Women’s fashion has evolved a lot over the last century. Women in politics, modeling, and entertainment have played a pivotal role in shaping women’s fashion. Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and so on are some of the legends in the women’s fashion game. In 2008, Michelle Obama became the first lady of America. A lot of women looked up to her as she popularized clean lines and Native American style. As and when Madonna became a pop star, she started designing her own line of underwear, jewelry, and outerwear. Her style became an instant hit among the ladies.

So today, a large majority of women look up to these style icons. Women have to focus on their career and family and in the midst of this hustle bustle, it may sometimes become difficult to dress perfectly. But there are a lot of small things which you can learn from women style icons to look perfect every time you step out. There are a few simple things which you can do to look painlessly put-together.

  1. PLAN BEFOREHAND: It is better to plan beforehand than to regret later. Just like you plan what you are going to cook, plan what will you wear the next morning. Mere planning is not sufficient. You have to check to make sure that whatever you have planned to wear is out of laundry. This basically gives you a head start for the next day as there is no stress of selecting the outfit of the day at that moment. Also, planning ahead will give you regret free day. This is perhaps the biggest upside of planning your outfit ahead of time.

  2. FOLLOW STYLE ICONS: Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Madonna, etc. are some of the most active style icons today. Also, they are ever present on social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Finding their handles won’t be a difficult task. So take your time out and follow these legends on social media. You could probably get some inspirations from their posts.

  3. OVERDRESS TO IMPRESS: When you are caught up in two minds on what to wear for a particular occasion, try overdressing. This is a way to put yourself in a safe position. When you are the only person in jeans, you may feel a little out of place. But if you overdress, you might as well become the center of attraction.

  4. PUT ON THE GOOD OLD RED LIPSTICK: The cherry red lipstick has become a style statement. Choose a shade of the lipstick according to your skin tone. Cherry red lipstick is a savior when you are running behind time. It puts a glow on your face and screams to the world that you took time out for yourself.

  5. ACCESSORIZE TO IMPRESS: If you aren’t confident about your outfit, try teaming it up with some minimalist yet classy accessories. A bracelet, necklace, watch, sunglasses or even a trendy pair of earrings have the potential to add a whole lot of appeal to your outfit. You don’t need to wear a bunch of accessories to stand out. Less is more and minimal is memorable.

  6. BASICS ARE THE BEST: As said above, minimal is memorable. Sometimes, a plain white top teamed up with skinny blue jeans and heels looks much better than those kitschy dresses. The key here is to buy pieces that fit perfectly. A cherry red lipstick with such minimalist yet classy outfit is bound to turn heads.

  7. COLORFUL SHOES: Footwear doesn’t necessarily mean heels for ladies. As a matter of fact, women have a lot more choices in footwear as compared to men. Wedges, lace-ups, boots, canvas shoes, mules, gladiator sandals, training shoes, and the list goes on. With so many options available, it really becomes difficult to select the footwear that goes with your outfit. But with colorful shoes, you can never go wrong. They elevate your look instantly.

  8. OWN AN EVERGREEN CLASSIC PIECE: On some days you may find it difficult to chose the right piece to wear. On those days you can bank on the evergreen piece that you have. It could be anything starting from a handbag to a pair of over the knee boots. These items can come in very handy on days when you want to shine.

  9. FASHION FIRST AID KIT: Stylish women are prepared for the worst case scenario and hence they always carry with them a fashion first aid kit. This kit necessarily contains a sewing kit and band-aids

  10. PAY ATTENTION TO UNDERGARMENTS: Undergarments are perhaps the base when striving for a particular look. VPL (visible panty lines) have the potential to completely destroy a look. Put some thought into what kind of underwear you should wear and why. Also, make sure to scan the look in front of the mirror to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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