Valentine Week Gift Ideas – Send Love To Your Special One


With the festive season almost gone, it is time already for the winters to set in. In almost no time, the nip in the air will have turned into romance. The most awaited week of the year for many – the week of love or the Valentine’s week – will be here very soon, which means preparations need to begin immediately.

The week of the Valentine is a special one for all and sundry. Be it school-going teens who are hesitant to approach their crush and tell them how much they like them, or couples who have been married to each other for years now, everyone finds a refreshed chance at expressing their love for their special one in the valentine’s week. It is no surprise, therefore, that the entire week is dedicated to gestures and symbols of love, romance and relationships.

If you are someone who is looking forward to either refreshing the romance in your relationship, or trying to establish a new one, the best idea this Valentine’s would be to get a special gift for your loved one for each of the special days. If it sounds a little too cumbersome for you, don’t you worry, for we are here to guide you and help you choose from the best gift ideas for each of the eight days.

#1. The Rose Day

The week of love begins with one of the most adorable symbols of love – roses. There cannot be a better start to this special week, isn’t it?

#2. The Propose Day

No matter how ardently we feel for someone, it is natural to fall short of words. If you are looking forward to express your deep feelings for someone on this very special day of the Valentine’s week, perhaps getting a special gift for them on the Propose Day would work the trick.

The gift for the Propose Day should be something that eases the proposal for you. The sweetest idea would be to gift a love letter to them, something very old-school and romantic. If you do not want to be that conventional, there are plenty of interesting ideas to go for as well.

You could consider gifting a bouquet of flowers, with the three golden words hidden in the note among the petals. You could choose to go for customised gifts which you can add your loving message to. You could gift them a special card that spells out the words you want to say but cannot. The Propose Day is all about confessing your feelings to them, and you better not leave behind any effort.

#3. The Chocolate Day

What’s love expressed without the sweetness of chocolates? The Chocolate Day is quite agreeably one of the favourites among the entire Valentine’s week, for it is the day lovers exchange sweet delights with each other as a mark of love.

You could probably think about ditching the regular pick of chocolates from the local store and go for something more romantic and adorable. You might want to pick out customised chocolates which either bear cute messages for your loved one, or come wrapped and decorated in a particular theme that your relationship resonates with.

#4. The Teddy Day

Definitely one of the most adorable days of the week, this is the day when partners express their cute love for each other by gifting teddy bears in all sizes and designs. For ages now, teddies have been associated with affection and cuteness, and this makes them the perfect gift on the fourth day of the Valentine’s week.

Consider gifting a large and soft teddy to your partner, because no matter what the age, teddies are everyone’s favourite. You can choose from a really wide variety of options, choosing between different sizes, colours, designs and even sweet messages for your loved one.

#5. The Promise Day

They say a heartfelt promise can be the best gift you can give to a loved one. True enough, promises, that too the ones that are meant to be kept forever, are the most heart-touching presents for the people you love, for they show exactly how much they mean to you. No wonder, promises have made their way into one of the days of this really special week.

The best gift ideas for Promise Day would be something that resonates with the idea of promises and love. Love bands, that come in metals like platinum, are a great way to tell your special someone how much they mean to you. A simple yet beautiful ring would mean you promise to be by their side forever. You could consider gifting her a pendant that is an everlasting symbol of trust and affection. Tiny potted plants for your home together could signify the pure beginning of many more genuine promises to come.

#6. The Hug Day

The Hug Day is the sixth day of the Valentine’s week, and definitely the most adorable. This is the day people show each other through hugs. Be it young couples who have just started seeing each other, or couples who have been wed to one another for quite a long time, no one wishes to let go of this brilliant opportunity of expressing their fondness for their partner with some warm hugs.

The gifts for your loved on this special day should be equally cute, special and romantic. You could consider gifting them an adorable love mug that has some really adorable quotes or messages for them. Perhaps one of the best fits for the Hug Day would be a customised cushion for them to hug whenever you are not around! Other than that, you could consider gifting them something like a creative, customised card or contract that makes sure you get all the cuddles in store.

#7. The Kiss Day

Perhaps one of the most awaited day of the Valentine’s week, the Kiss Day needs no introduction. After all, what better way to express your fondness for someone than with a kiss of love?

A romantic photo frame could be the perfect gift for the kiss day, as would be a beautiful love pendant for your special one. You could also choose to gift them a special greeting card with a lovely message full of hugs and kisses. The emotion of love and the feeling of affection is what ultimately matters, doesn’t it?

#8. The Valentine’s Day

Eventually, the week of love comes to a beautiful end with the Valentine’s Day. The most waited day for couples around the year. The Valentine’s day signifies the strong bond of love between two individuals.

The gift for this day needs to be really special and auspicious, and definitely something that stands out when compared to the other days. You could choose to gift your special one classic wine, or even a wine platter to make the evening a romantic one. You could also choose to go for some item of jewellery or accessory, like a necklace for her and a brooch for him.

Maybe if you are looking for something more personal and touching, a ‘Why I love you’ journal would be a perfect choice. Besides, there is always the option of gifting them something that they can use to groom themselves, which shows how clearly you respect their self-love and space. If your loved one is a reader, a handpicked book that they are sure to love is going to be a great gift. After all, the Valentine’s day is all about love and sharing love.

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