Top 10 Trendy Outfit Ideas for 2019 Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, it is the perfect time to show your Bae just how much they mean to you! Valentine’s Day is all about embracing love and its beautiful imperfections with your significant other by your side!

It’s a busy day for all the people in love, filled with fun and intimate activities like date nights, outings, etc. However, it is not necessary for you to go on particularly romantic outings, you might have plans to meet up with your bestie to flourish in your Sismance!

Anyhow, it is surely a day where looking cute and romantic works wonders! This is why it is important for all girls to up their fashion game and style themselves to the best of their capacity!

Here are a few ideas of how you can dress in trendy outfits to look the most attractive lady in the room!

    1. T-Shirt with Velvet Slip Dress!
      There are many ways in which you can layer your dresses to give you a cuter look! And the combination of Velvet slips with plain and simple shirts is the most superior look of all time!

      Being very much in trend in recent times, it is the best way to give you a glam and edgy look!
    2. Crop Top with Maxi Skirt
      If you are wondering over which two clothing items to match together to get an epic outfit, then a maxi skirt or a long skirt with a crop top is a very great combo!
      Giving you elegance mixed with a flirtatious feel, this is the perfect two-piece outfit that can spice up your Valentine’s Day!
    3. Long Kurti Dress
      If you are one of those ladies, who is more inclined towards the ethnic fashion, then long kurti dresses are the way to style yourself for Valentine! It is a style that can suit ladies of all ages, having any type of body shape!
      Therefore, stay connected to your traditional routes all the while giving it a modern mix by wearing a long kurti as a dress!
    4. Skater Dresses
      Floral patterned skater dresses have been going strong in the fashion industry since a long time! They are perfect to be worn on romantic outings like dates and long drives!
      Accessorize your look with a pearly necklace and a classy handbag to capture hearts as you go!
    5. Denim Skirts with Sweater
      For all the ladies who are inclined to be a little more comfy and layered up in their fashion, pairing denim skirts with sweaters, jackets, coats and basically anything that is warm and cosy, can help you look your best for your date!
      You can also opt for denim over denim (a combination that sure can snatch the interest of on-lookers)!
    6. Designer Traditional Clothing
      There are many functions and parties that place on Valentine’s Day! Therefore, to look your best in elaborate functions, the best way to stand out is to go for classy, designer traditional clothing!
      They never fail to impress and are perfect for romantic occasions!
    7. Ripped Jeans
      The girls who like to rock the more basic looks, wearing ripped jeans, is not a bad option! They are very much in trend and give a very sporty and street ready look to you.
      If you are more into such styles, wearing this on Valentine’s will not go amiss!
    8. Saree
      You can wear anything you want, anywhere you want, no matter the style of the outfit! The only thing that needs to be taken under consideration is the latest fashion trend! And the current trend says that bright and light coloured sarees for Valentine’s are all that you need to look your most attractive!
    9. Maxi Dresses
      Maxi dresses are the most flattering styles of dresses that can suit every body shape perfectly!
      To get the most flamboyant and effortless looks, you can style a maxi dress with simple accessories! It will create the perfect look for your Valentine’s Day!
    10. Dungaree Dress
      Dungaree dresses have popped into the latest fashion trends because of the playful and chic look they have! Such looks are goals for Valentine’s (aren’t they?)!
      Make your day memorable by rocking this playful and flirty look for your dear Valentine!

Vaishali Mhaske
Vaishali Mhaske
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