Top 15 Men’s Nehru Jacket Colour Combinations & Styles for 2019


Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the first prime minister of India and is a prominent figure in directing India towards freedom. A lot of streets, roads, stadiums, airports, and buildings have been named after him. He was also known for his impeccable fashion sense. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was always seen sporting a cut sleeves jacket with kurta pajama and an Indian version of the hat.

Today, the jacket he used to wear has become a staple in men’s fashion and is commonly known as the Nehru jacket. The Nehru jacket is versatile apparel and can be paired with almost anything be it a kurta pajama or a western suit. The jacket has buttons on the front and a mandarin collar. So, whether you are planning to wear it in an office party or a casual function, this guide will help you to rock the perfect look.

#1. All Black

Wear a black Nehru jacket over a black kurta and dhoti style pajamas. This look is perfect for a wedding. Nail the look with dark brown chukka boots.





#2. Pink Nehru Jacket:

A pink or a bright color like that for a Nehru jacket is perfect for casual functions like the sangeet. Make sure the jacket has some intricate needlework so that is doesn’t feel bland over the kurta.

#3. Long Nehru Jacket:

As the name suggests, this type of Nehru jacket is a tad bit longer than the usual Nehru jackets we usually see. You can really play with length and stick to what suits the rest of the attire best. Make sure to wear a bright dhoti style pajama whenever you go for a longer jacket.

#4. Coat Style Nehru Jacket:

The Nehru jacket is a sleeveless one. The coat style essentially has the same design but with sleeves. Pair Nehru jacket with a matching shawl to create an elegant look. Wear pants and brogues instead of pajama and boots.

#5. Dark Colored Nehru Jacket:

The dark-colored Nehru jacket goes well with a bright colored kurta and pajama. Even better if the jackets have some floral design.

#6. Pro Nehru Jacket:

The Nehru jacket is a perfect choice for the office or a formal event. Just make sure that the color of the jacket and pants are the same. Wear the jacket on the classic white shirt.

#7. Blue Is The Hue:

Believe it or not, a blue Nehru jacket goes well with almost any attire. Rock the blue Nehru jacket during the festive season.

#8. Tri Color:

You must be thinking that a tri-color Nehru jacket will look a bit too much. Well, you are absolutely correct. Here tri color means 3 solid colors of 3 different clothes. For example, wear a solid navy blue Nehru jacket over a solid black shirt with a pair of solid beige pants.

#9. Printed Nehru Jacket:

A jacket with subtle prints looks chic. Make sure that the jacket itself has a bright color so that the prints are clearly visible. Also, ensure that the kurta and pajama have the same color.

#10. The Velvet Jacket:

The velvet looks premium and feels premium. Select a dark velvety color. You can go for bright colors on the buttons and on the pocket. This Nehru jacket is suitable for both casual and formal occasions. The best part about this jacket is that you can team this up with a nice pair of denim jeans.

#11. Striped Nehru Jacket:

Horizontal or vertical stripes, the choice is yours. But make sure that the color of the jacket is bright. The striped design looks the best on beige color. Pair it up with beige pajama and kurta of your choice.

#12. Paisley Print Nehru Jacket:

Paisley print on a Nehru jacket adds a traditional and ethnic feel to your look. For kurta, select a bright color with the same print and the pajama can be any color you want.

#13. Floral Jacket:

As the name suggests, this Nehru jacket has large flowers drawn on it. Team it up with the great white shirt and jodhpuri pants to take your jacket game to the next level.

#14. Cut Out Jacket:

This jacket has floral cut outs all over. Make sure that the color of the jacket and the kurta are in contrast with each other. Otherwise, the cutouts won’t be visible which is the whole point of this Nehru jacket.

#15. Colorful Nehru Jacket:

The name must have given you some idea about the appearance of the jacket. Wear the jacket with the evergreen white kurta pajama. It is perfect for a holi party.

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