for your own wedding, scroll down and choose from our collection.

1.A beautiful floral blouse with the cape Sleeves:

Wedding is not just about a grand function, it includes so many individual parties like sangeet and haldi. However, a blouse with floral patterns or embroidery and cape sleeves is perfect for that. You can play with your neckline style. We are sure that you will admire its fitted and flowy style.

2.Astonishing blouse with layered jewel embellishments on the back:

If you want to add some heaviness to your lehenga or saree, choose your wedding blouse designs with additional jewel-like work on the back. Choose the sheer sleeve design as it will balance out its heaviness. It will help you to get a showstopper look.

3.Modern blouse with bell sleeves and Peplum hem:

This modern blouses style is perfect for modern brides. It is comfy and has a western touch. It may not give you the bridal look but it will definitely give you a pattern that you will admire. Get your bell sleeved and peplum hem wedding blouse designs with best embellishment work and make it look the best for wedding functions.

4.Fancy blouse with lacework on the back:

Although you are a bride, but don’t miss a chance to show off your beautiful figure. Get your wedding blouse designs with a sexy back, which you can get with the help of lacework and additional accessories. It will look great in the printed work and heavy material. Combine it with your saree.

5.Royal Blouse with Heavy Zari Work:

It a dream of a bride to wear something heavy and beautiful at her wedding. And the heavy zari work will definitely do justice with your bridal attire. You can get it in Velvet and net fabric and enjoy its realness. These wedding blouse designs will be prefect for your sagaai or wedding function.

6.Backless Blouse with oversized hanging tassels:

The backless blouse has a western touch to itself and it can’t look the best at your own wedding. So choose it with oversized hanging tassels. It will give a layer your blouses and may make it look shinier. You can choose its quantity according to your fashion choice.

7.A sexy blouse with a sexy back design:

Another style of blouses that can help you to flaw your body shape is this one. It has a sexy touch on itself and no one will be able to take eyes off from you. Of course, if it will have a sheer back then you can’t wear it on your wedding day, but you can pick it up for your sangeet or cocktail party. Add some broad lacy straps so that it can get the proper layering.

8.Sheer Blouses with overall Zarkan work:

Are you a fan of shine and shimmer? If yes, then get a Sheer wedding blouse designs with loaded zarkan work and add some heaviness to your saree or lehenga. You can choose its design according to your choice and figure, just make sure that it should match with your saree or lehenga.

9.A traditional blouse with Maggam Work:

Maggam Work blouse design is known for is heaviness and jewellery like work. It looks the best on the silk fabric and is perfect for your wedding day. It has a golden or silver work with some traditional touch, which will add the richness to your lehenga or saree. Don’t miss a chance to try it.

10.Off shoulder blouse with Ikat print:

Are you not a fan of too much embroidery work and embellishments? If yes, then choose your wedding blouse designs in the Ikkat print. It is quite traditional and goes well with a silk saree or lehenga. To add a quirky or bold touch to it, pick it in the off shoulder design. It will balance out your whole look.

11.Latest Blouse with Sheer back and minimal Embroidery:

Don’t miss a chance to show off your back. After all, it’s your wedding and you can’t afford to look boring. So pick your blouses with the whole sheer back and some embroidery work on it. A side bow and neck design will add more contemporariness to it. So get it for your cocktail party or sangeet.

12.Wedding blouse with Web-cut designed back:

As the name suggests, Web-cut stands for a design that will cover the back while letting it show-off your back. For your wedding, you can choose the web-cut designed back with the help of embellished diamonds. Choose its sleeves according to your style and use the heavy tough matching fabric in the front side.

13.Contemporary blouse with Multi-colour tribal embroidery:

For your wedding functions, get your blouse with different colours and tribal embroidery. You can also go for mirror work. It will give you a lovely touch and colourful touch will make it look different and appealing. Combine these blouses with Bandhani saree and enjoy wearing it.

14.Shimmery blouse with a necklace-like neckline:

Don’t you want to wear an additional necklace with your overall wedding attire? Get a shimmery blouses with an attached necklace along with the neckline. It looks really adorable and innovative in every context. No other blouse design can actually beat it.

15.Bridal blouse with Peter Pan collar and princess sleeves:

If you want to balance out the heaviness of your saree, get this kind of blouse with it. It has a western touch on itself, which is all possible because of pan collar and princess sleeves. You will admire its charm and inspect. It will look perfect at small wedding functions.

16.Velvet blouse with Net sleeves:

Net and velvet make the best combination possible. Net is light in weight while velvet is heavy. So these two combines in the best way. You can get a black plane velvet blouse and layer it with a net fabric full of embroidery work. It will give a beautiful effect on your own wedding functions.

17.Embroidered Bridal Blouse with quarter sleeves:

Quarter sleeves are known for its sophisticated touch. When the same blouse is found with embroidery and embellishments, it gives a perfect bridal look. You can choose its colour according to your saree and its neckline according to your comfort. It will help you to get a perfect wedding day look.

18.Backless Blouse with Little latkans on the back:

No bride wants to look boring on her wedding day, that’s why she can go for a backless blouse with little latkans. It will not make you look revealing and add a layer to it. You will admire its sensual touch. A right fabric and colour selection will define that on which function it should be wear.

19.Metallic blouse for Wedding:

There are some brides who want to get a contemporary and uneatable style of blouses for her day, if you are one of them then this blouse will be the best for you. It has the proper scale like look on itself and gives a Hatke effect. It will also make you look like a boss and futuristic girl. You will fall in love with its metallic vibes.

20.Bridal bodysuit blouse with heavy embellishments:

Bodysuit wedding blouse designs are very in nowadays. When it is chosen in the perfect embellishment work, it becomes even better. These blouses are perfect for the reception parties. If you want to do justice with this beautiful blouses, pair it with a satin saree. These two makes a perfect pair.

So to all the ladies who are going to get married this year- there are so many bridal blouses design in the market, don’t forget to play with it. Out of this, which one is your favourite? Do tell us in the comment section!

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