Benefits of Buying Dress Material to Make Salwar Kameez!


Salwar suits are one of the must have apparel in every Indian womens wardrobe! It’s one outfit that has the right combination of comfort and style suitable for almost every party or occasion. Salwar suits have undergone huge transformation since few years. Hence, we have various options like dhoti style kurta, anarkali suits and parallel salwar to name a few. All these style of salwar suits can be purchased on readymade basis or one can also go for semi-stitched and unstitched suits. However buying dress material has some major benefits in comparison to buying readymade salwar kameez. Let’s have a look at few of the key benefits unstitched suits offer-


Benefits of Buying Dress Material-

It’s a given fact that all women differ in their body figure and curves. Some women have heavy bust line, while some have stout neck. Some ladies have narrow shoulder line while few other have heavy arms. Apart from the body shape the height is also a matter of concern as it can greatly influence the overall look of the salwar suit. A long kurta may make a short woman look meeker. Hence, it may so happen that you may have to alter your readymade salwar suits as per your body figure or shape. The alteration again may not fulfill your criteria and it may end up messing the fabric or design of the salwar suit.

Unstitched salwar suits can be designed and stitched exactly as per your needs. You can decide on the neckline style, sleeves pattern and length of the suit which is not possible with readymade salwar suits. Like women wide heavier arms should go for long sleeves option. A short kurta would look good on taller woman and anarkali pattern suits would make women with heavier figure look slimmer. You can also tailor your unstitched salwar suits with add on patterns like tie, collars, embroidery work etc.  These patterns can be selected after having a look on the brochures available with your designer.

Bottom of a salwar kameez is also an important and integral part of the suit. The bottom of the salwar should also compliment your figure and enhance your personality. Women with short height should go for tight fit chudidars. Slim postured ladies can go for dhoti or Patiala bottoms which gives an elaborated look to their personality. There are varieties of other bottom patterns like simple salwar, straight fit chudidars,knit chudidar available with most of the designers.

Salwar suit is one apparel that should not only be perfect in style but also cater to your comfort needs. Hence, it is important that you design it as per your requirement and needs. Although there are variety of options available both with readymade and unstitched patterns, readymade suits offer limited amount of flexibility. On the other hand unstitched salwar suits are completely flexible and can be tailored as per individuals demand and style. There are varieties of unstitched salwar suits available both in online and offline too. For various occasions.

Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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