Decorate Your Walls with These 11 Types of Wall Decals


Wall Decals are the trend of the recent time, and people matching up to it are being greatly benefitted, aesthetically and economically. These Wall Decals can be used for the purpose of interior decoration or to advertise one’s business.

However, its use in decorating the walls of a residence is simply unmatched. These wall decals look beautiful and are very easy to install. It can be changed anytime according to your mood, and you can keep changing the vibe of your home with the help of these wall decals.


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 Although a wide range of wall decals are loved by a large population of people, below are 11 types of wall decals that will instantly amp up the look of your home.

  1. Add some flowers in your life with the floral wall decals
    How often is that you see flowers naturally on a plant? Probably very less. To add the beauty of flora to your life, you can choose floral wall decals.

    These decals are going to add a different perspective to the blank walls of your home. Lighten up the mood of your home by bringing in the brightness and beauty of the floral world.

    Due to the guaranteed effect of beauty and elegance, floral wall decals are one of the most commonly used wall decals. You can go ahead with the choice of pink flowers on your blank white wall or a strip of black flowers on your bright royal blue wall, it is your home and your choice, make it wisely.

  2. Get that wildlife right at your home
    If you are a wildlife lover, then you are definitely going to enjoy these animal wall decals.

    While you can keep animals like cats and dogs as your pet, if your favourite animals happen to be the African Elephant, sorry to break it for you but you cannot keep it in your home. However, you can use a picture of it on your wall with these wall decals.

  3. Time to bring the birds inside
    Bird lovers who don’t want to cage any bird yet want to be able to see them every day have the best possible solution now, bird wall decals!

    You must have seen several birds sitting on a string as a wall decal in many series and movies and its time you get one for yourself!

  4. Tribal life lover? It’s time to live it
    People who like to be reminded of the roots and raw lifestyle can now choose for tribal wall decals to brighten up their home décor instantly.

    The wall decals come in bold colours and are extremely pocket-friendly.

  5. Here’s a step to child education
    If you are a new parent, you know the struggle of getting your kid to open up a book. What we don’t understand is these tiny humans are programmed to learn from life and not from books.

    Use educative wall decals to stick tiny animals or flying alphabets in your kid’s room so they see it every day and can learn from it. Make study time as fun as playtime, and this is the only way you can get your little one to learn.

  6. Inspirational enthusiast? We have something for you!
    6.For most people, inspiration is the main power driving them to achieve something. Most of us suffer from the issue of inconsistency and failed goals due to lost inspiration.

    While we cannot count on any particular human being to be there for us all the time, who we can rely on is ourselves. Engage and surround yourself with all the inspirational quotes that pump up your soul to do better with these inspirational wall decals.

  7. Recall thy maker
    It is very important for us to stay in touch with our religious self in order to set our soul at peace. Surround yourself with the power of the almighty with these religious wall decals and see your space is filled with positivity.

  8. Tickle your funny bones
    Who does not like a light, funny environment in the house? Use these funny wall decals to give your home something to laugh about.

    You will receive a lot of compliment for your taste of style as well, a person who makes others laugh never becomes boring after all.

  9. Sucker for Sports?
    People who love a sport truly see no boundary, and they are keen to surround themselves with that sport in every possible manner. While going out to play whenever we like sounds a little difficult, what can be done is a sports wall decal.

    Get a decal of your favourite sports person, sports cup or any other accessory relating to the sport. You will fall in love with that sport all over again once you see how gorgeous these sports wall decals are.

  10. Amused by Music?
    Music is something everyone loves. Irrespective of caste, colour, and culture, everyone has a unique taste in music. This uniqueness does not have to stay confined to your music playlist anymore, bring it out and display it proudly on your walls with the help of musical wall decals.

    Be it your favourite line in a song, your favourite singer or any musical instrument, get it out there and let people admire you for your unique musical taste.

  11. Video Game geek?
    11.The love of people for video games is not restricted to any particular age. The joy of playing your favourite video game at the ease of your home is enigmatic.

    People who truly love something know that it is amazing to be around it all the time, use these video game wall decals to surround yourself with your favourite game. It can be your game logo or e-sports titles, find wall decals for anything of your choice.

Boring plain walls are no more desirable now,upgrade your home as the world upgrades. Use these wall decals and make your home a lovely space.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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