20 Amazing Benefits of Multani Mitti


Multani mitti is also known as Fuller’s Earth in English is basically a clay material, which is used for the medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Originally, the Multani soil was used to clean the impurities from raw wool with the help of the mixture of clay and water!
Multani mitti is abundantly found in Multan, which is now located in Pakistan. Apart from the cosmetics and medicinal purpose, Multani soil is used to treat skin, hair and health problems. Multani soil has some amazing benefits that can make you look beautiful instantly without even paying a huge amount for it!
Let’s have a look 20 amazing benefits of using mitti!

Multani Mitti for Oil Control

Multani is one of the beneficial home remedies that you can try out to get rid from the oily skin. If you have an excessive oily skin, then it is recommended that you must apply the mitti face pack in which there’s 1 tbsp of mitti and 1 tbsp of olive oil, 1 tbsp of carrot pulp and 1 tbsp water to make it a face pack. Apply it on your face and wash it after 15 minutes. Add this into your daily routine to get rid from the oily skin naturally!

Multani to Remove Dark Patches

Multani mitti is also used to remove the dark skin patches from your face or body to give it a naturally glowing and flawless skin within minutes! You can make a homemade face pack from using the mitti, curd, mint powder and water to make it a mixture! This face pack will flush out all the toxins from your skin, moisturise it and give it a soothing and relaxing touch! Once you apply this face pack, then you have to keep it for at least 30 minutes to see the difference afterwards!

Multani to Remove acne/pimples

Due to pollution and other harmful contents present in the atmosphere, youngsters usually get prone to acne or pimples on their face at a very early stage! And, the scars that leave on the skin are simply horrible! soil is definitely the best option to keep your skin clean and without any presence of oil! Also, mitti is advantageous in minimising the blemishes on the skin that are left after pimples or can. Take multani , neem leaf paste, camphor, cloves and rose water. Make it a face pack, apply it on your face for 20 minutes and wash it off!

Multani removes tan

If you suffer from sunburn and tanned skin, then you must apply soil on your skin to remove tan and treat the sunburn condition. When you prepare for your face pack, then you should have mitti, coconut water and sugar to mix it well and apply it on your face.

Multani to treat the Sagging Skin

To treat the skin problems like wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin, you should opt for the natural home remedy treatment i.e. Multani soil. Rather than opting for the chemical made products to treat your skin problems, one of the best ways is simply to go with the natural and organic Multani soil.

Multani soil removes the Dead Skin

Dead skin cells make your face look dull. To remove the dead skin cells from your facial skin, you must go with the soil face pack, which cleanse your skin, free it from oil, dirt and give space to your pores to breathe!

Multani Mitti for Skin Pigmentation

Multani mitti has amazing soothing effects on the skin and helps in removal of skin pigmentation. You just need to apply face pack on your face along with the papaya mash to bring that healthy glow on your face again and lighten the skin tone. Therefore, apply it on your face, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off with cold water to see the wonders!

Multani Mitti for Face Wash

Multani soil is one of the best skin cleansers, which has all the essential natural ingredients that remove all the blemishes and clear your skin. If you have excessively oily skin, then you must-have mitti as a face wash in your daily routine to get rid of oily skin instantly.

Multani soil to Make your Skin Glow

Multani mitti is one of the effective natural cleansers that will make your skin glow and improves the texture of your skin. To make your skin look radiant, healthy and beautiful, add Multani soil is what you need to add into your daily routine. So, remove all the dirt and impurities from your facial skin and get glowing skin instantly with Multani soil.

Multani soil for Multi-Purpose

Multani mitti has some amazing properties that absorbs the oil from your skin, removes pimples, acne and blemishes from your skin. Not only that, Fullers Earth has many other benefits that make your skin look absolutely beautiful without any sort of skin problems.

Multani Mitti as a Scrubber

If you are looking for a natural scrubber to lighten and brighten your facial skin in 10 minutes, then what would be a great idea other than Multani mitti? Multani is a natural scrubber that can be used along with lemon juice to remove blackheads, whiteheads and all the blemishes. This time, you need to replace your scrub with this natural scrubber to make your skin soft, smooth and blemish-free.

Multani Mitti with Sandalwood

For beauty care, this combination of Multani soil and sandalwood is definitely an excellent idea! The cooling and soothing effects of the sandalwood along with the additional benefits of Multani soil can make a perfect face pack for your skin to apply and get blemish-free skin. For oily skin, this is definitely one of the best face packs that you can include in your weekly routine!

Multani Mitti and Honey

Here is another combination of honey and Multani soil that’s advantageous in removing in tan, dullness, dirt and impurities from your skin. Even if you have clogged pores on your face, which directly leads to acne and pimples. Also, if you have sensitive skin, then you can go fir this face mask, which has Multani mitti mixed with honey!

Multani Mitti, Milk and Olive Oil

Now, you must be aware of all the advantages that Multani soil has, but what makes it even more beneficial is that you can try it as a face pack for multi-purpose. You can mix fullers earth with milk and olive oil to get rid from the dull and pale skin. Also, it removes the excess oil from your skin!

Multani to Treat Skin Issues

To treat the skin issues, you can choose to go with the Multani soil as it’s a natural and organic beauty care solution. By sin issues, we mean every type of skin problem including the dark spots, acne, pimples, blemishes, wrinkles and a lot more that your skin handles and of course, your beauty care products made from harmful chemicals! Just go for the natural Multani mitti, rose water and camphor to make it a face pack and apply o your skin to get rid of the skin problems.

Multani Mitti to Treat Sun Burns

Multani mitti is beneficial in treating the sunburn problem. Sunburn usually causes irritation, redness and dryness on the affected area and to treat it properly, one must go for the natural skincare products just like a famous home remedy, Multani soil. It is recommended to everyone who deals with the sunburns to get soothing and cooling relief.

Multani Mitti to Remove Dark Stains

Multani mitti is beneficial in removing the dark stains and spots from your facial skin. Even if you have excessively oily skin, then you must go with the Multani mitti or Fullers Earth to get rid of the oily skin. Just take 1 tbsp of Multani soil and leave it for 10 minutes to see the wonders that it will do to your face!

Multani Mitti for Heat Relief

You can choose to go with the Multani mitti for heat relief. You just need to make a paste using Multani mitti and rose water and apply it on your entire body to get relief from the excessive heat problem.

Multani Mitti to Treat Nitty-Gritties

Multani mitti is also beneficial in treating all sort of scratches, blisters and wounds on your body and skin. For instant relief from such nitty-gritty, then this homely treatment of Multani along with peppermint oil is definitely a great idea.

Multani Mitti for Body Care

Besides the chemical made products for beauty and body care, Multani soil is one of the best home remedies to treat tanning, fine lines, wrinkles and all the nitty-gritty. Just apply this face pack on your body and skin to get wonderful and flawless skin!

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