3 Full Proof Reason to Have Benarasi Sarees in Your Wardrobe


Do you wish to have saree which is soft as feather and royal like a queen’s attire? The charm and ecstasy of Banarasi Sarees is truly breathtaking and enduring. In India the palpable Benarasi Sarees were crafted for royal look exclusively.

Birth of Banarasi Sarees: – In the land of culture and art fashion trivia did kept changing. The Banarasi Sarees did made its first existence right from the Mahabharata times. In the ancient times it took years to weave Banarasi Sarees and first they are made from threads of real gold and silver. Over the period of time, the modern designers have added a gleam of colors, the perfect artistry of Indian designs can be best found on the online stores. The Zari work of the Banarasi Sarees was originated during the Mughal period. The Varanasi city situated in the North of India was the most famous and bought to existence. The unique look was initially created with the machine and hand loom.

Purple woven cotton sareeThe galore of designs: – Where Banarasi Sarees are too be considered, there could be more than 6 segments. The prominent categories can be figured as Jangla, Tissue, Butidar, cutwork, Banarasi Silk Jamdani,vaskat, Banarasi silk Jamdani.

In jangla Banarasi Sarees you could see lot of colorful threads and designs. Tissue sarees are weaved by using power loom; basically you could see lot of combination of colorful threads, zari and silk. In mughal times the floral or motifs designs were the most famous and widely recognized in the world for intricate embroideries and designs.

Present times: – Right from handloom trends, shifting to power looms and now the digital machine making technology, Banarasi Sarees have seen lot of highs and low, yet has remained immortal and considered by millions of people worldwide. The incorporation of pearls, sequins or border is simply adding modern twists.

The modern and creative designers are burning the midnight oil for presenting the various twists and fusion to the Bengali Sarees. Taking into account of the latest fashion evolution, the half sarees with the blend of different fabrics are opted by the fashion forward feminine beauty. Fusion of modern designs and epitome of charm is trending here. The Newer designs are more trending and the best way to grab them is the online stores. Going through the corridors of history, the women of today have adopted and accepted lot of changes. Banarasi Sarees are creating a trend setting appearances and dynamic duo for complete modern and fashionable look. The latest collection consists of extensive, exquisite and fine work. The different ranges and designs can be best seen on the online stores. The technological advancements have changes, but banarasi Sarees are yet widely picked for adoring, unique and stunning look. The form of art is just grown over the period of time, many people are admiring to get Banarasi silk sarees look. The prime advantage of Banarasi sarees is that they can be easily draped in various different ways.

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Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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