Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her 2017


If you have a keen eye for details, you would have noticed cupid doing the rounds in the air, or if you missed it by any chance we assume you would have noticed a sudden pink blush on your girl’s cheeks, every time February pops up in a conversation. But if you missed even that, we are sorry to inform you that we have already pictured you standing apologetically in hot waters. So let’s save you all the trouble that may haunt you even weeks after the “the valentine’s day gift you forgot” incident. Cos she may not be going all vocal about how much she wants a lil. token of love from you on this valentine’s day,as an appreciation of all the things she has ever done selflessly for you, for all the dark days when she decided to stay when even your wit left your body, even after keeping all the tinsy winsy emotional reasons aside, for the sake of her female best friends cos mahn ,they are keeping an eye on you, and mind you “they are judging”!!

Here are the valentine’s day goodies, to rejuvenate the spark that once was, and always will be:

  1. Statement Earrings:
    Yes, it’s time to enter the unknown territory of women accessories for the sake of the love of your life. Women like their furs and denim a lot but nothing beats the sparkle a delicate piece of jewellery brings in their eyes. Even though you may find her tough to shop with and hyper choosy at times, a statement earring as gift from you will remind her of you everytime she it jazz up her office look on a boring Monday.
  2. A Box Clutch in Pink:
    If you are doing something for her, why not do it in style?? What’s a better gift on Valentine’s Day than a cute, quirky, bejeweled statement box clutch that too in shade of pink, the color of feminity, of love and romance? Though we understand how most of you would not like being seen, sneaking even miles around the women’s shopping zone, but that’s where online portals come for your rescue, with so many deals to look into and few of the trendiest clutches online, shopping for the love of your life and that too in comfort of your home or office is everything a man needs.
  3. A Raunchy Nighty:
    Yes, you heard it right!! Valentine’s Day is all about togetherness, romance and intimacy, then why not find her a gift that doesn’t require much thinking, as it’s your fantasy that will do the needful. Did you like what you saw?? Then buy it, cos the pink rush on her cheeks, the intensity in her eyes, the tingling on your spine and the excitement that’s hard to suppress on both sides, makes it worth it. For many it would be the first time, to enter a women’s lingerie store, for those there’s obviously an option of online shopping, but for those who would like to expand their boundaries a bit, a quick look around to find the one out of your dreams, can seal the deal.
  4. A Musk of her Choice:
    A right perfume can actually work wonders of a love spell, while a wrong one may leave you sweating about bucks you spent on it and the sight of her frowny face. So we would recommend to not take a chance and stick to something that she has read about, heard from or smelled on some acquaintance, or is longing to try something since some time but it’s expensive for her budget, cos it’s better to spoil a surprise than spoil her mood. And if you prefer being a rebel and a master of uncertainty, It’s advisable to have some knowledge about the fragrances she prefers, it would come handy for the salesperson to choose something that suits her taste.
  5. A Good All-in-One Box:
    The trend of using multiple products has kicked in since the time, brands started taking extra effort in presentation and wrapping n all. A goody box of have it all will have everything from moisturizer, lippy, facial scrub to eyeliner and toner. Though the no. of products and the type of products vary from brand to brand, and since every brand, like everybody believes in individuality the products could be for all skin types or a in a range of hampers for different skins. The best part is, most of these goody bags comes in a subscription package which can save you and her a lot of bucks, all through the year. Isn’t that a deal to be happy about on Valentine’s Day??
  6. A Gift Card:
    Let’s accept the fact, that there are women out there who wouldn’t settle for any gift that wasn’t thoroughly tried, tested and chosen by them. Remember Rachael from friends??How she blatantly lies and manipulates everyone, who tries to second guess the whereabouts of the gifts given to her. Though not every women will go so far to actually exchange the gift, or to back the cash refund, there are women who would prefer anything that’s meant for them, to be their way. If your girl is the fussy kinds, the high maintenance type who is tough to shop for, then gift cards were meant for men like you, who wouldn’t dare cross the line that smells like danger. But just so you know, that women too like what they see, so your gift card alone is not going to make all that impression till the time it’s not creatively attached to a box of assorted mini cupcakes or chocolates or whatever she prefers and a banquet of flowers.

Hope these gifts help you rekindle the romance that got misplaced somewhere under the stacks of files and hectic work schedule, cos in the end it’s being together that actually matters!!

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