10 Hot Vidya Balan saree Backless Blouse Designs


Vidya Balan is one of the finest actresses in Bollywood and he style truly represents the traditions of India. She is an ardent saree lover and can be seen in beautiful sarees for all the events. She carries the attire with grace and that is what makes her look more beautiful. What adds more charm to her overall dress-up are the beautiful designer blouses that she wears. Backless blouses never looked so graceful until Vidya wore them in the best possible way. In this article we will talk about 10 Hot Vidya balan saree backless blouse designs that you too can try and steal the show.

1.Green Saree blouse Look

Here Vidya looks absolutely ravishing in this green saree with golden works and border. Look at her matching blouse. This is a backless green blouse which is attached with a thin string, both on the top and the bottom. The strings are golden in color which complements the look of the saree. She has paired a simple jhumka with the attire to complete the look. She has not put on heavy make-up and has completed the look with a red bindi and red lipstick. The blouse indeed adds style to the overall outfit.

2.Yellow saree blouse look

Vidya looks really graceful and elegant in this beautiful yellow saree with black borders. The saree is a simple color block saree which she has paired with a designer black blouse. The sleeves of the blouse has beautiful patterns which compliments the simplicity of the saree. Now come to the back of the blouse, it has a deep cut with strings at the top. There is a Latkan hanging on the strings which decorates the blouse and takes it to the next level.

3.Hot pink saree blouse look

Vidya Balan’s saree style of wearing saree can never get old. Whenever she is wearing this traditional drape, she rocks it every time. Look at this beautiful pink saree, with light patterns. The blouse is a perfect addition to this entire outfit. The sleeves add a perfect pop of color to the entire outfit. Coming to the back, there is a thin band of the blouse at the bottom and the top is decorated with a string accompanied by a Latkan. The no make-up look with pink lipstick look absolutely great on her.

4.Classy white saree blouse look

Yet another signature Vidya Balan style which has kept everyone mesmerized. Here simple sarees with designer blouses have stolen the show always. Look at this image, she is wearing the simplest white saree with a beautifully designed edge. Her red blouse is a great addition and good pop of color to the overall outfit. The ¾ th sleeves looks quite graceful. Now looking at the back of the blouse, this design absolutely steals the show. Secured by two strings at the top and bottom, this is indeed a sexy look that you too can carry.

5.Designer kanjeevaram blouse look

I just love Kanjeevaram sarees, hence this Vidya look is my absolute favorite. The greenish yellow Kanjeevaram saree with a block of red looks absolutely gorgeous. She has kept the overall look simple with matching blouse. Here she has worn a low back blouse with an attached string at the top. The heavy saree perfectly is enhanced by the simple design of the blouse. She choose to keep her hair open so as to complete the look.

6.Simple white blouse saree

Another classic Vidya Balan saree look with simple white saree. The design at the edge of the saree is something to look out for. This adds a beautiful look to the overall outfit. She paired it with brown blouse, matching the design at the edge. Her ¾ sleeves have golden block prints which looks really good. The back of the blouse has a very deep cut with two strings, one at the top and the other at the bottom. She did not go overboard with the make-up, keep it simple with a flowered bun and carrying a Batua.

7.Black blouse saree

Vidya Balan saree never fails to amaze me with her grace and elegance. She carries all types of sarees like a pro and her blouses are the perfect symbol of style. Here she has worn a beautiful single colored saree with matching blouse. She loves wearing ¾ sleeves and that consistency is maintained here as well. The blouse is of matching color with a deep back and a string at the top. She has paired this with a gorgeous layered necklace and jhumka. A big bindi with a flowered bun completes her look.

8.Hot green blouse saree look

Here Vidya has worn a beautiful green saree that comes in two shades. One being deep green and the other is the lighter version. The saree has no design on it and she paired it with a matching colored blouse. The sleeves are her signature ¾ and talking about the back design, it is a V-shaped deep cut blouse. She wore a jhumka only as jewelry and styled her hair in a messy plate. Her beautiful smile added more elegance to the entire outfit.

9.red Jamdani blouse saree

Vidya wore a black and red Jamdani saree here with classic Jamdani design. She wore a deep back U-cut red and black blouse with the saree. The sleeves are ¾ and has beautiful designs on it. The back of her blouse consist of a string at the top which makes it look more sexy. She kept her make-up simple with nude lipstick, little make-up and a pair of beautiful earrings. She tied her hair in a messy plate which flawlessly completed her look.

10.simple red saree blouse

Vidya rocked it in red here, she wore a simple red saree with no designs which looked truly elegant on her. She paired the saree with a matching red blouse which had ¾ sleeves. The back of the blouse, which had a deep oval cut make this blouse stand out from other designs. A pair of Jhumkas with black bindi and hair tied in beautiful patterned plate completed her graceful look.

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