Latest Blouse Designs for 2019 Wedding Season


A blouse is a top that is usually well-fitted and cropped, often worn by women in India as a part of their traditional gear. It can enhance the look of any simple saree. You can buy a readymade one or get it customized, it will anyway look amazing.

When we talk about weddings, everyone desire to look the best. Either its bride or her friend, they all want to flaunt their outfit. And when we talk about an outfit, the saree is the only outfit that can never go out of trend. So why is it so? It is because of the amazing and designer blouse. You can even play with them, mix match it with your old saree and you will be able you achieve a new look.

We know the wedding season is here and you must be looking for some trending Blouse designs. So to help you out, we are sharing you with a list of handpicked dazzling blouse designs that will definitely give your outfit a spark.

#1. Back Keyhole Blouse Designs

Are you a traditional person but don’t mind in showing your back? The Back keyhole blouse design is perfect for you. It is best for any season, especially for summers. From simple to patterned, many styles are available in this design. Even floral blouse with keyhole looks definitive.

#2. Backless Blouse Design

Backless designs can never go out of fashion. It is best for a bride who doesn’t feel shy in showing their body. This is one of the most fashionable blouse pieces of all time. This blouse is perfect for weddings, parties, and small functions. After all, a saree is the most elegant outfit and these blouses will definitely enhance its beauty.

#3. Halter Neck Blouse Design

Halter Neck blouse designs are very trendy and are said to be perfect for any women. These blouses are detained by a strap around the neck. This overwhelming blouse design is quite comfortable. And this is the only thing women ask for as they love to stay relaxed and trendy. Halter Neck blouse designs are very easy to carry and can be suitable for any women.

#4. Tube Styled Blouse Designs

You must have heard about tube tops, they are strapless. But have you ever heard about Tube style blouse? These are known to be the boldest. It gives a strapless appeal but definitely giving you support from the backside. You can buy it with heavy embroidery or a sober one, it will always make you appealing.

#5. Sheer Sleeve Design Blouse

Sheer sleeves can never go out of fashion, it just grows itself with time. It is known to be the simplest though sober and hot though elegant. From fat to lean, every woman can wear it. A woman who loves to wear full coverage or full sleeves blouse can opt this particular blouse design.

#6. Shirt Style Blouse Design

Shirt styled blouse design is perfect for women who love to wear shirts. It is a perfect combination of a shirt and blouse. It mostly goes best for women who are conservative yet stylish. Any business women can pick up this blouse design and make herself elegant and classy. It is available in many patterns and prints so that you can mix match it with your saree.

#7. Cape Styled Blouse

Capes look very beautiful on every woman. How about combining it with a blouse? It will make you feel like you can fly with this blouse. It is perfect for women who love to play with their style. Though it drapes you in every way, it still looks amazingly stylish. This blouse style is preferred by a lot of Bollywood actress.

#8. Sequin Metallic Blouse Design

Who doesn’t love to shine? Everyone loves to. This blouse gives you a look of heaviness, though it is very comfortable to wear. Sequence blouse designs have a metallic appeal. It is available in many colours and contains small tubes and beads on it. Wear these blouse and give a twinkle to your look

#9. Peplum Style Blouse Design

Peplum is something that looks amazing on every woman. It is easy to handle and looks sexy. It makes a woman to look royal and provide them with enough coverage. You must have heard about tunic tops, it is the same in a blouse version. Its decent look makes it suitable for any function.

#10. Ruffled Neck Style Blouse

Are you women who love to wear Indo-western clothing? This blouse design will perfectly go with your personality. Usually, girls and brides are crazy about it. It has a loose ruffling around the neck outlining. This is one of the few blouse designs which will make you look royal. It is available in many patterns so that you can mix and match it with your any saree.

So, pick up any blouse from our list and pair it up with your saree. Always remember that every day is a fashion show and this trendy world is a Runway.

Vaishali Mhaske
Vaishali Mhaske
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