6 Bollywood Actors in Kurta Pajamas Styles


Kurta Pajama is a tremendously selling Indian traditional wear and in high demand because it’s a trendy yet elegant piece of garb. Nowadays, the fashion designers of Indian ethnic attires are transforming it into modern and stylish clothing while keeping its ethnic look.

The addition of the latest Kurta Pajama in the wardrobe collection is necessary for wedding functions and festivals. Without any doubt, there are different ways of wearing and styling the Kurta Pajamas. Even the Bollywood celebrities are wearing the designer and exquisite Kurta Pajamas either on screen or in reality.

To flaunt your traditional and customary Indian wear at any occasion, here I the guide for different Kurta Pajama styles precisely inspired by the debonair Bollywood celebrities, which you should definitely consider while styling the same.

  1. Saif Ali Khan in Kurta Pajama
  2. Ranbir Kapoor in Kurta Pajama
  3. Ranveer Singh in Kurta Pajama
  4. Diljit Dosanjh in Kurta Pajama
  5. Garry Sandhu in Kurta Pajama
  6. Kartik Aryan in Kurta Pajama

#1. Saif Ali Khan in Kurta Pajama

The dapper and stylish looks of Saif Ali Khan in Kurta pajama is obviously hard to beat. You must have encountered with amazing pictures of Saif Ali Khan on social media platforms in different Kurta Pajama styles. Usually, the male actor, Saif Ali Khan wears the bright and vibrant colours in Kurta Pajama with the pairing of a classy and exquisite waistcoat.

Saif Ali Khan

In addition, the most attractive part about his whole Kurta pajama looks is the polished leather shoes. Thus, to get the same look, choose the best colour, which complements your personality.

#2. Ranbir Kapoor in Kurta Pajama

The way Ranbir Kapoor manage to carry the Indian outfits with ease is of course commendable. The young and dynamic male actor, Ranbir Kapoor will surely be going to impress you with his stunning Kurta Pajama looks.

Ranbir Kapoor

Generally, you must have seen him in White colour Kurta Pajama with elegant Nehru Jacket style. The white colour is a perennial colour and suitable for the daytime, especially on the hot summer season. Moreover, the white colour in Kurta Pajama with a simple collar makes the whole appearance more impressive.

#3. Ranveer Singh in Kurta Pajama

While considering the best Bollywood celebrities in Kurta Pajama styles, it is obviously irresistible to ignore Ranveer Singh from the list, isn’t it? Well, his dressing sense and trendy fashionable garbs are equally famous apart from his acting skills.

Ranveer Singh

His unusual and peculiar way of pairing the Kurta Pajamas with the stylish bottoms have certainly amazed the fashionistas everywhere around the world. Hence, you can try the different and unique looks in Kurta Pajama for special occasions, inspired by the Ranveer Singh.

#4. Diljit Dosanjh in Kurta Pajama

Diljit Dosanjh, a famous and recognized Punjabi singer, who recently made his Bollywood debut in some amazing films. The way he carries the traditional Kurta Pajama with the sneakers in parties, film promotions and music launches is absolutely elegant and dapper. Usually, he wears short Kurtas, with rolled-up sleeves and loose Pajamas in solid colours like black, brown and dark red.

Diljit Dosanjh

For the most distinguishing looks, you can take some motivation from the Diljit Dosanjh to style Kurta Pajama in different ways. Moreover, the contrasting or similar colour turban is what makes his style more magnificent and remarkable.

#5. Garry Sandhu in Kurta Pajama

Garry Sandhu is another popular and famous Punjabi singer, who is considered as the epitome of Kurta Pajama style. The way he balances and maintains the traditional as well as the modern look of the Kurta Pajama is what makes his outfit more exceptional among the fashionistas.

Garry Sandhu

If you are tired and jaded from wearing those dull colours in Kurta Pajama styles, then you should definitely look for the bright hues to spruce up your whole appearance. You can even experiment with different colours, fabrics and styles in Kurta Pajamas to create a strong ethnic look.

#6. Kartik Aryan in Kurta Pajama

Kartik Aryan, a famous and influential male actor in Bollywood who gained immense popularity recently because of his incredible films. Apart from his acting skills, this actor has a graceful and charming personality.

Kartik Aryan

His style of carrying the Kurta Pajamas in vibrant hues is fabulous. The unique style of pairing the Kurta Pajama with leather footgear is absolutely impressive. You can try the Kartik Aryan Kurta Pajama style for formal gatherings or special events.

To conclude, Kurta Pajama is present in the roots of the Indian culture and every season, they come up with several fusions and modifications. There are various types of Kurta pajamas including the pathani, Sherwani, lucknowi, hyderabadi etc. You can pair with different bottom styles to pull off the dapper looks on every occasion.

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