Ethnic Wear Styling Tips for Men- 8 Types of Accessories You Should Know


Fashion changes every now and then and it is very difficult to keep a track of the latest fashion trends. However, you may definitely know any new style of jeans or t-shirt that are in fashion mainly because you see people wearing it or because some actor in a movie wore it. You can also copy them but people would know straight away that you are copying them. But what people forget is accessories. It could be anything, glares, wristwatch, and even socks.


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Ethnic clothes are the choice of people during weddings. Ethnic clothes look gorgeous simply because of their bright colors, kitschy design, and the accessories you pair with them. Believe it or not, accessories have a monumental impact on your whole look. A pair of sunglasses and transform your casual look into a stylish and attractive one. Similarly, there is whole lot of accessories to spice up your ethnic look.

But the trick here is to select the accessories that match your ethnic outfit otherwise your outfit will look a bit outlandish and weird. Here are some accessories which you can use to up your ethnic game.

1. Socks

Believe it or not, socks draw a lot of attention. There are times when you have to take your shoes off. At that time, it’s the socks that need to shine. Don’t wear socks with a hole in the toe. Socks also come in different styles and patterns. The trend today is to wear mismatched socks for a funky look. If you don’t want the funky vibe, go for a pair of socks that matches the rest of your outfit.

2. Pocket Squares

Pocket squares look like a handkerchief in the pocket but they are not. Pocket squares also come in different designs and patterns. Polka dots and floral print pocket squares are trending nowadays. On plus point of the pocket square is that it can be teamed up with Nehru jackets, Jodhpuri jackets, and sherwanis as well. It adds charm to your ethnic outfit and hence, it is a must have item.

3. Brooch

The brooch is perhaps the most underestimated accessory. The brooch is a pin tied on the lapel of the suit, sherwani, or jacket. Just like the pocket square, it adds a hint of charm and royalty to your outfit. Brooches fitted with precious gems and diamonds are also available to completely transform the simplest of ethnic outfits. Also, you can pin this brooch on a formal suit to give it a party look.

4. Turban

Everyone in India is familiar with the significance of turban in the sikh culture. However, it is also used as an accessory during weddings and other functions. A turban is a piece of cloth draped around the head in a particular fashion. Basically it is a head gear. The cloth used to tie a turban usually has a floral or dotted design. The base color of the turban is bright and matches the outfit. A perfectly tied turban is sure to make heads turn to you.

5. Kalangi

Kalangi is a brooch for the turban. It is made from metal and has a pin on the back. The kalangi is studded with precious gems and diamonds to give it a royal look. Some kalangis are made from gold and silver with feathers instead of gems. These type of kalangis are very much in nowadays and are sure to elevate the richness of your whole ethnic attire.

6. Neckwear

It doesn’t necessarily mean chains. The neckwear here is a scarf which is worn around the neck in a particular fashion. A scarf can be used as neckwear under a jodhpuri suit or sherwani. It gives an indo-western flavor to the ethic attire.

7. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are by far the classiest looking accessory. It is worn majorly with formal suits. As the name suggests, it is tied of the cuffs of the sleeves. It instantly gives a neat and stylish look to the ethnic outfit. Cufflinks are available in different shapes, sizes, materials, and designs. It goes well with both formal suits and ethnic outfits like the sherwani.

8. Stole

A stole is a shawl with intricate designs and patterns. You must be thinking that shawls are worn by women but no, men too can wear them. Unlike the shawl, the stole is made from a lighter material. Therefore it is easy to carry them around the neck. Also, they are available in different colors and patterns so you can really choose the stole that goes well with your ethnic outfit.

These were the 8 most sought after accessories you can pair with ethnic clothes. Also, all of them are easily available in the market. Hope you now have some insight on how to make your ethnic look stand out from the others.

Vaishali Mhaske
Vaishali Mhaske
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