As the wedding day gets over, one of the most important concerns of every bride is, How to store wedding lehenga without spoiling the embroidery and fabric, right? Well, of course, it’s a tedious and challenging task to keep your bridal lehenga safely and conveniently. Undoubtedly, it’s distressing and heartrending to realize that you have spent thousands of bucks on your wedding lehenga and will be not be used in future.

However, if you keep it in a secure manner absolutely wrapped up and clean packed in a box, then probably you can wear it again in the forthcoming years.
As we all know, keeping the wedding lehenga securely is definitely a hard nut to crack. But don’t worry, in this guide, 6 simple and easy tricks are mentioned below which will be advantageous to store your wedding lehenga.

  1. Cleaning and Refinishing
    After the wedding day is over and you are surely free from all the functions and rituals, the foremost essential task is to check your wedding lehenga if it needs cleaning, retouching or refinishing from the tailor or designer.

    Simply examine the whole lehenga at first and if there’s any tattered threads from the border or embroidery work, mirrors, beads or other embellishments coming off etc. Afterwards, get it all fixed from your tailor or any other designer to maintain the beauty of your wedding lehenga.

  2. Steaming and Dry Cleaning
    Eventually, if the wedding lehenga is perfectly fine or your tailor has fixed it, then directly give it for dry cleaning and steaming (if necessary). Obviously, you must be busy in your new family and taking time to do adjustments and must be thinking, how to takeout time for yourself.

    But, it’s necessary to get it cleaned on time to remove all the dirt, spots, sweat blotch and other stains. To prevent the condition of the wedding lehenga, you have to do some efforts regardless of the fact that you are busy.

  3. Keep it safe in a Box
    Now, the dry cleaning process is also done. What to do next, like simply hang it in a cabinet/cupboard or simply keep it safely in a box? These questions must be putting you in a dilemma. However, the best option to keep the wedding lehenga intact and fresh is to fold and keep it in a box.

    If you are planning to hang the wedding lehenga, then it’s not at a feasible option because the lehenga is heavily embellished and chances are that the fabric might get faded or fabric gets spoiled. Therefore, without any second thought, just keep it in a clean box.
    Furthermore, you can add naphthalene balls, or cloves or any other essential oil drops in the box to keep away the insects and moth.

  4. Fold Back the Wedding Lehenga
    After deciding the box and all the ways of keeping the wedding lehenga, the next important trick is to cleverly fold the lehenga to prevent it from flagging and scratching.

    As there is heavy embroidery, fabric and other embellishments, it’s not at all easy to fold the lehenga. And, chances are that you might spoil the design, embroidery or fabric of the lehenga. Thus, keep a butter paper between each fold and begin from the outer edge. In addition to it, make sure the folds should be small and done according to the panel lines to maintain the crease of the garb.

  5. Wrapping Up
    The most tiresome task is to wrap up the whole lehenga and keep it in a box. When you are done with the folding of the wedding lehenga, it is crucial to wrap the whole lehenga with a muslin cloth and then keep it safely in a box.

    You must be thinking, why it’s important to wrap the muslin cloth around the lehenga? Well, muslin cloth keeps the condition of the cloth intact, fresh and most importantly, keep dust and moisture away. To prevent your wedding trousseau, it is suggested that the muslin or mulmul cloth should be unbleached. Additionally, once you have stored the wedding lehenga, just ensure that you take out at least once a year so that the crease doesn’t become persistent.

  6. Reuse the Wedding lehenga
    At last, there’s no denial in the fact that wedding lehenga is difficult to wear again. It’s a bridal lehenga which clearly means that the embroidery, embellishments and patch work is designed in a way which is only suitable for the brides only.

    Storing the lehenga for the long time will be difficult and after wearing it two to three times, you will surely get bored of it. However, the only way to wear the lehenga again is to modify the design and make it something new such as heavy designer saree, embellished suit or Anarkali Kurti etc.

Now, in these 6 quick and easy tricks you are done with the whole procedure of storing the wedding lehenga. If you follow the above mentioned tips carefully, then whenever you plan to take out your wedding lehenga, you will not be stressed. Moreover, the designer Choli or blouse of the lehenga can be easily paired with a saree to make a fashion statement in a special occasion.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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