Phenomenal Aspects of Jewellery, We Bet You Know!


Wearing Jewellery is only considered to be a fashion statement or reflecting the zest of inner confidence, we hardly mere fact that jewellery could also be worn for myriad health reasons. In this blog, we are sharing amazing health reasons for wearing Jewellery, some of them are as follows:-

1) Rings:- You will observe that many people do wear rings on fourth finger. Many people are unaware of the fact that the nerves of fourth finger are well connected to the brain. when we wear ring in fourth finger which causes friction and does helps in improving overall health of brain. So buy finger rings you do have a great excuse to buy that solitaire that you always loved!


2) Toe Rings:- In various Asian countries, toe rings are considered to be one of the most important aspects and jewellery for married women. The scientific reason Why our great anchestors implied this rule was that it regulates the menstrual cycle and also revitalizes reproductive organs. Toe rings are high at trend meter these days so grab stylish toe rings girls.


3) Anklet:– In good olden days, Anklets were only made from the silver metal which is good source of energy. Anklets do make women more enthusiastic and are one of the best source to eliminate negative energy. Anklet can add beauty to your feet and make them look beautiful and delicate especially with the design available in markets today.


4) Mangal Sutra:-  In India, Mangalsutra is considered to be one of the most important jewellery for married women because the black beads in it does eliminates the negative vibes of universe. It is an great boost for controlling blood pressure levels and promoting healthy blood circulation. Looks stylish too, mangal sutra has become more of a fashion statement accessory these days which woman love to flaunt proudly.


5)Bangles:- There are infinite songs that come to our mind from the Bollywood saga when we talk about bangles. The sheer fact is that the continues friction of bangles does helps in boosting and regulating the blood circulation levels among women. Bangles when teamed properly can make you look uber stylish, especially when you want to wear indowestern clothes.


6)Nose rings:- Yes! Many Bollywood actresses have been spotted with nose rings and in movies too they do freely wear nose ring. The hidden secret of nose ring is that they do act like acupuncture on the nostril which eases off pain caused during menstrual cycle. The nerves of the left nostrils are also connected with the female reproductive organs. If worn nose ring in the left nostril on daily basis by women who are about to conceive then might experience less pain during childbirth. Nose rings is the latest fashion accessory which looks cool and goes well with party outfits.


7) Earrings:- There are variety of designs and patterns available to cult your fashion needs. Right from short to medium to long different variations are available. The well kept secret is that the jewellery could aid a lot in keeping the kidney and bladder steady and healthy. The right nerve does connect well to brain, cervix and kidney. More than fashion, this jewellery is also important to wear to keep your health in check. This is also the most favorite jewelry of every woman.


8) Mang Tikka:-  Do you remember those royal times, where our queen or princesses did always adorned to wear Mang Tikka. It does helps a lot in getting rid of negative energy and giving us balanced healing power. It does boosts in blood circulation. Manga tikka is also known for giving balanced chakra that very well controls our mental, physical and spritual levels.


So next time you visit to buy real jewellery, then do think of the healthy benefits too!

Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
I started writing on this blog in November 2011, with a keen interest with Indian Ethnic Fashion, Since I didn't have any experience or could not get an entry-level position or an internship, I made the decision for blogging to demonstrate my writing talents as well as my love of Indian Ethnic fashion. I posted my Indian style ideas and suggestions that help others try something new and to have fun in their clothes, regardless of Size. I generally disagree with the fashion standards of most people and do not believe in wearing clothes that fit your body shape.