15 Fool-Proof Formulas To Impress Your Sister or Brother on this Bhai Dooj


The Relation between brother and sister is priceless and the Bhai Dooj festival is celebrated to cherish this bond. On this day, the brother and sister pray for each and other’s happiness and well-being. Sister, being the second mother, guides the brothers for everything and brothers protect her sister from everything. So on the special day of Bhai Dooj, gift your sibling a perfect gift and make them happy in every sense. The tradition of exchanging gifts on this festival makes it extra special. So use your gift as a token of love.

As everyone has their personal choice, we have come out with 15 Bhai Dooj gift ideas. It will help you to pick something according to your sibling’s choice. Have A Look!


Jewellery is loved by every Indian and it’s very special. So this Bhai Dooj, choose the perfect jewellery for your sibling and let them enjoy this festival. You can get it in gold, diamond, pearl or in something artificial. It’s just, you have to pick something according to your sibling’s personality. The beautifully crafted box will make it look even better. So choose jewellery as a gift you have a higher budget.


Bag is another item that is loved by everyone. There is a lot of variety in the same and for men and women, you can find the whole different range. From traditional to western style, you can get something that will suit your sibling’s personality. Also, you can go for pittu bag or hang bag, according to their personality. This will be a gift that your sibling will be able to use on a daily basis.

#3.Handcrafted items

This year, gift something totally Indian to your sibling and give tribute to the Indian craftsmen. Get something handmade for them as it is unique and perfect in every sense. It will be a perfect gift for the festival season. Nothing can beat the beauty of handmade items as it is made up of love and talent.

#4.Perfumes and Cosmetics

Everyone loves to groom themselves. Therefore, this Bhai Dooj, gift a grooming item to your Sibling. Girls love to apply makeup on their face, therefore, a makeup kit will be the best gift for them. And for boys, the perfume can be a perfect gift. Just make sure to get it from a known brand as you don’t it to hurt your sibling’s skin. They will love the branded items the most.

#5.Show Pieces:

Show Pieces helps in making your house look better. So you can use it as a bhai dooj gift. There are thousands of options in this gifting category, so you can pick something that will look perfect in your Sibling’s room. The wall hangings, antique watches, lampshades, and frames are the most preferred ones. Your sister or brother will love to receive such gifts on this joyous occasion.


Flowers has the power to spread positivity and happiness. So make your festival even more interesting and fresh by getting the flowers for your sibling. The bunch of red roses will brighten up your festival. You can also choose the other types of flowers and touch your sibling’s heart. The artificial flowers will also work perfectly in this case. You can bring the flower vase for decorating the flowers.


Everyone loves to eat chocolates, so you can pick it up as the gift for this occasion. Choose from white, dark and normal chocolates. You can even make everything better by picking the handmade chocolates for your sibling. Also, you can find the different shops and get the chocolates designed in the shape you want to. You partner in crime would love to have it.


If you forgot to bring a gift for your sibling and looking for an instant gift, then you can get them the Indian Sweets. These are tasty and help you to build sweet memories. Just make sure to choose your favourite sweets for them. The beautifully packed box will make everything better. You will be able to eat it at the time of tika.

#9.Wrist Watches

The wrist watch is the must-have and everyone loves to have it in their wardrobe. It comes to the overall attire of the person. When you will use a perfect wristwatch as a Bhai Dooj gift, it will bring a big smile on your sibling’s face. They will be able to use it on a daily basis. So, a well-designed wrist watch will make them look stylish and graceful. Don’t ignore it.


Everyone needs a gadget from time to time. It is useful in every sense. If you want to gift something like that on the occasion of Bhai Dooj, simply identify what is useful for your sibling and what is not. A perfect gadget will help you to build the lifeline memories. And if it’s hard for you to identify your sibling’s choice, then don’t feel shy to ask them what they would prefer.

#11.Dry Fruits:

In India, one of the most preferred Bhai Dooj gifts is Dry Fruits. It comes in the beautiful packing and with a lot of variety. The Almonds, cashews, pistachios and raisins are tasty and have more life. These come together in a beautiful way and are easy to handle. You can also get the beautifully decorated box of these dry fruits for your sibling.


There is no one in this world who don’t love to get the clothing item as a gift. You can choose the right colour, style and size for your sibling and make it a perfect Bhai Dooj gift. Also, you can choose a clothing hamper for them by combining it with chocolates or dry fruits. This will be an ideal gift if you will be able to pick something according to your sibling’s personality.


Plants can be a perfect Bhai Dooj gift as it helps in freshening up the environment. You can choose from different types of plants that will look perfect in your sibling’s home. From big to small, decorative to health beneficial, there are so many options in the plants itself. It will help in spreading greenery and purifying the air. You sibling will adore the calming and soothing vibes of this gift.

#14.Personalized Gifts

If you are willing to do something really special for your sibling, then choose a personalized gift for them. It will be adorable and whenever your sibling will look at it, they will be able to adore your bond. So can get something with your photograph or make something with your hands. They will love it more than any purchased gift. A small handmade card will also work great in this case.

#15.Spiritual Gift

On this holy occasion of Bhai Dooj, don’t let your spiritual brother or sister left out and get something adorable for them. The Spiritual gift related to an idol will be adored by them. It will be very near to their home and they will be able to cherish it for life. You can define the size and material of these gifts according to your budget and bring a beautiful smile on their face.

Bhai Dooj occasion don’t require too much effort, as it is a simple ritual and followed with love. But a small gift exchange can make everything even better. But do you think it’s as easy to get a perfect gift as it seems to be? No! So here are some Tips to pick the best Bhai Dooj Gift for your siblings:

  • Always check out the Wishlist of your sibling. It will help you to pick something that they actually want.
  • Choose something exclusive and Trendy as no one wants to get something outdated. As it’s an opportunity for you to express your love and care for them, don’t let a boring gift to ruin your efforts.
  • Gift something meaningful rather than choosing something expensive. Always choose something in your budget and for the extra effort, get something that your sibling will be able to utilize.

  • Consider the Age, taste, style and preferences of your Sibling. It will help you to pick the right gift.
  • Avoid the last-minute Bhai Dooj Gift shopping as it may ruin the importance of the gift.
  • Focus on the gift wrap as it creates excitement. Use wrapping papers and ribbons to do it right.

The Bhai Dooj Gift will bring a smile on your Sibling’s face.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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