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Try these 20 types of Sarees to Rock the Traditional Occasions


Sarees are the most loved attire of all time by South Asian women. Despite the western culture taking over the Indian population, the popularity of different Type of Sarees has continued its charisma. Even Bollywood actresses and big names in the designing world cannot stop stressing on how saris make women look thousand times prettier and poised.

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 As elegant as saris are, most of us don’t know much about the various forms of saris worn across India, so, to make you aware of our Indian diversity, here is a list of 20 different type of sarees worn in India in traditional occasions.

Different Types of Sarees to Enhance Your Look

#1.Banarasi Sarees

When we talk about elegance and richness in saris , Banarasi saris effortlessly tops the list. Woven with real gold and silver threads, Banarasi Sarees are loved for its sheen, textures, and myriad of colours.

#2.Chikankari Sarees

Exuding the Lucknowi pride, Chikankari is the type of sarees which are pure bliss to see on any women. Chikankari embroidery was traditionally done only on Muslin cloth, but these days due to the increased desire to experiment, the embroidery is done on almost every kind of fabric. In Lucknow, the art of Chikankari has been practised for so long that it is no longer an art form but a way of life there.

#3.Chanderi Sarees

Coming from the heart of India Chanderi saris are known for its myriad of patterns and designs like geometrical, traditional coins, floral art, and Peacocks. These saris are the definition of sophistication and can be worn on traditional occasion with some ethnic jewellery. With a lightweight fabric, Chanderi saris are also a great choice for daily wears.

#4.Kanjeevaram Sarees

Did you notice Deepika’s bridal saree in Chennai Express? That look created a wave of Kanjeevaram Sarees as bridal wear. Originally hailing from Kanchipuram in Southern India, Kanjeevaram saris make the best choice for day time weddings. Pair it up with heavy Jewelry and that million dollar smile; you will be no less than a fashionista yourself.

#5.Kasavu Sarees

This type of saree is a modern adaptation to the traditional wear of women in Kerala that is a Dhoti, blouse and a stole which is draped over the blouse. Kasavu saris are also called Settu saris, and these are typically marked by thick borders woven with golden threads. Exuding simplicity and elegance, these can be worn on any day-time occasion for comfortable style.

#6.Asaam Silk Sarees

Coming from gorgeous valleys of Assam, these saris are best to wear if your event lasts for a long period of time like a wedding. Known for its best quality, the passionate thread work done on these saris is adored by every designer.

#7.Paithani Sarees

Originally from Aurangabad, these saris are known for its myriad of designs woven with utmost intricacy. These sarees are available in a wide band of colours and patterns and are famous for its dhoop-chaav effect.

#8.Pochampalli Sarees

Originated in the lands of Telangana, these saris are famous for its versatile designs on the pallu of the saree. Its richness in colour and stunning looks makes this type of saree an absolute favourite in and outside India.

#9.Patola Sarees

This saree was made with the help of handloom in a place called ‘Patan’ in Gujrat. Patola saris are made such that catching others attention is a normal thing with its bold prints and vivid colours.

#10.Samabalpuri Sarees

Rekha Ji is often wearing the Sambalpuri saris which bears its origin from the lands of Odisha. Available is both cotton as well as silk fabrics, the richness of its embroidery is what gives these saris an extravagant look that it has.

#11.Baluchari Silk Sarees

These ever-in-trend saris are enough to give you a sense of our ancient culture. The borders of these sarees depict stories from the Mahabharata and Ramayana times. You are wearing Baluchari saris amps up your style quotient instantly.

#12. Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees

Coming from a small area in Bhagalpur, these saris are famous for its intrinsic artwork and exceptional resilience. Carry the essence of Bhagalpur with you to any event you attend wearing these elegant saris.

#13.Bomkai Sarees

These sarees are the result of the right blend of Ikat, intricate threadwork and embroidery. Great for any festival, these sarees have tribal essence to it. Bomkai saris also called Sonepuri is the perfect example of style and grandness.

#14.Tant Saree

Preferred during the summer seasons, these saris are adored by every Indian woman for its unique style and resilience. When paired with bright and bold jewellery, Tant saris become apt for any festive occasion.

#15.Kalamkari Saree

Design inspired by Hindu mythology, these saris are gaining immense attention amongst the younger females due to its manageability. The ethnicity and class shown by this type of sarees are absolutely unmatched.

#16.Phulkari Sarees

Originated in Punjab, Phulkari Sarees are made up of embroidered threads on fabrics like cotton or Khadi. It is available in a myriad of designs and colours.

#17.Jamdani Sarees

These saris are considered as one of the most important elements of the bridal wear of a Bengali woman. Made up of light cotton and beautiful motifs, and show class without having to go overboard with jewellery.

#18.Leheriya Sarees

Originally from the sands of Rajasthan, Leheriya saris are made using the tie-dye process. Typical designs of waves and stripes are the speciality of these saris.

#19.Muga Silk Sarees

Unlike any other silk saree, Muga sarees are famous for outlasting even the owner. Due to the unique way in which the silk is obtained, Muga Silk saree is favourites of those with an eye for class.

#20.Bandhani Sarees

Originally from Gujarat, this is yet another variant of tint and designs from the state of Colors. The fabric used is generally Chiffon.

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