15 latest Nath designs to add Classiness to your Bridal look


Is it easy to achieve the bridal look? Though there are so many jewellery but nothing can compare with Nath. Since the 16th century, Nath has become an integral part of a bridal look.

Nath will give a proper circular wave to your nose. And you may not have a nose piercing, but surely you want to look the best at your wedding. So how can you think to add an edge without a bridal Nath Design? So let it be a push-up type or wearable, do wear it at your wedding. However, if you want to explore some latest and classy designs of bridal  Nath Design, then you are in the right place. Slide Down and Enjoy!

1.A Maharani-like Nath with embellishments and Pearls

Are you a fan of stone and beads? If yes, then pick your bridal nath with embellishments and pearls. It helps to add a heaviness to a simple nath Design. These two elements give you a Maharani-like look. After all, it’s your day and you deserve to look the best.

2.Quirky Nath with Colourful Beads

Of course, from colourful we don’t mean to make you look weird. But we simply mean to add a quirkiness by wearing a contrasting bridal nath Design with your wedding attire. It will go well with your wedding attire and make you look eye catchy in a good way.

3.Abstractive Nath Designs

Is it hard for you to settle with the normal? If yes, then Abstract bridal nath designs are perfect for you. Abstractive bridal naths are very trendy nowadays. For your wedding day, you can go for kundan work, stones or pearl combined together to form a conceptualizing design.

4.In-warded Nath with stones

There is no rule or way to add beauty to your bridal look. But wearing a different design of bridal Nath Design may help you to look contemporary in a better way. However, if you are bored of looking at the out-warded bridal naths, then try to look prettier with the In-warded naths. Also, the stones will make it look even better.

5.Naths with hanging Ghunghroos

Are you a fan of the sound of ghunghroos? Or you love to have little hanging with your bridal nath Design? These Naths comes to some attached hanging ghunghroos. You can go for longer or smaller size according to your preference. These are surely going to make you look cute on your wedding day.

6.Rajasthani Nath in big size

Many bridal nath designs come and go, but nothing is able to take the specific space of Rajasthani bridal nath Design. These are dramatic, oversized and has everything a woman look on her wedding day. These usually come with beautiful colours like red and green. You will admire its unbeatable stone and pearl work.

7.Nath with Multi-string Chains

There are many brides who want to add layers to their nose ring, if you are one of them then get your bridal nath Design with multi-string chains. You might be thinking that these will be too bulky to carry, but actually, the heavy work in the chain will make it easy to carry. These mostly come with studs and make you look pretty and elegant.

8.Bold Crescent Nath style

There is an only word that can describe these Naths Design- HUGE! These are kind of bold, stylish and heavy. Despite all these things, it is easy to carry. It has the proper drama that may need on your wedding day. The pearl and kundan work in the golden frame will be perfect for your day.

9.Blingy nath with diamonds

Do you want to look expensive on your wedding day? If yes, then diamonds are perfect for you. It will add a class and make you look sophisticated in every context. Moreover, to add a little bridal touch to it, you can get it with pearls and silver frame. If you are tired of chunky naths, then this is perfect for you.

10.A nath with a bunch of Pearls

No women can deny the fact that she loves pearls. It adds a lot more shine to any bridal nath Design, and if you are getting it with a cluster of pearls, imagine how gorgeous it will look with your bridal lehenga? It will have all the elements including shine, royalty and sophistication in the same piece.


11.Delicate Droplet Nath

There are some brides who don’t want to go for something heavy and chunky. If you are one of them, then these Nath designs are the best for you. It has an elegant bridal Nath outline with least though sophisticated work. With it, you can go for a little heavy chain while maintaining the simplicity of the overall nath.

12.Latest Floral Naths

Indian weddings are all about functions. It includes a lot of occasions like Mehendi, sangeet or haldi. And you want to look the best on these occasions too, then get yourself a floral bridal nath. Now, the floral jewellery can be artificial or real, it will surely going to add attractiveness to your look.

13.Ruby Naths

Although it is said that Ruby naths are made for the South Indian brides, but it’s just a myth. Rubies are beautiful and attractive. These have an edge that you may be looking for your wedding day. A Ruby Nath adds an astonishing effect to your bridal outfit. Either choose a full ruby nath Design or a lighter version, it will surely going to make you look adorable.

14.Polki Naths with floral kundan designs

Kundan are found in many different shapes and sizes. When you choose the floral-shaped kundan for your nath Design, it will make you look really cuter. Also, no bridal look can be completed without kundan, unless and until you are seeking for something contemporary. Go for a lighter chain with these naths.

15.Traditional Gold Naths

Last but not least, Traditional Gold bridal Naths have everything a bride seek on her Wedding day. Gold can never go out fashion and that’s why we can’t miss it out of our list. It has all that bling that you may need on your day. And the best part is that it looks great with pearls, kundan work and even with beads.

Mesmerized after watching so many Nath designs? Do tell us which one do you loved the most.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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