30 Simple and Easy Nail Art Ideas To Look More Elegant


From bright and vibrant yellow to bold and solid navy blue tints, every girl has a special place for different nail paints in their wardrobe. But still worried about which colour to apply, which colour would go with the attire or most importantly, if you can do the required nail art to look elegant on a party – some of the most common questions which simply make you fret, right?


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Well, follow the below mentioned 30 simple and quick nail design  ideas, just to get the basic idea of nail art skills.

Best Nail Designs To Look More Fancy

  1. Polka dots at the Edge
    Simply put white nail paint on your nails and for a colorful look, just do a line of polka dots at the edge of the nails in different bright hues.

  2. Zigzag Pattern
    The stunning zigzag pattern in black and golden nail paint is definitely a quick one. Simply use some tape and make different zigzag patterns.

  3. Stone Look
    To get the stone look in nail paint, you just need two different hues like turquoise and golden and a crumpled plastic to get this look. Apply the turquoise nail paint, use the crumpled plastic and apply golden nail paint with that plastic on it.

  4. Diagonal Shape
    For diagonal shape nail designs , you need a tape and nail paint of your favourite colour. For diagonal shape, put the tape in a diagonal manner on your nail and you are sorted.

  5. Half Moon Shape
    The trendy and cool half moon shape nail designs is easy to do. Just apply the coat of nail paint and with the help of the reinforcement stickers, apply different colour nail designs to create a half moon shape.

  6. Sponge
    An important tool in nail art is sponge nowadays. For easy and quick nail art designs, you can apply the nail paint with the use of a sponge and create different patterns and designs on it.

  7. Golden Sharpie
    The best nail art is incomplete without the golden hue. For distinctive and remarkable nail art patterns, you can apply one coat of white or black nail paint and then use a golden sharpie for quick designs.

  8. White and Black
    The combination of white nail paint and black zigzag or straight lines on it is quite easy to do, especially when you are in a hurry.

  9. Splatter nail designs
    With the help of straw, you can create some abstract and stunning nail art designs with several splashes of colours.

  10. Glitter
    What about exceptional yellow colour and golden glitter on the edges? Absolutely stunning, girl!

  11. White Thick Stripe
    Any dark or bold colour like Maroon can be made splendid with the white stripes in bold for exquisite nail designs.

  12. Pinstripe nail designs
    The crooked pinstripe nail designs with the colour combination of white and pink is definitely exceptional and easy to apply.

  13. Ruffian Nail Art designs
    In ruffian nail art, simply apply one coat of any bold nail paint colour and then make square shape designs with a bright colour.

  14. Abstract Nail Art
    One of the easiest and presto nail art designs is an abstract one. Just create any design using the two nail paints in contrast colours of your choice.

  15. Triangles Design
    On the edges of the nail, create the stunning triangles design in bright hues.

  16. Diagonal Shapes
    Without using the tape, you can create the diagonal shape nail art designs with bold colours.

  17. Pink Flames
    The classy combination of pink and white nail paints and exquisite pink flames design on the edges is just fantastic.

  18. Party Perfect
    Pink and white colour polka dots and for glamorous look rhinestones are perfect for the parties and special occasions.

  19. Pink Polka and Rhinestones
    For a creative nail art design, apply two different bold colour nail paints and then apply silver dots on the divider for a splendid look.

  20. Bold Pink Lace Design
    In this nail art, you just need pink and black nail paints and lace cloth. Apply a single coat of pink nail paint and then with the help of the lace cloth apply black colour on it.

  21. Pink Glitter Butterfly
    The simple yet stylish nail art for those who are a pro at doing the nail arts. Even if you are not, just apply the coat of transparent nail paint, draw butterfly design with a sleek stick and fill it with glitters.

  22. Criss-Cross
    You can also prefer criss-cross nail designs as it is simple and easy to design. Make sure that you take the light shade nail paint colour for the base.

  23. Pink Water Marbling
    Water marbling is quite easy from the other nail art designs, simply put a drop of two shades of pink or any other colour one by one into the bowl and dip your fingers into the bowl of water to transfer the design. Now, clean the cuticle area safely!

  24. Grey and Pink Glitter
    The exquisite grey matte colour and pink glitter on it make an outstanding pair. Apply it for a stunning look.

  25. Pink Caviar
    For 3Dnail designs, you can pick this pink caviar nail design which is easy to use with the help of bold pink nail paint and pink micro-beads.

  26. Pink Leopard
    Simply apply the base white colour nail paint and then create a diagonal design with the light pink shade along with the loose leopard design.

  27. Pastel peach Lace Design
    The pastel peach colour nail paint and stunning lace design on the edges of the nails are absolutely easy to design.

  28. Light Dots
    The minimalistic dots in the arc shape design on the light pink colour can be made quickly without any precision.

  29. Graffiti Nail Art
    Put black colour of nail paint and scribble it with the golden colour on it for graffiti look.

  30. Meticulous Polka Dots
    Nowadays, there are stunning nail paints available in the market in which the topcoat gives the meticulous polka dots illusion.

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