Rock This Summer With These 10 Classy Cotton Dress Materials


Why cotton clothing is prevailing among all the individuals? and What is the Benefit of buying cotton dress materials? The simple and clear reason is that it is soft, smooth, comfortable and breathable fabric.

No doubt, there are some fabric materials which cause skin allergies and discomfort, however, cotton fabric is hypo-allergic. It clearly signifies that cotton fabric is comfortable for every skin type and doesn’t cause any skin allergies or skin damage. Even the dermatologists recommend wearing the cotton clothes, especially in the summer season as it is made from the natural fibers.

For the hot summer season, everyone prefers to purchase cotton clothes because it is less toxic, controls the moisture and most importantly, it is a durable fabric material.

Therefore, in the summer season, you definitely need to purchase these 10 classy cotton dresses to stock your wardrobe with comfy clothes.

  1. Orange Thread Embroidery Salwar Kameez
    The vibrant and graceful orange hue is perfect for the summer season. The embroidery work is done with the orange thread on the hemline of the Kameez with amazing patterns. To match with the Kameez, there is pink bottom wear along with an amazing Dupatta. Apart from that, this stunning dress is made with the cotton fabric.

  2. Blue Floral Print Cotton Dress
    At an affordable price, get this captivating floral print Salwar Kameez in dark blue shade. There’s a colour blend of blue and green, which is definitely mesmerizing. There is a floral print all over the Salwar and Dupatta, but the Kameez has been kept basic and simple with little embellishment in the front.

  3. Peach Floral Print Salwar Kameez
    The enticing colour peach with the colour blend of white is what you need this summer to remain cool and breezy. The simple and plain peach Kameez with the floral print Salwar in white colour makes a beautiful combination. The prominent plus point is that you can stitch the dress according to your choice. Moreover, the cotton fabric is icing on the cake.

  4. Peach Embroidered Cotton Dress
    The next one in the list is amazing peach embroidered cotton Salwar Kameez. The long tunic or Kameez is absolutely plain with some embellished buttons and embroidery on the border of the hemline. In addition, the Dupatta is heavily embroidered with the flowers motifs on it. The colour combination of peach and sky blue is what makes it more charming and fascinating.

  5. Pink Resham Embroidery Dress
    The radiant and vibrant pink Salwar Kameez in Chanderi and cotton fabric will certainly add glamour to your whole appearance. The Butta embroidery work on the hemline and all over the tunic is adorable. To not to overdo the embroidery work, the designer has kept the Dupatta simple in brown colour.

  6. White Resham Embroidery Cotton Suit
    If you are looking for a beautiful piece of dress in cotton fabric for special occasions, then you need to buy this one immediately. The unstitched white and blue cotton suit has beautiful patterns and designs on the whole tunic, which is a bit long. The plain Bottom and Dupatta add the elegance to this entire outfit.

  7. Dark Pink Embroidered Cotton Outfit
    Rather than choosing the regular and ordinary styles, go with this elegant and classy dark pink embroidered suit which has colour contrasts with the dark blue colour. The prominent plus point of purchasing this enchanting piece is its embroidery on the borders and sleeves. Moreover, there is a printed Dupatta with abstract prints on it.

  8. Yellow Fancy Suit in Cotton Fabric
    This Salwar Kameez is suitable for the evening occasions and wedding functions to rock the traditional look in a bright yellow hue. There is an amazing pattern work on the front of the tunic and the bottom wear is simple in style. The best part about this suit is its dupatta which is crafted with the blend of silk fabric.

  9. Green Embroidery with Multicolour Dupatta
    The enchanting and enticing green colour has amazing embroidery work. The long tunic isn’t heavily embroidered because the dupatta is already fascinating. The multicolour dupatta with the basic green embroidery Salwar Kameez is what you need this summer season for your closet collection.

  10. Magenta Embroidered Cotton Suit
    The classy and stunning Magenta embroidered suit in cotton fabric has amazing pattern work on the borders of the tunic. The bottom wear is in navy blue colour, which is simple and plain. However, the dupatta with this outfit is heavily embroidered all over. The colour blends in the dupatta are definitely compelling for all the women.

Thenceforth, these were the top 10 classy dresses in cotton fabric, which you can definitely wear all day long in hot summer weather without any discomfort.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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