Happy Valentine’s Day 2019: Celebrate 7 Days of Love & Happiness with Your Loved One – Know Exactly About Each Day


Have you ever heard of the quote ‘Love is in The Air’? Well, on Valentine’s Day, the meaning of this quote actually becomes clearer and most of us can actually see that it bears truth!

Named after Saint Valentine, this is a special day is celebrated, in its most traditional sense, as a tribute to him! However, the meaning of this has evolved into something much more eloquent and significant for every person in love!

It has become the official day which gives an opportunity to all the lovers to celebrate their love or mark the beginning of some new relationships! Every year, all around the world, the Valentine’s week hypes up youth and elders alike!

The 7th of February marks the start of the week which ends on the 14th with the most significant day, i.e., Valentine’s Day!

Let us look at what each day is called, and what is the significance of these days!

  1. Rose Day
    The week starts with the 7th of February being the ‘Rose Day’. Flowers represent delicacy and beauty, which is the perfect representation of any relationship! Red roses are also called as the symbol for love, therefore, what better than presenting your significant other with this symbol, to deliver the sincerity of your feelings!

    Different colours of roses, i.e. white, yellow, etc., represent different feelings! Therefore, give them to different people with respect to your feelings towards them! This year, this day is falling on a Thursday!
  2. Propose Day
    The second day of the Valentine’s week, i.e., 8th of February, is marked as the Propose Day! After you have made your feelings towards your love clear, by presenting them with a red rose on Rose Day, this day provides you an opportunity to directly approach your love!

    Surprise them with your proposal and tell them just how much they mean to you! In this year, 2019, propose day is on a Friday!
  3. Chocolate Day
    Falling on the 9th of February is one of the most looked forward-to day of the Valentine’s week! Want to know why?
    Well, it’s obviously because of the anticipation of loads of chocolates as gifts from your admirers!

    Chocolates are gifted to the people you admire to bring sweetness and charm into your relationships with them!
    This year it is falling on a Saturday!
  4. Teddy Day
    On the 10th of February, is the Teddy Day! On this day, fluffy and cute teddy bears are gifted to your loved one, especially girls! This is because teddy bears as stuff toys are always loved by all ladies!

    A heartfelt message attached to your gift can make it even more special for your significant other!
    This year, Teddy Day is falling on a Sunday!
  5. Promise Day
    Making a promise in your relationship can help build trust on which your love could prosper for years to come. Celebrated on the 11th of February, most couples promise to keep each other happy and also to never break each-other’s trust.

    It is best to make any commitment on this day, or to fulfil any previously made promises!
    In this year, 2019, Promise Day falls on a Monday!
  6. Hug Day
    Sometimes, a simple hug, is the only physical contact that has the most impact! It can help break walls between relationships and emotions, and is the best way to convey sincerity and love! Falling on 12th of February, a Tuesday, it is yet another significant day of the Valentine’s week.

    Do not forget to hug your parents, siblings, pets and friends on this day!
  7. Kiss Day
    On the 13th of February is the Kiss Day. Show your love, affection and passion to your loved ones with a kiss on this day! A kiss is not always supposed to be on the lips!

    Different kisses symbolize different things in a relationship!
    This year the Kiss Day falls on a Wednesday!
  8. Valentine’s Day
    After a week of celebratory days, comes the most special day of all, i.e., the Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February! Take your loved one on a beautiful date, filled with fun activities on this day! Make them feel special and celebrate the beauty of your love to its fullest!

    So this Valentine’s celebrate all these days with diligence to make unforgettable memories with your significant other!
Vaishali Mhaske
Vaishali Mhaske
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