13 Simple and Stylish Woven Silk Sarees for Wedding Function


Silk saree is known for its simplicity, beauty and heavy effect. It adds richness to anyone. Not only this, it is perfect for every wedding function. It has a shimmer on itself which again add a fruitfulness to your wedding look. It looks great on every lady, either old or a teenager. You can drape it in any way you like, this is the best part of the saree. Here are such 13 simple and stylish woven silk sarees that will look picture-perfect in wedding functions:

#1. Gorgeous Green Woven Banarasi Art Silk Saree:

Green colour has a freshness in itself. And when you wear it, it will reflect the same shine on your body. This Green silk saree looks very beautiful. It has a golden and pinkish pattern on itself. It comes with a matching blouse material. The broad border adds more beauty to the saree. It is perfect for a day wedding function.

#2. Beautiful Black Woven Banarasi Art Silk Saree:

Black can never go out of fashion. This Black saree has a two-colour pattern on itself as it comes with a lot of maroon colour work. Also, it has a golden small check pattern on itself. You can also see some floral print on the maroon part of the saree. It comes with a golden patterned blouse with little maroon work on the end of the sleeve. You can wear it at a cocktail party.

#3. Stunning Sky Blue Banarasi Art Silk Saree:

Sky blue colour is loved by everyone. It looks amazing to the eyes. This particular saree comes in the same colour. It has an overall shine and golden and pinkish floral print. Also, it comes with a golden border. It has a matching blouse with broad golden and floral printed work on the sleeve. This saree will look perfect in any wedding function.

# 4. Superb Grey Woven Banarasi Art Silk Saree:

Grey is the colour of Modernity. This grey colour silk saree comes with a banarasi art work on itself. It has a beautiful wide golden border and pallu with pink, blue and grey floral and leafy pattern. Also, it has the overall booty print. It comes with a golden blouse that compliments the saree in the perfect way. You can wear this saree in every function.

#5. Charming Cream Woven Banarasi Art silk Saree

If you want to achieve a goddess look then you can go for this saree. This beautiful Banarasi silk saree has an amazing shine on itself. Even the golden floral print with contemporary blue and pink touch makes it look much better. It comes with a golden printed border, pallu and blouse, which compliments the saree in a perfect way. We would say that you should try it for the day function.

#6. Novel Navy Blue Woven Banarasi Art Silk Saree:

Do you love the mehendi patterns? If yes, then you are going to love this saree. This navy blue saree has a golden mehendi pattern kind of work on itself. The choker pattern really makes it contemporary. It comes with a blue blouse with little golden flowers. A little alternative pattern with golden floral makes it very elegant. This banarasi silk saree will look best in evening functions.

#7. Pretty Dark Pink Woven Banarasi Art Silk Saree

Pink and green colour combination together in the best way. This dark pink saree has the same green and golden leafy pattern on itself. It has a beautiful patterned border and pallu. In contrast, it comes with a green blouse with the matching prink on the sleeves. This saree will look great on every woman. You can wear it at the sagan function.

#8. Royal Rani Pink Woven Banarasi Art Silk Saree

As you know, the pink colour looks the best with the green colour, so this saree also follows the same colour scheme. This rani colour saree has the overall rose like pattern. It also has a dark green border and pallu with the big florals and striped pattern. You get the same green floral patterned blouse with this saree. This saree will make you look royal in any function.

#9. Perfect Beige Woven Banarasi Saree

Another saree that will look perfect in every season is this beige saree. It has some blue, green and red floral pattern on its surface. It comes with a golden border and pallu. The plain golden blouse compliments the saree perfectly. This saree will look great in the day wedding function.

#10. Lovely Monjolika Fashion Lavender Woven Silk Saree

This lavender silk saree comes with a very beautiful overall contemporary pattern. It has some other different shades of pink colour printed on itself. Its blouse with little darker shade of lavender colour compliments the saree in a great way. It will look great in the haldi and mehendi function.

#11. Attractive Peach Woven Silk Saree

This peach saree has a beautiful peacock print on itself. The light blue and purple colour adds beauty on the saree. It has the same colour border with little different print. The sky blue blouse with little shine adds an amazing touch to the saree. You can wear this saree in any function get a lot of compliments.

#12. Appealing Sky Blue Woven Silk Saree

If you want something bright for the wedding function then you should go for this saree. It has a little pinkish and orangish floral print on itself which gives a girly touch to it. It comes with a pink blouse with a light blue pattern on the sleeves. This saree combination looks very delicate.

#13. Orange Woven Silk Saree

Another saree with the peacock pink is this Orange garment. It has a lot of shine on itself. The golden colour on the saree makes it picture perfect. This saree comes with a pink blouse. The little hanging tassels on the end of the pallu adds a girly touch to it. Wear it in any function and enjoy the compliments.

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