9 Different Types of Necklace Designs that Every Girl would Love to Wear


An Introduction

Since ancient times, women have been laden with jewelry. They were worn as a mark of pride and honor. The ornaments were made with precious metals or stones available during that period. As time lapsed, the kinds of jewelry changed. Cultures and traditions have played a huge part in how the jewelry was made and worn. But with the advent of modernization and technology, you will find that a lot of the changes the way they are made and worn. The weight and, of course, the patterns of the jewelry changed as well.

Changing Trends

A lot revolves around the neckpieces worn by the women, which were elaborate then and even now.  There are occasions when heavy necklaces are preferred or when the dress or the outfit calls for the subtlety; you can try various lighter options. Every piece speaks volumes of craftsmanship and labor of love. Certain pieces go well with ethnic wear and others with western. Few pieces go well with both. The trends and fashion, in general, has evolved and wearers are more open to experiments. They prefer to try and change norms that were vogue. The fashion police are quick to catch the faux pas, but this doesn’t deter the wearer from experimenting with the looks and the neckpieces that they want to flaunt.

Cinema and art heavily influence the trends and when historicals have made a comeback, a lot of the layered necklaces along with chokers have come back. They add to the elegance and allure of the days gone by and the vintage look enhances the beauty of the wearer. The various materials are used to make these neckpieces with hours of work to make that precise piece that you will adorn around your neck.

Kinds of Necklaces to Flaunt

Necklaces are not just accessories, but it brings out the beauty and refinement in the way the wearer carries the neckpiece.

1.Opera necklace Design

One of the most elegant is the opera necklace made of pearls. It gives the wearer a choice to wear it in different styles as it has a bit of length. It could be layered or worn as a choker. The lady could knot it up and get back the vintage look. It is one of the versatile pieces that could end up as a staple in your jewelry box. This necklace can be worn for formal or informal occasions.

2. Multi-stringed necklace Design

Colored beads that are used in making a multi-stringed necklace are popular nowadays. It gives the wearer the boho look. They look good for beach parties or campfire cocktail nights. You could wear plain or monochrome outfits to bring out the beauty of the colored strings. They definitely steal the show.

3.Thread necklace Design

The thread necklace has a vintage as well as the ethnic look; it works on the tribal pattern concept and has a classic twist of modern designs. These go well with Indian wear especially the saree. The cotton and khadi fabrics look great for wearing this piece. It can be paired with either the churidars or Kurtis; the length can be adjusted as you want. Your options to try different looks with the necklace are plenty as you can buy these in colorful thread options; the knots represent uniqueness which no other necklaces may have. The pendents used are oxidized silver and with the outfit, the vibrancy of this neckpiece is enhanced.

4.Bib necklace Design

The bib necklace isn’t what you may think; it’s a wonderful piece that is trending as one of the most bought pieces in stores. This chunky piece just outlines every dress and accentuates your necklines. It works great on ethnic or western wear especially flowy or kaftan like dresses. This necklace does make a bold statement.

5.Choker necklace Design

The choker never goes out of fashion and looks great on gowns, sarees etc. both Indian and western wear can live up to the expectation of this wonderful jewelry piece. They can be worn on formal or informal occasions. Its quite a big neckpiece to flaunt, and a deep neck might as well do justice. There is delicate filigree work that makes it different with a stone pendant dangling makes it a must-have.

6.Collar necklace Design

The collar necklace looks good on western wear that is off-shoulder or shows off ample neck. They look great on women of all ages; this timeless piece is quite big. It covers your collar area and is a statement-making piece that women can flaunt and make others envy.

7. Princess necklace Design

The princess necklace as the name suggests, makes the wearer look royal; it’s a stunning piece of jewelry with many layers and different designs on each. The last strand has a pendant that takes the necklace to a whole new level. It goes well with an elegant ball gown or saree to even a suit and Kurti. It a big piece for sure, and deep necklines of clothes will help you flaunt it well.

8.Matinee necklace Design

The matinee necklace is great for plunging necklines and it may look like a subtle piece of jewelry but lends its charm to the whole ensemble. The embellishment adds an element to the piece and makes it the talking point, various stones or other patterns also can be added to the bling. There can be dangling pendants of your choice.

9.Plastron necklace Design

The plastron necklace jazzes up any outfit; it adds the pizzaz to the whole look you will flaunt, it has a party vibe as well the boho chick look. It’s great with most outfits especially the Indo-fusion ones. It’s big and chunky so that a simple outfit will do justice to the necklace and the person wearing it. It is an attention-grabbing piece.


Women have varied options in picking several neckpieces, either online, retail shops, flea markets or any other place. Necklaces are statement pieces and bring oomph to even ordinary outfits. These are great collector’s items as they go with varied outfits and can be stocked up as heirloom as well.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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