Quick Guide To Style Nehru Jacket in 5 Different Ways


You must agree with the fact that every fashion garment is evolving and changing with respect to time. The transitions and modifications in ethnic wear is a necessity nowadays to meet the requirements of the customers, especially those who are a snappy dresser.

At present, the ethnic wear like Nehru Jacket has become trendy and topping the list of the best traditional garbs. Whether it is a formal event or a special gathering, you can wear this stylish Nehru jacket at any event without even thinking twice. However, when it comes to styling these Nehru jackets, then it is obviously hard to pull it off in a more stunning and elegant way.

Therefore, here is the quick guide for you to style Nehru jackets in 5 different ways to look more fashionable and embrace the trend as well.

  1. Nehru Jackets with Shirts
    Nehru jackets are trendy and look absolutely dapper when it is styled with the formal shirts. Basically, the Nehru jackets are sleeveless and a perfect garb to pair as a layering. Wear the classy Nehru jackets with the formal shirts, roll-up the sleeves and button-up the Nehru jacket. Voila! To make it more fascinating and appealing, you should wear it with a pair of denim or jeans to make a style statement on any occasion.

  2. Nehru Jackets with Kurta Pajama
    There is no denial in the fact that the traditional and classic look of the Nehru jackets comes when it is best paired with the Kurta pajama. The sophisticated and exceptional look of the Kurta pajama can surely be enhanced with the Nehru jacket.
    While you select the colour of the Nehru jacket, just make sure that it should match with the Kurta. Otherwise, the bright and vibrant colours in Nehru jackets are always perfect to match with any style. To finish off the whole look, you can wear a stylish watch and leather shoes, which will definitely look trendy and voguish.

  3. Nehru Jackets with Slacks
    For evening functions or events, we generally look for more dapper and unique style in the outfits, isn’t it? Well, if you are in an enigma to style your Nehru jackets for the evening occasions, then here is the solution for you! Simply wear a shirt, a plain and formal shirt, then choose the vibrant colour of Nehru jacket from the plethora of bright colours and pair it with the slacks. Make sure the slacks should be in tan hue to make your appearance more iconic as well as stylish. Furthermore, to seal the deal in this amazing and stunning outfit, you can wear the navy style loafers and get ready to make the heads turn on special occasions.

  4. Nehru Jackets with Trouser Pants
    Now, the most prominent and foremost choice of every male is to pair the Nehru jackets with trouser pants. For some individuals, trouser pants are extremely monotonous and weary, but for others, it a fashion statement, especially for oldsters.
    If you do not want to pair your Nehru jackets with the ordinary and boring denim, then why not to try trouser pants this time? The slim-fitted yet little loose and stylish yet comfortable trouser pants will certainly enhance the beauty of your attire. Obviously, you can explore the different hues and colour combinations in Nehru jackets to match with the trouser pants.

  5. Nehru Jackets with Sherwani
    You must be thinking that how to pair the Nehru jackets with sherwani? Well, don’t worry; there will be no fashion blunders. If you have a basic and simple sherwani along with a pajama, then get ready to change the whole look and appeal of this outfit. You can pair it with the pink or dusty pink colour of Nehru jacket with the embellished buttons in the front. This will definitely be going to add a modern touch to your whole attire and you will get compliments from all the corners.
    While pairing the Nehru jacket with the Sherwani, simply ensure that you have already loafer shoes or Punjabi Juttis in your shoe closet. Get ready to flaunt your simple yet stylish outfits without even taking any professional’s help.

To conclude, there are myriad of colours and styles available in Nehru jackets. Apart from the comfortability, Nehru jackets are highly versatile and in the latest fashion trend as well. Therefore, do not miss a chance to purchase the stunning and exquisite Nehru jackets for your wardrobe collection.

Vaishali Mhaske
Vaishali Mhaske
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