Presents That Will Make The Wedding Couple’s Life More Pleasant


It’s wedding season running out there and the news of someone close getting married has struck all our ears.

Selecting gifts for the bride and groom , being the most difficult task, we have gathered few brief ideas to take that WORRY off your head.



What can be more pleasant than a wall hanging of Lord Lakshmi and Ganesha with the traditional Satiya? The green enamel in the ideal leaf shape with a broad border of intricate carved  metal in silver coating will not only enhance the look of the walls at your newly married folk’s home but also serve as a sheer blessing from heaven for their togetherness.

This will also be equally suitable for return gifts on any traditional occasion.


 Red Rose cart


It’s an occasion of a Wedding and love flies in the air during this time. Gifting  this symbol of love and compassion to the lovely bride and groom would be really apropriate as the bond they share will surely relate to your gift and will also make them recall the tender memories of their wedding whenever they will see it growing like their own love.

So, go ahead and buy it now for making their journey even more special. Trust me, they are gonna love it.

And what else do you need? IT’S ECO-FRIENDLY TOO GUYS :p


Bird Wall Art

This pretty wall art is so strong in itself that you don’t really need any reason to gift it but just for the formality sake, will you not like to make some little contribution in their cute home decor which they are going to decorate with their love?

Your love-birds will love to put this freestyle bird art on their wall which just looks like a fine paint.



Well, this needs no description as the world knows RADHAKRISHNA for their divine love and giving this spiritual offering of love to your folks will not only make them feel blessed but will also keep  positive energy entact within their walls when they will adorably hang it on them.

It’s purity and sheer beauty that is visible clearly in this masterpiece can be another reason for falling in love with it. So, grab it and wrap it in the packing paper to land with it in the wedding.


Photo frame

How about fitting lovely memorable, romantic , photographs of the bride and groom together in this photoframe and seeing them all happy and blushing? YES!  I know that’s a fantastic idea but then, what are you waiting for?

Buy it today and gift memories to them which are going to stay with them forever, may be in a cute corner of their room and also in their hearts.

Special Tips:

  • Choose your gift with love so that the gesture is well visible to the lovely bride and groom.
  • It should be thoughtful and not just money-oriented , for these are those moments where emotions is what matters the most.
  • Tie up a lovely best wishes hand-written message with your gift to give that additive touch to your efforts which is definitely going to be appreciated.


Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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