Wedding gifts & Experts Opinion!!!


Experts play a decisive role in every field of trade, commerce or lifestyle. Why should wedding gifts stay deprived of their comments? Here is what the experts say conclusively on some important questions that raise in every mind about his and hers wedding gifts:

Experts say that the question – How much should you spend on the wedding gift should be answered with another question of – How close is the couple or the host to you? The closer they are, the more thoughtful it should be, which has prior chances of increasing your cost for the gift certainly. However, you may not spend on a distant relative or friend, like what you will do for a cousin brother or someone so close, as there should be a preference level maintained. Having said that, NONE should compromise with their budget to meet the luxurious ends while choosing the gifts.

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With Destination weddings being the latest trend, this question tops that style list too. Experts say that the destination weddings are generally theme based or is carried out in some exotic location. In either of the cases the gifts should be relating to the theme or the location so that it also gets colored in the same concepts and also give the couple a quick glimpse of what they experienced on their special day, even after years, when they look at the gift.
The finest instance can be of a wedding organized at a beach where the gifts can easily be thought over something related to the shells of the beach, like a couple – show piece with a real shell background. So, start rolling your eyeballs for the suitable gift accordingly.

According to experts, in our Indian weddings, we witness a lot of guests offering cash in embellished envelopes, instead of a proper gift purchased. The Experts find nothing wrong in it as it gives the couple the option of spending it anywhere they want according to their choice and it is also termed as the traditional way of showering good wishes on the couple by offering them money for their well-being so the answer to the above question is a certain YES!

Should a gift be sent to the couple in return of the invitation, even if we are not attending the Wedding?

Experts exclaim that it’s customary to give a token of love even if it’s just a token, but it should reflect your relationship with the couple. The fact that you are not attending the wedding for some reason, doesn’t alter the truth of the bonding you share, or the warmth you feel for them. Go ahead and wrap your good wishes for the couple in the form of your thoughtful gift with a compassionate message attached, stating why you couldn’t make it. This might also be considered as the compensation of your absence though.

Within what time period should the gift be sent to the Wedding couple?
Experts have put down the idea of handing over the gifts to the bride and groom whenever you meet them personally. That WHENEVER can come too soon or might even drag till years but, in decent terms your gift should leave from your place for attending their wedding at time, instead of reaching a month or a year later. What’s the use of sending the gift after the wedding – energy falls cold? Yes, I know – It’s quiet a valid point.
Now that you have had a satisfactory word with the Experts and GENIUSES, keep these advice in mind whenever you go to shop the unique wedding gifts for couples.

Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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