9 Different Types of Necklace Designs That Every Woman Should Know


The craze for jewelry among women of all ages never fades. They love flaunting their dazzling pieces of ornaments. If you are a person who loves adorning yourself with the latest trends and bizarre styles, then you might be in search of unique panaches. Among all the ornament types, necklaces are one of the most talked about style statements that enhance the beauty of women. There are boundless choices of necklaces for a woman, which are available for any type of outfit. Let’s take a closer look at few of them.

1. Chokers

Chokers almost fit any outfit be it traditional, casual or modern. It is a common type of neckpiece that everybody knows about. Chokers are worn close to your neck. It has gained much trousseau as a bridal essential. It very well goes for highly worked lehengas and saris. It ranges in length between 14 to 16 inches usually. As a bridal collection, chokers complement any neckline structures and add elegance to you daintily. A v-necked dress gives out much aura of any heavy worked choker. You can blindly go for it. Chokers with layered designs look great on sarees and lehengas. If you wish to complete your accessory with just one piece, go for chokers that are multi-layered. Around 14 to 16 inches long, these necklaces are worn close to the neck.

2. Opera Necklaces

Are you someone who is sashay and loves drama? Then you might instantly like these necklaces. The opera necklaces have an impression of their own with lengths varying from 26 to 36 inches. These necklaces could even be worn as multiple strands, because of its longer length. It usually suits the ideal, party-to-go look on the fashionable stand. Mostly worn for casual attire, this sends a bold look to the onlookers. Knot it around the neck by doubling to enhance your casual or formal evening wear look. Mostly suitable for western wears and light around the neck revealing the simple yet modern diva in you.

3. Threaded Necklace

Threaded necklaces are the most worked upon in the fashion industry, with new age designs brought in each day. This is appealing to wear that could match up with most salwars and sarees. It usually comes in an assortment of length from 14 to 20 inches. This fusion neckwear gives a unique look that sticks to modern as well as traditional outfits. It usually comes with an oxidized pendant of different idols as in the new trends, or simple yet big designs. Ideal for your workday looks, this is truly a beauty to wear.

4. Sautoir Necklace

Sautoir necklaces are long pieces of jewelry that are usually made of pearls. It usually comes with single or multi-rowed beads of pearls along with a removable pendant. It consists of a long chain or a many bead fitted necklace. It ends with tassels at the end or even sometimes comes with a stone pendant. It bears a much higher fashion statement when looped or worn as a scarf around the neck.

5. Bayadère Necklace

These are the old forms of necklaces which have twisted layers in them like some form of braids. It’s usually made of beads and comes in shorter lengths of pearls or beads which entirely lay twisted over the entire length. They are backed by threads or chains at the back. These are originated around the 18th century and is still modern day jewelry that woman sought out for. It’s fashionable at the same time suitable to be worn for traditional attires. It can be equally speculating on a saree as well as modern tank tops with a palazzo.

6. Bib necklace

It is a large type of neckpiece, which holds a dramatic look to the wearer. It easily suits any type of neckline and goes especially well for modern casual wears. Be it jeans or western wear; these stones encrusted jewelry adorns your neck. It comes with different strands or danglers that add a uniqueness to this piece of jewelry. The flangs are well circular or triangular shaped designs intricated out of metal. This one gives a classy sound on dangling! It’s extremely old fashioned jewelry but still has a huge market around the globe.

7. Collar or Collier Necklace

These neckpieces are usually worn very close to the neck perfect for turtle neck or boat neck dresses. It usually varies in length in between 12 to 13 inch. It is designed with layers of pearls or Kundan sets. The kundan sets are designed to conceal up the entire neck side completely covering till your collar area. This is very perfect to match up with your different necked outfits, marking your bravura fashion. The beads are linked together by using smaller metals finely. It is better for any occasion traditional or modern.

8. Festoon necklaces

These grand pieces of jewelry splendidly drape to your neckline. It consists of a lovely collection of beads on strings that looks fantastic with any kind of outfit that you choose to wear. It usually has a main line of designs with a hanging that adds a subline. Fitted with white or rose-colored gems, they are fitted with pendants at the end that is also adorned with few chimes at the end. It adds up some brightness and is glow at the dark, ideal for use to your attires at night parties or marriages.

9. Pendant necklace

An object suspended from a chain is a very simple way to tell about a pendant necklace. But actually, it is a complex ornament of its own. The pendant is left to hang freely and can slide across the chain. The beauty of the necklace lies in the pendant. It’s a very ancient model but is still very popular among woman of all ages. If you want to make a simple look with salwar, saree or western wear. Pendant necklaces go very well. The hanging pendant can be of any material like gemstones. As modernism strikes, the pendants even can hold peoples face or any ostentatious design as you would like it.
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