16 Locket Designs That Each Women Should Try


Nowadays, lockets are trending in jewellery or accessories as they can easily paired with any of the stylish or ethnic outfit. Not to mention it, lockets are one of the elegant accessories that can be worn by any women either an old age lady, or a middle-aged woman or a teenager with sheer elegance and beauty.

Lockets are absolutely amazing in fashion accessories and the best part is that they have started coming up in a variety of designs and styles. From simple or minimal to intricately designed, the broad array of locket designs and patterns usually amaze women to try it out with their silhouettes.

If you love to wear lockets, then you must try out some stunning and graceful lockets design that every woman should know about and explore to look gorgeous on every occasion.

1. Simple Locket Design

Simple locket designs are super elegant and beautiful. They can be worn with any outfit and at any time without even thinking twice. Just a simple locket design with an amalgam of gemstone or pear would be a perfect one to add into your accessories collection. The best part is that you can make a style statement look with this simple locket and at a reasonable price range.

2. Heart-Shape Locket Design

Heart-shaped locket designs are trending in the fashion accessories for women. Every girls or women prefers t wear the gorgeous and classy heart-shape locket as a neckpiece along with their traditional as well as western attires to make heads turn n their way. O amaze everyone with your looks and personality on special occasions or normally at an office event, you can wear this heart-shaped locket as an elegant neckpiece.

3. Photo Locket Design

Photo lockets are one of the remarkable fashion accessories. Photo lockets can be worn by anyone as a neckpiece along with a picture of their loved one in it. One of the special and amazing gifts that anybody can think of to surprise their loved one or near and dear ones with this photo locket. You will get variety of designs and patterns available in it to team it up with your casual outfits as well.

4. Pearl Locket Design

Pearl lockets are extremely trending and oved by every woman. The prominent plus point of wearing pearl locket as a neckpiece is that you can flaunt it the way you want with any of your stylish outfits and of course, anywhere. Just make sure that you handpick a perfectly designed pearl locket, which is completely unique and classy in its own way.

5. Evil Eye Looks Locket Design

Evil eye looks locket is something extraordinary and unique in design and style. If you are tired of those boring styles of lockets, then you definitely need to look upon to this stunning and magnificent Evil eye looks locket, which is dominating the fashion trend and preferred by woman of every age group these days.

6. Stone Locket Design

Stone lockets are exceptional in design that you should prefer to buy and wear it with your attires. Ditch the traditional styles of locket and make sure that you go with something extraordinary this time in your fashion accessories to dazzle everyone with your looks. Of course, you will get some great variety of stuff in stone lockets that you should not miss to rock the beauty and charm of your personality.

7. Black Ceramic Golden Locket Design

Black ceramic locket in a golden touch is all you need to ditch the ordinary necklace designs. The combination of black ceramic and golden touch in sleek chain is a winning combination in a necklace design to team it up with the different styles of outfits anytime and anywhere. This black ceramic golden locket is one of the stunning and gorgeous locket designs that every woman should own in their fashion accessories collection.

8. Seashell Gold Chain Locket Design

Seashell style gold chain locket is definitely a classy and royal neckpiece that’s irresistible to not to buy. The seashell designed locket in a gold chain will be a perfect addition into your accessories collection. It’s one of the minimal and elegant neckpiece designs that you must opt for this time without even thinking twice as it can go beautifully with traditional as well as western style of outfits.

9. Couple Locket Design

As its name suggests, couple locket is one of those locket designs that’s absolutely perfect for the couples. If you are searching for a locket design that you want to gift to your loved one, then you must go with this sophisticated and beautiful couple locket. One of the memorable and amazing surprise gifts that you can plan to gift to your special someone. The best part about the couple lockets is that you can choose the designs and patterns according to your choice be it a trendy or contemporary one. So, are you ready to amaze your special someone with couple locket surprise gift?

10. Broken Heart Locket for Couple Design

Broken heart shape locket is the perfect one for the couples. One of the popular and gorgeous locket designs for the couples that reminds them of their special someone every time to wear it. If you are one of those who are looking for an amazing locket for the couples, then you must go with this one rather than the ordinary ones.

11. Name Locket Design

If you are searching for a personalized neckpiece for your fashion accessories, then you must go ahead and buy this name locket. You just need to select the design of the locket and your name will be engraved on it to make it a customized locket design for you! These days, customized or specially engraved locket designs are prominent among the ladies or girls of every age group. If you prefer to wear the engraved style lockets, then you must choose to go with this elegant and beautiful locket without any second thoughts.

12. Music Related Locket Design

Music related locket is the perfect one for the music lovers. This style or pattern of lockets are designed intricately, thus one should be careful about carrying it. To pull off the look on special occasions and parties, you can pick and choose this music related locket to let everyone know that you are a music lover. Get rid of those boring designs of locket designs and get your fashion accessories stocked with the beautiful and gorgeous music related lockets and pendant styles.

13. Goddess Locket Design

Goddess style locket is yet another amazing locket design that every woman usually loves to wear, especially with their traditional outfits. Goddess style locket chain as a neckpiece would be an excellent choice to amaze everyone with your looks, attire and especially your locket.

14. Temple Jewellery Design Locket Design

Temple jewellery design locket is one of the stunning and mesmerizing accessories that every woman has in their collection of pendants and lockets to wear it with any style of outfit. Just make sure to get a trendy and latest pattern style temple locket to wear it and flaunt it in the best possible way.

15. Glass Locket Design

Glass locket is one of the popular and famous lockets design these days. Glass locket is something that you must have ignored many times to buy, but this time you must choose a stunning one to team it up well with your different styles of outfits. Of course, they have to be handled carefully but you cannot deny the beauty and charm of this super gorgeous and sophisticated glass locket.

16. Gemstone Locket Design

The last and final one is the gemstone style locket, which undeniably should be in your fashion accessories vanity. The beauty and grace of the gemstone locket can never go out of trend and nobody gets tired of wearing this super elegant locket. They can be worn with any style of outfit be it formal, casual or party wear. Therefore, get the perfectly designed gemstone locket and rock your beautiful outfit.

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