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Navratri the name itself gives us a feeling of energy. This festival in Sanskrit, ‘nav’ means nine and ‘ratri’ means nights. This festival is all about worshipping Ma Durga in her nine different forms in these nine nights and ten days and the tenth day is known as Dusshera. This festival is full of dance, music, colors and many more things. During these days many people even keep fasts. As this is a very important Hindu festival it is celebrated all over India. The music is so mesmerizing and full of energy that you feel like dancing and never stopping. In many households people worship goddess Durga by bringing her idols in their homes.

Lehenga choli

As we all know that this festival is so energetic and enthusiastic we come to the dressing styles during these festivals. During these days people like colorful clothes and thus heavy chaniyacholis for women and traditional dress for menhas become a trend. These outfits tend to be colorful and heavy, people wear these outfits and play Garba and Dandiya, and these are the traditional dance forms of this festival. Coming back to the different styles men generally wear mirror and heavy work kurtas which looks very much traditional and women wear heavy chaniyacholi’s with different colors, mirror work or with some of the other decorative and traditional works. Navratri days are as beautiful as the whole country celebrates this festival and every year it comes and we fall in love with this festival again and again. There are a lot of accessories which suit these traditional outfits like long and heavy earrings, pretty and traditional necklaces with small traditional bells, women also wear payals with traditional bells (anklets) and big bangles which cover your whole hand and also they wear nose rings for men they wear traditional turban and a thick anklet which is very heavy. There is a different charm in getting ready for this festival and actually dancing with these things on it is difficult but people however manage to do so just because they enjoy it. Even if the person is so very tired after all the hard work he has done all day he will be always ready to dance the reason being that the music has a different and enthusiastic aura which motivates people to forget all their tension, leave all their pain behind and just go to a different world of dance and music. This affects the other day as the person becomes more energetic to do work as he or she just had a very playful, cheerful and energetic night. Now-a-days as sometimes people do not get a lot of time to dress up traditionally they prefer wearing traditional kurtis and a traditional and colorful jacket to match to the festive atmosphere.

This festival is very auspicious as it removes out the negativity or a bad thought from our minds and helps to have a fresh start every day and teaches us to love the life we have.

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Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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