29 Beautiful and Easy Hairstyles to Pair with Your Saree


Are you on a hunt to find the best hairstyle to match your gorgeous saree? It seems like your search ends here! We’ve got you covered with a curated list of 29 gorgeous and easy Indian hairstyles to pair with your favourite nine-yard.

No matter what occasion it is, whether you are attending a big fat Indian wedding, a formal affair, or just want to upgrade your everyday saree look, we have got simple hairstyles to suit every kind of saree. From classic low buns to trendy braids and twists, our list includes a variety of easy hairstyles to select for your special day.

So wait no more, grab your hairbrush and get ready to try out some new looks! And yes, don’t forget to tag us in your amazing pictures with #MirrawBlog. We are always looking forward to seeing our gorgeous ladies sporting beautiful hairstyles and saree combinations.

Let’s get started on completing some simple and stunning hairstyles for your next saree look.

Hairstyle on Saree for Wedding

1. Braided Bun

To style your traditional and conventional saree but with a stunning hairstyle for saree look, then you should prefer to go with this braided bun hairstyle for saree. The braided bun can easily be made within few simple steps to complete the ordinary saree look. As braided bun hairstyle is quite trendy, therefore, you can miss it while styling your saree.

2. Chinese Style Top Knot Bun

If you are college girl and searching for a sophisticated hairstyle for saree to style your saree look, then Chinese top knot bun is definitely a befitting option for you! The sassy top knot bun will make your entire appearance bold and beautiful on college parties and events.

3. Low Style Ponytail

Nowadays, low ponytails are extremely popular and every young woman prefers to try such hairstyle for saree with the traditional attires like saree. For a super cool chic look, you should try this sleek low ponytail to complete your saree outfit.

4. Side French Braid

The fusion of traditional attire and modern hairstyle is absolutely mind blowing. The side French braid will add boldness to your simple saree look. If you have a heart shaped face, then you must try this hairstyle for saree.

Hairstyle on Saree for Party

5. Crown Braided Bun

The crown braided bun is little messy in style and if you have an oblong face shape, then it’s simply perfect for you!For an ethereal look, you can try the crown braided bun with a designer saree to finish off the look.





6. Gajra Bun

The combination of traditional saree with traditional Gajra bun is what you need to add elegance to your appearance. The beautiful garland of jasmine flowers will make your saree look much more stunning and adorable.

7. Bubbly Ponytail

A sassy handloom saree and bubbly ponytail is a pertinent way to complement your saree look. Add a twist and quirkiness to your conventional saree style by trying this beautiful hairdo with your designer and stylish saree.

8. Curly Ponytail

You must have bored and tired of the ordinary hairstyle for saree, thus here comes the distinctive curly hairdo. You can even try the curly ponytail with the casual saree look for a stunning appearance on occasions.

Simple Hairstyle for Saree

9. Swept Back Bun

Swept back bun hairdo is appropriate for those who have heart shaped face. You can try this hairstyle for saree with any designer saree of yours to make a fashion statement on special occasions and parties.

10. Puffed Up Bun

The charming and graceful puffed up bun looks amazing with the saree outfit. Whether it’s a wedding occasion or small family function, this hairstyle for saree will make your saree look a befitting one.

11. Wavy and Curly Hairstyle

For a casual hairstyle for saree, wavy and curly hairdo is definitely the right choice. Wavy hairstyle for saree will surely complement your saree look.

12. Necklace Headdress

To make a fashion statement on special wedding occasions, a traditional Indian saree and necklace headdress as hairdo is effortlessly beautiful idea. You can simply wear a necklace around your head and rock the traditional look.

New Indian Party Hairstyle

13. Side Fishtail Braid

Nowadays, side fishtail braid hairstyle is prominent among the ladies. You can try this hairdo to complement your saree look and add little accessories on the braid to enhance the beauty of hairstyle for saree and your overall look.

14. Low Side Bun

If you are on the lookout for beautiful and distinctive hairstyle for saree bun, then low side bun can be the solution of your search. You can enhance the beauty of your attire with the low side bun without spending time on it.

15. Side Loose Curls

Do you want to add an oomph factor to your boring saree? What about the side loose curls? Well, you can’t miss this hairstyle as it’s easy to style and add glam to your entire personality. Moreover, side loose curls hairdo is perfect for all face shapes, thus you don’t need to worry at all.

