20 Beautiful Pearl Necklace Designs That Each women should try in this Wedding Season


Do you love to wear the super elegant and gorgeous pearl necklace? Well, undoubtedly, pearl is one of the popular and sophisticated gemstones that every lady owns!
Whether it’s a special occasion or a regular formal event, pearl necklaces would be a great choice to go with anytime and anywhere without even compromising with the look!
Presently, there are a wide variety of Moti necklaces found in some amazing patterns, designs and most importantly, distinct colour options other than white!
Therefore, if you are willing to buy a stunning and super elegant pearl necklace for your accessories or jewellery collection, then we have accumulated the list of 20 pearl necklace designs that you must try this time!

1. Gold Pearl Necklaces

Even if you are willing to buy gold necklace, then you can go for the combination of gold and Moti in necklaces. This is definitely one of the popular and amazing necklace designs in traditional style that you must-have in your jewellery collection this time! You can easily pair this with your ethnic outfits like saree or salwar suit to make it a drool-worthy look!

2. Blue Pearl Necklace Set

Blue pearl necklaces set is perfect for the grand wedding functions or occasions! Obviously, it’s heavy and can make you look different in the crowd in traditional wear if you pair this blue Moti necklaces set with your outfit. A perfect combination of American diamonds and Moti, this necklace is what you need to add into your collection to make heads turn!

3. Flower Pearl Necklaces

One of the contemporary necklaces designs is this intricate and gorgeous flower Moti necklaces, which is usually worn with the western style outfits! The perfect amalgamation of pearl Chain Designs, diamonds and flower pattern, this makes it a one of the preferable choices from the rest old-fashioned necklaces styles!

4. String Style Moti Necklaces

Here is another elegant and minimal necklaces design that you can pair with your formal as well as party wear outfits without even thinking twice! If you love to keep minimal in jewellery or accessories, then this would be a wonderful choice to dazzle everyone with your looks.

5. Pearl Zinc Necklaces

Would you love to add red Moti necklaces in a pendant look? Well, undeniably, it’s an excellent red Moti necklaces, which is suitable to be worn with the traditional outfits. Ditch those old-fashioned style necklace and upgrade your jewellery collection with this red pearl necklace! Just make sure to match it with the earrings and bangles too for a perfectly drool-worthy look.

6. Single Moti Style Necklaces

If you are scouting for a pendant style necklaces in Moti gemstone, then here’s the one for you! Of course, it’s different necklaces style from the rest as it’s minimal, Moti studded and ultimate luxury that you cannot resist to buy. To enhance the overall beauty of your outfit and personality, you should opt for this necklaces design without any second thought.

7. Three Layer Style Pearl Necklaces

This three-layered style Moti necklaces in circular pattern is definitely pretty and sophisticated in look and design! The beauty and charm of this three-layered style Moti necklaces is undoubtedly irresistible and if you choose to pair it with the stunning ethnic or western outfits, then you will truly look amazing!

8. Choker Moti Style Necklaces

To go with an antique and unique Moti necklace to add into your accessories collection is choker Moti style necklaces! If you want to experiment with your traditional outfits, then you can handpick an outstanding choker pearl style necklaces that’s trending these days. Also, these are among the latest pearl necklaces designs that you can pair with your attire anytime and anywhere to pull off the look!

9. Black Pearl Necklaces

These days black pearl necklaces are worn and adorned by women a lot. This would definitely be a perfect addition to your amazing accessories collection. To add unique dimension to your look and personality to your traditional outfit, here is the black Moti necklace that’s just right for you this season!

10. Cultured Pearl Style Necklace

To go minimal in accessories or jewellery, cultured Moti style necklace is admired and adorned by the women of every age group. This cultured pearl style necklace in meta string is easy to carry with any style of outfit. You can never go wrong with this stunning cultured pearl style necklace!

11. Strand Moti Necklaces

The plain, sober and elegant strand pearl necklace is what you need to add into your accessories collection this time! It’s a minimal jewellery in pure and classy white pearls that can go with any of your attire be it formal or informal.

12. Coloured Moti Necklaces

This green Moti necklace is adorned by women a lot in this century. Obviously, it’s not a minimal jewellery, thus you can plan to pair it with your heavy and stylish traditional wear outfits. To enhance the beauty of overall beauty of your attire, you must add this green coloured pearl necklace in intricate and heavy design to rock your ethnic outfit. The highlighting part about this outfit is that you can choose to go with the green pearl earrings or danglers along with the bracelet to match with this accessory!

13. Silver Style Pearl Necklaces

Silver style pearl necklace in a perfect combination of silver and gold is mostly preferred by women these days to spruce p their robe anytime and anywhere. This silver style pearl necklace is something elegant and sophisticated that you definitely can’t resist to ignore to add into your Wishlist of accessories this year. Whether you are wearing a formal or party wear outfit, this silver style pearl necklace in metal chain will set an extraordinary look instantly. So, just get this amazing pearl necklace for your collection and flaunt it the way you want to!

14. Graduated Pearl Necklace

One of the classic and beautiful pearl necklaces design that doesn’t overdo your attire is graduated pearl style necklace. To accessorize your attire, this classic graduated pearl necklaces is something you need to enhance your beauty and charm. Get rid of all those conventional designs and get this classic graduated pearl necklace that’s an absolute stunning beauty.

15. Mixed Pearl Necklace

The perfect blend of white and black pearls in a necklaces is definitely simple and elegant. To finish off the look with beauty and charm, then you must have this mixed pearl necklaces in pairing with the stud earrings to leave a long-lasting impression on people.

16. Designer Pearl Necklace

Here is a beautiful and magnificent Moti necklace design that you can opt for this season, which isn’t just stunning but designer as well. The intricate design and amazing patterns make this gorgeous pearl necklace design an ideal choice to wear it along with your attires. Just make sure that you go with the right outfit and other accessories to compliment it with your outfit and personality.

17. Oval Shaped Pearl Necklace

Oval shaped pearl necklace one of the royal and classic neckpiece that can never go out of trend! Women of every age group prefers to go with this oval shaped Moti necklace, which is undoubtedly attractive to pair it with your traditional as well as party ear attires. Most of all, this oval shaped necklace in golden Moti in string design is just so perfect, isn’t it?

18. Akoya Pearl Necklace

Akoya pearl necklace is adorned by almost every woman and to make your traditional outfits look super sassy and amazing, you must choose to go with this Akoya pearl necklace, which has minimal design and can make your look trendy! Rather choosing the ordinary necklace designs, why not to opt for this Akoya Moti necklace design that’s in fashion these days?

19. Brown Pearl Necklace

Brown pearl necklace is definitely exceptional in design and look different from the rest of necklace designs. Obviously, it’s one of the simple and elegant necklaces designs that women chooses to wear along with their formal as well as traditional wear! Even with your coloured outfits, this brown Moti necklace would look amazing.

20. Rose Gold Pearl Necklace

Rose gold Moti necklace is something distinguishing in design and style and can never go out of trend! You can never go wrong with this rose gold Moti necklace If you choose to pair it with your outfits. For the modern women, this one’s is truly a mesmerising necklace design that you can pair with your outfits, not just the ethnic but also with western attire as well.

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