10 Samantha’s Saree Styles that to make any woman Looks Beautiful


Sarees are worn for any occasion; they are versatile elegant and make any woman look good. It suits every body type, and every drape that is found in India has its own story of making, heirloom, or occasion. A saree is a six-meter cloth that never goes out of fashion and has immense popularity among all age groups. They are handmade or made by the use of power looms; they are still a staple of many women’s wardrobes. Right from silk, cotton, chiffon, georgettes, lace, satin, nylon, polyester to even sheer, sarees make women look feminine and sensuous. It all lies in the draping, and every region in India has its style of doing so. Each fold and crease makes the saree look unique yet graceful and representing the women in the true form.


Sarees have been worn from generation to generation, the blouse styles or the draping method may have changed, but the six-yard material will never fade in the oblivion. The Indian Samantha sarees are mostly famous for the silks and other variations. The draping is impeccable with neat pleats and folds all pinned at the right places giving the wearer an elegant look.

A lot of southern movie stars are expected to interact with their fans or be with the crowds during events, movie and music launches, or other occasions wherein they have to stand among people. Wearing a  Samantha Samantha  saree, yet being comfortable to be moving around and be it for several hours, maybe a daunting task. But it’s all done with poise and grace. Every  Samantha saree that is picked for wear is extremely exclusive and exquisite. The stylist makes sure the fit is right, and the actress doesn’t suffer any discomfort or malfunction amidst the crowd.

Sarees Flaunted by Sam

1.A plain yellow saree with silver motifs

The major saree looks of actress Samantha that have gone viral is the plain yellow Samantha saree with silver motifs is a standout — paired with yellow elbow length blouse accessorized simply with a loose bun and pearl earrings complementing the whole look. The draping was simple with the palla let loose for the dramatic effect. Samantha saree doesn’t draw itself attention, but when you drape it on yourself, you become the talking point.

2.A striped reversible silk Samantha saree

Striped sarees have come back with a bang, and they are good if you can pull it off. It’s a look, very few can carry, and one among them is the south star Samantha who has done it beautifully. Its paired with a crop top, which brings a whole new dimension to the ensemble. It’s a nostalgic feel saree, and makeup is minimal and just gold earring to complete the look.

3.A blue-printed georgette saree

The georgette fabric is trending. It’s a light feel fabric that gracefully accentuates every curve it falls on. A matched halter neck blouse with the blue printed Samantha saree was the talk of the town. The diamond earrings are the perfect accessories accompanied by short curls to provide that vintage look. Samantha was able to carry the class in this version of the Samantha saree.

4.A striped black and white Samantha saree

Another stripped look is carried once again by the stunning actress, but this time, it was black and white drape that stood out. This monochrome fabric comes with a waist belt worn with a full-sleeved t-shirt blouse, which makes a statement of its own. Here too, the actress hasn’t gone overboard on the make-up department and complimented it with loose hair; the subtlety works well with the saree doing all the work.

5.A cream saree with golden border

The gold and cream is a common combo that most south Indian women sport, especially Kerla. This saree brings out the beauty of Indian women. The pastel color isn’t too loud, yet the gold borders add to the grandeur to the Samantha saree as a whole. It brings in the sublime look effortlessly with Samantha making no effort in doing so.

6.A multi-colored chequered Samantha saree

The checkered look is vintage, and it’s not every day that you see women in checkered Samantha sarees. It is a great saree look to pull off if you happen to accessorize it right with your stylist, as Samantha has done. It’s better to take tips for doing it for yourself. It’s different and sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. If you happen to carry yourself well in the saree, it’s definitely a great crowd-pleaser.

7.A casual brown saree with floral print

The floral print can be your everyday saree, which is lightweight and not much effort to drape as silk or cotton sarees do. It may look ordinary, but once you pair it with the right blouse and accessorize with a belt as Sam has done, you would have changed the look by 360 degrees. The silver earrings add a dash of sparkle to the organza floral print Samantha saree.

8.Shimmering black and grey saree for events

Now when do you see heads turn for a Samantha saree at red carpet events? If Samantha unconventionally sports it, there will be a lot of oohs and ahhs from the crowd? This handloom Samantha saree has got its due with the draping of the palla in an unconventional way of sweeping it forward. A no sleeve Kurti type blouse goes well with the ensemble. The outfit will not require a lot of jewelry, but a simple pair of earrings will do just good to complete the look.

9.An aqua green Samantha saree

A ruffled blouse with a khadi Samantha saree would not seem a great combo, but Samantha pulled off this look successfully. The colors or the hues of the fabric did the trick. The chunky earrings brought out the glamour, and the side sweep of the palla was the highlight. It’s a chic and retro look just beats any other outfit hands down.

10.A chiffon grey Samantha saree

The grey chiffon paired with a high neck blouse is a simple yet give a formal look to the printed saree. The non-matching blouse also makes it a standout for the entire outfit. The pinned up pleats of the palla make for an elegant picture. Sam just effortlessly makes this saree a hero by just wearing it.

Every event, Samantha has worn a Samantha saree; she has made heads turn with the uniqueness of wearing it or the way it is styled. The pairing or accessories all contribute to how a Samantha saree actually makes the person look, right from the hair and make-up to the entire persona. The crowds do get speculative at what celebrities wear, and when you come for such events draped in the shole six yards, they are mighty pleased.

Popularity of sarees

Patterns and fabrics of Samantha sarees change the form, the ones that you would have to drape remembering every fold and pleat right; there are also readymade Samantha  sarees available for the busy and the ones who find it difficult to drape one. If you happen to catch a glimpse into any women’s wardrobe, you will get a sight of beautiful Samantha saree collection, which may have been gifts and self-collected treasure troves of sarees which are carefully cared for and kept in pristine condition.

Now, as you venture online or go to retail stores, you will find a  lot of varieties, and it would be a very difficult choice to make. The wearer or the buyer can find Samantha sarees in all price ranges. Picking one or two wouldn’t be easy and you definitely will get lost in the myriad collection of different hues and fabrics.


The wearer not only looks elegant but flaunts the right Samantha saree for the right occasion makes it a great outfit to be in. Usually, sarees in India are all-weather kind, and they are also made from breathable fabrics, hence comfortable for the wearer. You will find that 70% of women still wear Samantha sarees daily in various styles. Go about their daily chores. Festive occasions and other events call to go big, and women wear their best sarees and flaunt them with all kinds of jewelry, making the lady look no less than a goddess.

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