15+ Unique & Cool Gift ideas for Husband & Wife on Valentine’s Day


Oh, love. The stuff that inspires Bollywood songs, poems, and feelings of euphoria. 

The day of love, Valentine’s Day is approaching, and are you one of those lovers who are scratching their heads about what to gift to your beloved? You are surely gifting them something now and then, but the most romantic day of the year arrives and you become so freaking confused. Everyone wants to rule their partner’s heart and express their love with their unique gifts. However, here is a MAJOR CRISIS-What is that unique gift that will make your loved one happy as a clam this Valentine’s Day?

With so much confusion all across the globe, we took this matter into our hands, and meticulously compiled a list of 15+ unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas to make this occasion a memorable one for men and women.  (Also, check out the best Valentine’s day date ideas for 2024)

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Husband

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your boyfriend might have you stumped because let’s face it — men can be hard to shop for. The key to a great Valentine’s Day gift is choosing something that will make your loved one feel special, seen, and most of all — wanted. Consider these 21 Valentine’s Day gift ideas to make your boyfriend happy that he’s your Valentine.

1. A Customized phone cover

Want your hubby to be reminded of you each time he picks up his mobile phone? Gift him a personalized phone cover with both of your photographs on it! Customized phone covers are available at photo studios and online shops and are a wonderful gift for Valentine’s this year.

2. A Smart watch

Watches are accessories which elevate any look by tenfold, making your man go from drag to totally fab, give him an air of promptness and diligence. Furthermore, watches are one of the very few accessories that nearly every man likes having. In this smartphone era many people do not look at their wrist for a quick time check, yet wrist watches are far from getting outdated and smartphones haven’t really killed the purpose of watches because they are quick to drain their battery and then technology on your wrist becomes the savior.

3. A formal button suit blazer

There is something extraordinary about formal wear that makes an ordinary man instantly turn into a vivid gentleman. The neatly pressed creases and sharp cuts give any man an aura of self confidence. Buy him a full suit, but even a nice jacket can do the trick. Men love looking self-confident so grab a super cozy and super decent men = Button Suit Blazer and make your man grateful to have you. 

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4. A beard trimmer

What better to gift your man than the gift of self care? To make sure his facial hair is looking extra sharp, surprise him with A cordless shaver/trimmer, which includes two or more different precision combs for trimming and defining.

5. Shimmer Kurtas

Made with premium fabrics at home grown Indian brands, a cosy, comfy and brightly coloured shimmer kurta isn’t just stylish — it will also make the special guy in your life feel like a million bucks.

6. A sandalwood Eau de Parfum

Picking out the perfect scent for a guy is tough, but any sandalwood and amber cologne (which smells just like a Vegas cocktail) is a sure winner this Valentines.

7. A brown multi strand bracelet

This valentine’s day spruce up his accessory collection. A guy with style is sure to appreciate this eye-catching double stand brown bracelet, which comes in different colour choices.

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8. A weekender bag

A guy on the go could certainly use a solid weekender bag. Try to pick one which features a padded laptop pocket, a double pocket for other electronic devices, and a absurd amount of storage space for miscellaneous items.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Wife

What would be useful, what would be a happy surprise, what would make your darling feel not cliche at all, what would be too much, what would be not enough? Straight from the horse’s mouth, here’s what women actually want for Valentine’s Day:

1. A heart pendant chain

Any gift with a dainty heart design is a sure winner. Not only is it beautiful and gorgeous, but this stunning rose gold material necklace is sure to melt her heart. (P.S: It is also budget-friendly)

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2. A silk pillowcase for hair and skin health

As calm as the sky, as comforting as the stars, a Silk Pillowcase brings to her sleep a sense of deep comfort while retaining moisture in her skin and hair. A perfect beauty sleep companion she can ask for. (of course after you).

3. A pearl bracelet

We know there is nothing better than igniting your romance. And this bracelet set can keep you close. This is surely something your beloved doesn’t already own.

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4. A heart shaped fuzzy pillow

What better than a cosy hug of fur? Your loved one can hug this fuzzy pillow when you can’t be near. Available in many classic colors (red, white, and pink etc), she will probably want each one.

5. A cosy bathrobe

Nothing — and we mean nothing — is a better Valentine’s gift than a cozy robe. These are available in many sizes and pretty neutral colors, you’ll both want one of these for chilly winter mornings or when sipping cocktails fireside in the evening.






6. A cordless heating pad

Uh oh. Your Valentine overdid it on the basketball court or its her that time of the month. A cordless heating pad makes relief so much more convenient. It can be recharged via USB or plugged into a wall outlet.

7. An essential oil diffuser

Women today are obsessed with an essential oil diffuser, which only requires a few drops of oil and water to transform a space into an aromatherapy haven. It’s pretty as is, but these diffusers also feature LED lights making it a neat nightlight for any adult.

8. A cashmere cape

Cashmere capes and ponchos make great Valentines gifts for several reasons: They are incredibly soft and warm, perfect for cold winter days. They are versatile and can be worn in various ways. Plus, we are sure that no one has gifted this to her before. This one is 100% our favourite.

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Free Date Ideas For the Best Valentine’s Day Date

Now that we have guided you on what to gift your husband and wife, it’s time that we help you plan the best Valentine’s Day date ever. With these affordable and unique ideas, you and your valentine are guaranteed to enjoy.

  1. Bake a sweet treat together: Break out the bakeware and select a dessert to make at home. Make it even sweeter by offering the dessert out to friends or neighbors. 
  1. Spend an afternoon at a museum: There are tons of museums that offer free admission year-round, or discounted tickets on certain days of the week or month. Google a little to get started.
  1. Go out for hot chocolate: Whip up a batch at home, or treat yourselves to a cup at your favorite, local coffee shop.
  1. Play tourist for the day: If you’re like most people, then you probably have a list of hometown gems that you’ve always wanted to check out, but never got around to visiting. Spend the afternoon seeing all of the well-known places your hometown has to present. Cut back on costs by taking public transportation, packing snacks, and planning your own self-guided walking tour. 
  1. Sip wine at a free tasting: Hey there wine lovers! Looking for a great date idea for Valentine’s Day? Well, I have got the inside scoop on how you can enjoy a super romantic and delicious evening out with your special someone without breaking the bank.

Many local wineries and wine shops host free tastings and events around Valentine’s Day. It’s such a nice gesture for us wine enthusiasts. Check out community event listings and winery websites leading up to the holiday and you’re bound to find some complimentary sipping and nibbling going on.

These V-Day wine tastings are the perfect date spot – you’ll sample great wines while indulging in chocolates, cheeses, breads, fruit trays…all the tasty little pairings that go so nicely with wine. It makes for great conversation too! Chat about the different flavors, which wines you love or loathe. Learn more about that Malbec you have been dying to try. Ask the sommeliers for recommendations. Not only will you expand your wine horizons but you’ll get to know your date better!

And even if you don’t find a new favorite vino that evening, you’re sure to discover new local wineries to revisit for future dates. Check the events calendars and mark down which wineries in town are offering their holiday treats. Then toast to love and share in the special ambience on Valentine’s Day with a glass of red, white or rose – without tanking your wallet. Chin chin!

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