9 Pleasant Bedsheets For a Tranquil Sleep


As the summer season is approaching, everyone must be searching for the comfortable and summery bedsheet designs. The bright and vibrant colours along with the trendy designs in bedsheets are a must-have in this hot summer season to beat the heat.

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If you are in an enigma to pick the right colour and design in bedsheets for your home, then here is the accumulated list of the 9 pleasant bedsheet designs, which will definitely keep you cool and give you a tranquil sleep.

#1 Floral Prints in Pastel Shade

Floral prints in bedsheets are essential for every home décor. Besides the beauty and grace of this amazing floral print bedsheet, it is equally comfortable and insanely cool.

Moreover, the bright pastel colour with the colour combination of orange and yellow add beauty to the whole design.

#2 Geometric Patterns in Green Colour

Nowadays, geometric patterns are extremely popular and every household woman looks forward to this elegant design. Furthermore, the blend of light and dark green colour combination is surely ravishing and refreshing, especially on hot sunny days.

Get this geometric pattern bedsheet and enjoy watching your favourite series and movies in your room!

#3 Digital Animal Prints in Aqua Blue

The digital prints in different patterns and designs in what you need for your home other than the geometric and floral prints. The bright and graceful aqua blue hue is certainly attractive and impressive.

In addition, animal prints like birds, puppies, rabbits, doves, swans, etc. look realistic and gorgeous. For a placid and calm sleep on your bed, you can opt for the digital animal print in an aqua blue colour bedsheet.

#4 Leafy Pattern Bedsheet Design

To make your room look exhilarating and cool, you definitely need this leafy pattern bedsheet.

The leafy pattern design is unique and trendy in the market and if it is available in vivacious and bright green colour, then is it icing on the cake. This summer season, avoid all those mundane and boring bedsheet designs and get this one immediately for your home.

#5 Check Pattern Bedsheet in Dual Tone

Assuredly, the check pattern design will never go out of the trend. Whether it is a fashion garb or a home décor, check patterns are available in almost every style.

To brighten up your room and home, you can purchase this beautiful and extraordinary check pattern design in dual colours. The blend of colour combinations are essential to make it more interesting such as black and blue, pastel and black, blue and red etc.

#6 Rose Pattern Bedsheet in red Hue

Some people prefer to purchase vibrant colours in bedsheets. On the other side, some people prefer to purchase a solid hue due to kids in their home.

If you are also looking for the solid hues in bedsheets with amazing floral or rose pattern designs, then this one is perfect for your room décor. You can prefer to buy light shades in this one as well.

#7 Feathered Creature Bedsheet Design

At present, animal and feathered creature designs in bedsheets are enormously selling among the Indian markets. The fascinating and brilliant colours or shades make this bedsheet much more appealing and soothing, especially while sleeping.

This bed sheet design and colour will certainly complement your room and make sure your purchase the colour according to your room.

#8 Basic 3D Print in Chocolate Brown Colour

Most of the times, we get tired of watching the ordinary and conventional prints in bedsheets, isn’t it? To brighten up your mood and your room, you can opt for this plain and simple 3D print in chocolate brown colour.

Of course, you will get some colour combinations or shades and it will surely make you feel better and comfortable.

#9 Floral Print in Red and White Hue

The last in the list of the best collection for bedsheet designs and patterns are again floral print but in stunning red and white colour combination.

As we all know, floral prints are high in demand and everyone is looking for latest and trendy floral patterns, unlike the regular ones. This one is summer friendly bedsheet, which will give you a soothing and relaxing feel even when you are sleeping.

 Therefore, before you finalize the best one, do consider the above-mentioned list of pleasant bedsheet designs. Hopefully, this summer season, you will handpick the perfect bedsheet design and hue for your room décor.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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