5 Types of Toe Ring Designs for Married Women


Toe rings are the most important part of Indian culture. It is made up of different types of metals and worn on the toe’s second finger. It is said that the second finger of your toe is directly connected to the uterus and passes through the heart of the wearer. It also symbolizes the married state of a Hindu woman and famously known as bichiya design, minji, jodavi, mettelu design, mitti design, and kaalungura in all over India.


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Since the time of Ramayana, the toe rings are playing a very important part of our culture. It denotes the status and Hindu religion of a woman. You will mostly found it in silver material. The market is full of different styles and Toe ring design. Here are some amazing Ring designs that will be loved by married women:

#1.Three Finger Toe Ring design

Three finger Toe ring set is very famous with the name of Pola. It is an attached ring worn like a loop between the fingers. The market is full of some amazing designs of Pola Ring. If you are a fan of amazing designs then get yourself a Pola ring set.

It is believed that Silver is a good conductor of heat and that’s the reason why it attracts the polar energy from the earth and transmits in a body in the form of positive energy. It also helps in keeping the body fresh.

#2.Toe Ring Design attached with Payal

With time, the jewellery designers are designing amazing and beautiful jewellery pieces that are admired by the whole world. One such fashionable and appreciable jewellery piece is Toe ring attached with payal. It is the latest trend of wearing a toe ring and a payal.

It is a great way to maintain a symmetrical pattern between the two individual pieces of jewellery. The toe ring comes with an attached string and looks just like a hand Patti (Which comes with an attached bracelet and ring

#3.Imitation Golden Finish Toe Ring Design:

Though the original colour of the toe rings is silver the people out there love to play with designs and patterns. With the changing trends, it is also found in the antique gold finish.

Some toe ring design also comes with additional diamonds and other embellishments. The designs, enamel work, stonework and the sparkling work toe rings design are loved by the people. It is also called as the royal designs of toe rings that are loved by the people out there. You can also call it as a centre of attraction.

#4.Jodavi Design

It is the Maharashtrian style of toe ring design that is found in the circular plain designs. It is worn by the married women to add a simple though a unique touch on their foot. It helps in stimulating the blood circulation in the foot.

Most women love this design as it is simple and beautiful. It adds a great vibe to foot and of course, it is a great part of our culture. If you are a fan of simplicity then you will love this style of toe ring.

#5.Authentic Silver Toe Ring Design

In the Indian tradition, the silver toe rings are gifted to the daughter in law during the godh bharaai ceremony. It is a symbol of Hindu culture that indicates the married state of a woman. It is as precious as a mangalsutra.

The authentic Silver toe rings come with the simple design and a small embellishment on the top of it. It is called to very durable and long lasting. Also, it never causes allergies to any women out there.

These are the 5 amazing designs of toe rings that will be loved by all cultural women who are the fan of Indian culture.
Nowadays, not only married or Indian women, everyone loves to wear toe rings. It is seen that young adults are fond of these rings. They feel that it makes them look cool. Not only this, but western women are also crazy about it. So, if you also want to add a vibe to your look then get yourself a toe ring. Choose it from the variety of designs present in the market.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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