“Saree” The New Office Formal Wear!


Sarees are eternally favorite for all women. Some women find it difficult to drape and carry a saree and reserve it for special days while some are very comfortable in it every day. It is simply a matter of personal choice and comfort and the saree acts as a wonderfully versatile outfit. You can wear them to parties as well as to your office. A lot depends on how you drape the saree and what kind of saree you are wearing where. Sarees make you look presentable and dignified and is wonderful as office wear if you keep certain things in mind. A small tip for women who find it difficult to drape a saree to work every day is to iron the saree and pleat and pin it beforehand.

Sarees are no more reserved for home or parties it has entered board rooms, meetings, it is the new formal wear all thanks to the powerful woman like Naina Lal Kidwai, Meera Sanyal, Shikha Sharma, Madhabi Puri Buch, Chadra kochar, etc who are big powerful business woman who choose to go ethnic even at meetings. Sarees for parties are different from sarees for office. Cotton or pure silk sarees act as best for office purposes. No matter you are a teacher, a doctor, or involved in clerical jobs or working in MNCs, sarees are welcome almost everywhere. You just have to make sure you do not look dressed up for some occasion or party that would make you seem out of place. Light cotton or chiffon sarees in pastel shades are typically good for workplace. Since you are going to office, where you will be busy, you should always pleat up the pallu and not leave it hanging fashionably as you would do for a party. Pleating up the pallu makes it look dignified and also convenient for work. Follow the advice while choosing sarees for your office.


Whenever you buy sarees for office purposes choose light prints or patterns. Big and bold designs create distraction at workplace and are not suited at all. Always wear shades like white, black, blue, green, beige, light yellow, light pink and other pastel shades at work. Avoid zari work, sequin work and neon colors and bright red and oranges as they are more suited for festive occasions. It is upon your sense of judgment what makes you look presentable at work. Anything bright is attractive and not suited for the environment of an office. As a teacher or somebody involved in a respectable position, you would definitely not wish to be marked as someone who has no sense how to dress up at workplace. But that does not mean you have to carry a plain Jane look at work. You can be elegant and fashionable at the same time.

Handloom sarees are the best for office wears. The texture is comfortable, rich and looks really elegant and sophisticated. It gives the person a dignified demeanor and a light shaded handloom saree with a cotton blouse can give you a wonderful appearance. Team it up with light jewellery and you are ready for office. Black handloom sarees when teamed up with printed blouses look extremely smart. You can also choose the light cotton sarees as the weather demands that. Cotton sarees are light and comfortable for the daytime and look very smart as well as graceful. Wear cotton and crepe sarees with small and light prints and team them with solid colored blouses for the perfect office going look. Cotton sarees with light fabric paintings over a solid shade look very beautiful for office going women. Pure silk sarees too are light a fashionable and good for office purposes. Light geometric and floral patterns too look smart and pleasing for the eyes. Naturally, for obvious reasons you should avoid shimmery georgettes and net sarees at workplaces. The Bengal taants, cotton kalamkari sarees, white or ivory shaded Kerela cottons, khadi sarees, muted handloom sarees and light crepe sarees should be there in every working woman’s wardrobe.

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Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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