16. Sleek Low Bun

Have you seen Deepika Padukone in different and distinguishing hairstyle for saree? Well, this is one of those common yet stylish hair bun styles, which will add class and royalty to your saree look. Just make sure that you pair it with the stunning and elegant jewellery for a beautiful and gorgeous look.

17. Half up Puff

One of the ordinary hairstyles is half up puff, however, you can rock this hairdo while combining it with the loose curls. Yes, the combination of half up puff and loose curls is definitely worthy if you spend time on it.

Traditional Indian Women Hairstyle

18. Loose Curls

The sheer elegance and charm can be added with this beautiful loose curl hairdo. If you have a designer and stylish saree in your wardrobe collection, then what are you waiting for! Take it out instantly and style it with the loose curl hairdo to make a bold appearance on special occasion.

19. Half up Curls

We all usually pick and choose the saree for special occasions and gatherings to rock the traditional Indian look, right? However, we forget that hairstyle which matches with the saree is equally essential. Therefore, if you want to rock the traditional Indian saree, then you can opt for this beautiful and graceful half up curls to flaunt your attire and personality.

20. Messy Low Bun

What do you need to flaunt your sassy backless blouse with the saree? A perfectly gorgeous hairstyle to show off your backless blouse design is definitely what you need. The chic and sassy messy low bun can perfectly be teamed up with the backless blouse design. To complement your saree outfit, you can go with this chic messy low bun, which is absolutely suitable for every face type.

21.Simple Braid

This is the simplest hairstyle takes only 5-7 min to set your look. Many Indian ladies love to wear simple braid with garland. This look makes you feel very decent and gives you a simple but classy look.

To conclude, these were the stunning and top 20 distinctive  hairstyle for saree, which can easily complement any saree look. Get rid of those regular and boring hairstyles and add these modern and stylish hairdo styles to rock your traditional saree look.  

22. The Messy French Braid

French braids are one of the most simple yet chic hairstyles out there that are not getting enough credit for their beauty. Even a simple and basic saree look is 10x more stunning thanks to the gorgeous hairstyle. If you think that a French braid is too basic for your event, then go ahead to keep things messy by adding some volume and structure to your overall look.

23. Loose waves with side part:

Who doesnt love a gorgeous wavy hair moment and that too when worn with a saree? Letting your hair free is the most popular way to style your hair these days. You get tons of options just by changing the way you curl your hair, partition side etc. Trendy side swept with a slight front puff and a voluminous wavy bottom is a great option for round-face saree girls.

24. Chic top knot with bangs

Are you our gorgeous lady who has a front haircut and beautiful bangs, worry not, we have something for you too! A chic top knot bun is perfect for complimenting a high-neck blouse. You can also absolutely sport this hairstyle with halter neck blouses and cotton sarees.

25. Sleek Straight with Middle Part: 

For that, no-frill glam saree look on your special day, you can opt for this sleek straight hairstyle. This hairdo gives an illusion of longer hair that amazingly compliments a saree look. You only need a little hair serum or sleek hair oil to give your tresses the perfect finishing touch.

26: Side swept curls: 

Side-swept curls are not only adorable but also perfect for any occasion. From wedding parties to everyday wear, side-swept hair can give you a stunning vibe all the time. They are a delightful way to amp up your look and break out of your basic hairstyle rut. This style goes well when you want to keep the attention on your saree rather than the hairstyle.

27: Wavy Low Ponytail:

While you may think, it is absolutely bizarre to have your hair tied in a ponytail on a special occasion, well, you might be mistaken. A wavy and bouncy low ponytail can be the perfect saree complimenting hairstyle that you were looking for. It is comfortable, casual and yet chic enough to glam up your whole look.

28: Front puff hairstyle:

As we have already mentioned that ponytails are equally flattering on round-face and oval-face girls. This front puff ponytail hairstyle is similar to the one we have mentioned above. The only difference is the volume of puff in the front and the sleek finish in the ponytail. It gives a very youthful and chic appeal to any look without compromising on comfort. This hairstyle when paired with a saree is also perfect for ladies with less hair density!

29: Curls Along With Blunt Bob:

This one is a chic, trendy and beautiful hairstyle for short-length curly hair girls wearing saree. The way those bouncy soft curls fall beside the ears looks super graceful and elegant. You will surely love this style if you are someone with an oval or diamond face shape. Try it out yourself, and you can see how stylish you can possibly look.

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