Happy Valentine’s Day Lovely Quotes, Images and Wishes


Every year on 14th of February, the festival of romance i.e. Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world including India, Britain, America, Canada, and Australia and in some other countries.

On this day all the lovers and couples exchange handmade or readymade greeting cards and the bouquet of flowers as an expression of love.

This glorious day is celebrated in the name of Saint Valentine. The history behind the tradition is little dubious as it contains the remnants of both the traditions, Roman and Christian.

Therefore, let’s not go into the in-depth history of the tradition because the main idea behind Valentine’s Day is to spread the message of love, togetherness and happiness.

Like any other festival, Valentine’s Day is absolutely incomplete without sharing greetings, messages and love quotes with the loved ones. So, here are some messages, wishes and quotes that you can send it to your dear ones, beloved wife/companion or Girlfriend on this momentous day.

  1. On this Valentine’s Day, let’s pledge together to enjoy every significant moment of our lives and celebrate our eternal love every single day. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  2. Wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. I wish you all the love, joy, peace, happiness and hope on this lovely day. Have a great day ahead with full of surprises and gifts!
  3. Wishing you an extremely jocular Valentine’s Day. May almighty bless you with all the love and happiness, especially from the person you need!
  4. The main idea behind celebrating Valentine’s Day is to celebrate the true essence of ‘Love.’ On this Valentine’s Day, I hope that you don’t forget to enjoy the day with your mother and father. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  5. In the darkest of nights, you have held my hand, calm the storm inside my head and loved me without being judgmental. Happy Valentine’s Day my love!
  6. Happy Valentine’s Day to the most precious and special person of my life. I appreciate the way you handle my craziness, shitty talks, stupid and insane demands, and most importantly, sharing the days of sorrow with me.
  7. Here’s a special reminder to the most exceptional person of my life – You are an amazing person, I simply adore the way you love me every single day! Happy Valentine’s Day, Hun!
  8. Hey, you are the love of my life! I cannot picture my life without your existence and hence, on this special day of love, I am thankful for all the gestures and love that you have showered upon me. With all the love, Happy Valentine’s Day!
  9. On this Valentine’s Day, I pray for your dreams, wishes and success. Will you be my Valentine for now and forever? Have a delightful and remarkable Valentine’s Day!
  10. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate the occasion of love with your closest friends and buddies and let them know about their valuable existence in your life. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  11. On this special occasion, I would like to tell you that, you are my strength, you are special, you are wonderful, and you are the only love of my life. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY MY LOVE!
  12. Just like a fairytale story, our love story was a dream come true experience. Happy Valentine’s Day to the most gorgeous and incredible wife!
  13. To the most wonderful man in my life, I hope you know that you are precious and not just an amazing soul mate, but a fabulous companion as well. Please, be my Valentine now and forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  14. On this Valentine’s Day, I am thankful for all the remarkable memories, wonderful days and profound happiness that you have shared with me on this journey called ‘Love.’ Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie!
  15. We sincerely hope that this Valentine’s Day, you get your lost or unrequited love and a successful relationship for the eternity. Happy Valentine’s Day with all the love and happiness!

Love is a strong connection between two souls. To conclude, I would like to remind you of the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, a famous German Philosopher, “Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.” Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers and couples around the world!

Vaishali Mhaske
Vaishali Mhaske
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