What should be done on Valentine’s Day ?


For those who believe in leaving everything till the last day,it’s time to catch on some early valentine’s day feels so you can have enough time on your hands to plan that stupendous valentine’s day,your partner very well expects and deserves.Since valentine’s day comes as a reminder for things left unsaid,for the actions that needed a bit more appreciation,for the times when you went astray but love brought you back home,it needs to be given it’s share of acknowledgement,and what’s better than spending the day pampering your partner with sweet lil. tokens of love,to pump up the romance and show him/her,how much you care.
Though who knows it better than you about the likes and dislikes of your partner and the kind of couple you both are,but there are things that irrespective of person’s choices can boost your mood,levels of estrogen/testosterone and make you feel loved.

Here’s a list of sweet nothings that need no second thought,cos it’s now or never:

  1. Wish your partner the very first thing in the morning,and to make it spectacular prepare him/her a breakfast in bed.Though it may sound a bit too much for those who have cranky bosses to bear with and hectic work schedule with early morning shifts,just a lil. something like a pancake or a french toast accompanied with a rose and cute note is sure to bring a smile on his/her face.If you’re the type to go a few miles overboard,then you can even decide something for him/her to wear to work,all these add upto a a dreamy sequence straight out of the movie.
  2. Taking an off from office for V day may sound preposterous to some,but coming back home makes for a big surprise for your partner when they are least expecting that.While other days,you find yourself looking forward to me time,it’s a day you both need to focus on we time.We’d suggest you to take a break from your social media and spend the day,recalling the day you first met,your first moment of intimacy, talking about the small fights you had on things that don’t even matter anymore,focusing on the fact how things may go a bit roller coaster but your bond makes it worth the ride,about things that you love and respect about your partner.Though love letters and notes are incredibly romantic,things said,emotions conveyed while looking into eyes of the person you love tops the list of everything romantic.
  3. It’s true that not everything has to involve money,since it’s a day all about you two and whatever you you decide on doing this day mutually has to be on your terms,not for the sake of your facebook wall or your instagram.So for a change, plan things you would actually want to do with your partner,not what your passively hyper active networking self would have loved doing.Either cook dinner or lunch together and settle for a romantic movie on a couch with popcorns and wine,or take him/her out for a candlelight dinner date to some place new and order a cuisine he/she loves.
  4. Surprise him/her with a gift tucked away in roses,it could be anything from a solitaire to cufflinks,a lil. red dress right out of the devil wears Prada or a quirky tshirt for him.And like we strongly believe,it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune,if you have time,with a lil. look around the Internet flooding with DIY ideas for gifts,you can easily come up with a precious lil. card or anything that may brighten his/her day.Whatever you decide on,always remember that your won’t calculate the money you invested but the effort you took is what will touch his/her heart.
  5. A Love letter at the end of the day to seal the deal.What’s better than to have a love letter from the love of your life telling you about all the reasons which makes you both inseparable,the moments of love and warmth,the expressions of love that words fail to convey,of all the desires he/she feels for you.It doesn’t have to be a piece of art to displayed in a museum,neither it has to be anything overly dramatic,it has to be just you,your inner thoughts.Cos what’s felt inside us what’s conveyed best.Let it reach from your heart to their’s.
  6. Wrap up the day with a chocolate cake,for there’s a reason to celebrate and chocolate sure is a paradise for lovers to dig into.And another reason is that chocolate too is quite like the feeling called love,it’s dark,dense and tempting at the same time.And melts whenever  close to warmth.It is also known to help the body secrete the good hormones which pep up the mood amd relieves one from insomnia and stress.In the end,whatever you do,whichever way you do it.Always keep in mind,that when everything leaves your side,it’s love that stays by.So cherish it,pamper it,leave no chance to make it feel loved,adored and appreciated cos the moment is now.

How to surprise your boyfriend on valentine’s day ?

Look for the “how to” guide for it!!Just kidding.The problem with valentine’s day is that since there are no hush hush tones about the day,the legit expectations related to this day,makes it difficult to plan a surprise. But nothing is impossible for someone who has given her heart to it,so all it requires is some full proof planning and a heart full of love.A very important expect that many seem to miss is that even though men try to act all mature and try to tell you how valentine’s day is so cliche,they too are human after all,and who doesn’t like to be pampered with gifts and surprises,so howsoever they try to portray that gifts and stuff are for boys not men,deep in their heart they still want to be caught off guard.
So here’s a list of suprises you can plan for the person who is your backbone,the twinkle of your eyes,the go-getter,the one who’s arms seem to melt you in oblivion,cos there’s nothing better than doing something for someone you love:

  1. Start the day with some action in the sheets,you know it’s on the top of his list of and you know he want it.Then why not suprise him,when he is least expecting.As for you know,how a good hot coitus secretes hood hormones,so gear yourself for truckloads of compliments coming your way and a big grin on his face.
  2. For couples who still find it awkward to reveal the wild side of themselves infront of their partner,a humble breakfast in bed too can act as a catalyst.He would be surprised to find you sitting next to him,stroking his hair the first thing in the morning,with a warm breakfast smelling right behind.Let’s all accept it, these gestures can fill anyone’s heart with tonnes of emotions.
    Garnish the breakfast with love and a rose, lethal enough to even turn his cheeks pink.
  3. No,we haven’t forgotten those who are separated by distance but can still feel the other person’s heartbeat. For couples who can’t be together on valentine’s day because of work, the courier boys become the messenger of love.With so many online portals exercising their wits to come up with a new way of offering romantic valentine gifts for your love, it has gotten quite convenient to send flowers, cakes, chocolates and plushys to someone’s desk at work. For those who like to do things with a twist, a box full of assortments such as muffins, cakes, plushy, some office accessories, a picture frame of you both for his cubicle and a note from you can work wonders all day along,so if you are getting calls from him every half an hour for the rest of the day,don’t complain that we didn’t warn.
  4. If he’s not a school goer or a collegiate, it’s quite a common knowledge that he may or may not get an off from work for valentine’s day. In any case,if time allows and he’s not dead tired from work,you can plant his gift somewhere which needs exercising the brain,leave clues everywhere and let him track his gift like an adult version of a treasure hunt.And for a gift,you don’t have to go with the conventional ones,since ties,shirts and perfumes seem like gift ideas for the people from past,twist it and you will find him even happier or maybe hornier.From personalised whiskey glasses and poker set to kinky sex toys,beautifully wrap anything which you feel can seal the deal.

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