Thewa jewellery – The delicacy of the design carved reveals the truth


Thewa is a depiction of fine artistry accomplished by handmade traditional Indian jewellery. Thewa means “setting”, as the name indicates thewa is a unique way of infusing 23K gold on multicolored glass to create an excellent jewellery designs. Basically thewa is a word originated from the Rajasthan a state in India. The craftsman of thewa jewellery are well known for their skills and designing style.

Thewa, a Rajasthani art of composing jewellery where 23K  gold is combined with gemstone and multicolored glass are handmade and requires about a month’s time  to complete the entire process.  The process involves chemicals, oils and fragments of terracotta making a paste of it and spreading on a sheet and then a sheet of 23K gold is placed on the paste which contains an embossed design on it.  Later on the  goldsmith makes a design pattern on the gold sheet and in the meanwhile the colored glass works as the base of the jewellery. The jewellery pieces are finally ornamented with various precious gem stones to come up with the final artistic thewa jewellery.  All the latest modern and stylish designer thewa jewelleries are displayed in the international museums.

The making of thewa jewellery is not an easy process its designing is a complex and delicate process which composes into a gorgeous thewa designs to attract others in different shape and size.

Theva jewellery Besides this the other popular jewellery known as Filigree jewellery is also a very old traditional type of jewellery which has originated in ancient world handi-crafted at Newzealand.  This traditional type of jewellery later on entered into India with advanced and high level of perfection.

Filigree jewellery the most painstaking made by hand, and this antique designed jewellery is widely popular throughout. The metals used in making this jewellery are the White gold, Yellow gold, Rose gold, Platinum and Sterling silver. There are wide ranges of filigree collection right from filigree rings to pendants and necklace which will surely tempt you to buy.

All the antique filigree jewellery which are made in white gold can be enjoyed even today by not only women but even men can enjoy. They can buy rings, cufflinks, buttons and tie-pins are also available blended in white gold.

Theva jewellery comprises of two patterns which is based on the mythological tales that reveals courage and romance evolved from the land of Rajasthan of Rajput Kings. Besides this they also reveal certain themes of flora, fauna displaying animals enhancing the beauty of the ornament but also revealing the story from life.

Theva jewellery is well known for its tremendous unique and quality work the craftsmen who have worked with full dedication have been applauded and have received awards from the Government of India and also from UNESCO.  People just not get attracted because of the awards but the designing style which is the main purpose of fortune for the craftsman making the jewelleries.

Because of the popularity many companies have started exported these jewelleries  with proper packaging to other parts of the countries.

Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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